Sports Competition for Adults Over 40: A Participants Guide to 27 Sports
Sports Competition for Adults Over 40: A Participants Guide to 27 Sports
Sports Competition for Adults Over 40: A Participants Guide to 27 Sports

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Cross-country skiing enjoys a reputation as "the world's best aerobic workout." Major international races draw as many as 18,000 competitors, but there are hundreds of local "citizen" races with several dozen racers.

International Competition The World Masters Cross-Country Ski Association sponsors the Masters World Cup, which, in 2016 was held in Vuokstti, Finland; the 2017 Masters World Cup took place in Klosters, Switzerland. The 2018 MWC will be held in Minneapolis, Minnesota. For more information see

The organization that promotes and supports cross-country skiing for Masters in the United States is American Cross-Country Skiers ("AXCS")

American Cross-Country Skiers
PO Box 604
Bend, Oregon 97709
Phone: (888) 543-7223

The first table below presents the schedule for the 2018 National Masters Championship and the American Ski Marathon Series. The second table summarizes the number of competitors, by gender and selected age groups, in the 2017 National Masters Championship. The next two table present the national champions and the number of competitors in each class for the 2017 National Masters Championship.

2009 National Masters X-C Championship and American Ski Marathon Series
Pepsi Challenge (ASMS)January 17Biwabik, Minnesota
Noquemanon Ski Marathon (ASMS)January 24Marquette, Michigan
Craftsbury Ski Marathon (ASMS)January 31Craftsbury Common, Vermont
City of Lakes Loppet (ASMS)January 31Minneapolis, Minnesota
Boulder Mountain Tour (ASMS)February 7Sun Valley, Idaho
Lake Placid Loppet (ASMS)February 7Lake Placid, New York
Mora Vasaloppet (ASMS)February 8Mora, Minnesota
Mineesota Finlandia (ASMS)February 14Bemidji, Minnesota
North American Vasa (ASMS)February 14Traverse City, Michigan
American Birkebeiner (ASMS)February 21Hayward, WI
Yellowstone Rendezvous (ASMS)March 7West Yellowstond, Montana
Tour of Anchorage (ASMS)March 8Anchorage, Alaska
California Gold Rush (ASMS)March 22Soda Springs, California

2008 - National Masters Cross-Country Skiing Championship
Event Total Competitors Over 40 Women Competitors Over 40 Men Competitors Over 60 Men Competitors Over 70 Women Competitors Over 60
2008 Masters Cross-Country Ski National Championship 1327 390 312 73 114
    Percent   100%   30%   24%   6%   9%

The term "competitors" refers to the entries in each event. In cross-country skiing a single individual may enter several events (e.g. freestyle, classic, and various distances). For this reason, an individual may represent multiple "competitors" in this table.

