Sports Competition for Adults Over 40: A Participants Guide to 27 Sports
Sports Competition for Adults Over 40: A Participants Guide to 27 Sports
Sports Competition for Adults Over 40: A Participants Guide to 27 Sports

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The national sponsornig organization for tennis is the United State Tennis Association ("USTA"). The USTA offers compeitions for adults from ages 20 to 90+. In 2017, the USTA will host 40 national championship events for adults over 40 on four surfaces (See the "Calendar" for the dates and locations)

United States Tennis Association
70 West Red Oak Lane
White Plains, New York 10604
Phone: (914) 696-7000

The USTA offers age-group national championships on four different surfaces. The first table below presents the schedule of dates and locations of the 2018 national championships for age groups from 40 to 90 on the four surfaces that the USTA supports. The second table summarizes the number of competitors, by gender and selected age groups, for the 2017 National Championships on each of the four surfaces. The next four tables present the national champions and the number of competitors for each of the four national championships in tennis in 2017.

2011 USTA National Championships Summary Table
Event Total Competitors Over 40 Women Competitors Over 40 Men Competitors Over 60 Men Competitors Over 70 Women Competitors Over 60
2011 USTA Clay Court National Championship 1309 521 394 209 302
    Percent   100%   40%   30%   16%   23%
2011 USTA Hard Court National Championship 1417 466 470 212 256
    Percent   100%   33%   33%   15%   18%
2011 USTA Grass Court National Championship 1188 340 442 271 179
    Percent   100%   29%   37%   23%   15%
2011 USTA Indoor Court National Championship 980 329 365 212 206
    Percent   100%   34%   37%   22%   21%
Total 2011 USTA Singles/Doubles National Championship 4894 1656 1671 