2008 World Masters/National Masters X-C Ski Championship
EventGenderAge GroupChampionCompetitors
10km ClassicMen40-44Dale Niggemann26
10km ClassicMen45-49Barry Markarerwicz39
10km ClassicMen50-54David Edic55
10km ClassicMen55-59David Ford70
10km ClassicMen60-64Ed Elliott52
10km ClassicMen65-69Bob Gray30
10km ClassicMen70-74Dan Karig31
10km ClassicMen75-79Reno Deprey12
10km ClassicMen80-84Charles Martin5
10km ClassicMen85-89Sven Wilk5
10km FreestyleMen40-44Eric Jensen42
10km FreestyleMen45-49Kent Murdoch42
10km FreestyleMen50-54Jon Engen71
10km FreestyleMen55-59Keith Woodward67
10km FreestyleMen60-64Marray Banks59
10km FreestyleMen65-69Andy Andrews45
10km FreestyleMen70-74Donald Bilden20
10km FreestyleMen75-79Bjorn Lasserud8
10km FreestyleMen80-84Tom Gibbons2
10km FreestyleMen85-89Daniel Buckley1
15km ClassicMen60-64Bob Rosso60
15km ClassicMen65-69Alex Davis40
15km ClassicMen70-74Dan Karig24
15km ClassicMen75-79Gunnar Unneland9
15km ClassicMen80-84Charlie French5
15km ClassicMen85-89Phil Puchner4
15km FreestyleMen60-64Del Pletcher52
15km FreestyleMen65-69Bob Gray33
15km FreestyleMen70-74Don Bilden22
15km FreestyleMen75-79Mack Miller7
15km FreestyleMen80-84Tom Gibbons2
30km ClassicMen40-44Rune Harkastad31
30km ClassicMen45-49Scott Tucker37
30km ClassicMen50-54David Edic50
30km ClassicMen55-59David Ford71
30km ClassicMen60-64Peter Davis41
30km ClassicMen65-69Alec Davis32
30km ClassicMen70-74Dan Karig19
30km FreestyleMen40-44Stephen White39
30km FreestyleMen45-49Barry Makarerwicz47
30km FreestyleMen50-54Jon Engen80
30km FreestyleMen55-59Randy Beckner58
30km FreestyleMen60-64Del Pletcher56
30km FreestyleMen65-69Andy Andrews32
30km FreestyleMen70-74Tim Carter24
45km ClassicMen40-44Michael Myers16
45km ClassicMen45-49Bob Baker27
45km ClassicMen50-54Eric Zinck39
45km ClassicMen55-59David Christopherson51
45km FreestyleMen40-44Ian Harvey46
45km FreestyleMen45-49Barry Markarerwicz46
45km FreestyleMen50-54Jon Engen56
45km FreestyleMen55-59Randy Beckner68
5km ClassicMen75-79Gunnar Unneland12
5km ClassicMen80-84Charles Martin4
5km ClassicMen85-59Sven Wilk4
5km FreestyleMen75-79Mack Miller9
5km FreestyleMen80-84Charles French3
5km FreestyleMen85-59Daniel Buckley2
10km ClassicWomen40-44Laura McCabe18
10km ClassicWomen45-49Beth Reid21
10km ClassicWomen50-54Muffy Ritz24
10km ClassicWomen55-59Ginny Price20
10km ClassicWomen60-64Trina Hosmer16
10km ClassicWomen65-69Louise Wholey12
10km ClassicWomen70-74Ann Gini6
10km ClassicWomen75-79Coralyn Carl3
10km FreestyleWomen40-44Tini Gini Larter24
10km SreestyleWomen45-49Roxanne Toly23
10km FreestyleWomen50-54Kate Ellis32
10km FreestyleWomen55-59Jane Banks25
10km FreestyleWomen60-64Gabrielle Andersen16
10km FreestyleWomen65-69Abett Icks15
10km FreestyleWomen70-74Joanne Davis5
15km ClassicWomen40-44Tini Gini Larter16
15km ClassicWomen45-49Judith Rabinowitz21
15km ClassicWomen50-54Kate Ellis20
15km ClassicWomen55-59Carolyn Tierman21
15km ClassicWomen60-64Gabrielle Andersen19
15km ClassicWomen65-69Louise Wholey17
15km ClassicWomen70-74Anne Gini6
15km ClassicWomen75-79Coralyn Carl3
15km FreestyleWomen40-44Laura McCabe27
15km FreestyleWomen45-49Beth Reid28
15km FreestyleWomen50-54Muffy Ritz37
15km FreestyleWomen55-59Victoria Shreve24
15km FreestyleWomen60-64Trina Hosmer13
15km FreestyleWomen65-69Audrae Coury11
15km FreestyleWomen70-74Joanne Davis4
30km ClassicWomen40-44Tini Gini Larter11
30km ClassicWomen45-49Kelly Milligan13
30km ClassicWomen50-54Kate Ellis12
30km ClassicWomen55-59Gretchen Lindgren20
30km ClassicWomen60-64Gabrielle Andersen14
30km ClassicWomen65-69Kine Torinus8
30km FreestyleWomen40-44Laura McCabe30
30km FreestyleWomen45-49Beth Reid20
30km FreestyleWomen50-54Muffy Ritz37
30km FreestyleWomen55-59Ginny Price23
30km FreestyleWomen60-64Trina Hosmer14
30km FreestyleWomen65-69Louise Wholey14
5km FreestyleWomen70-74Joanne Davis6
The term "competitors" refers to the entries in each event. In X-C skiing an individual may enter several events (e.g. 10km Classic, 15km Classic, 10km Freestyle) For this reason an invidual may represent multiple "competitors" in this table. This was an international meet and the competitors include both domestic and foreign skiers.

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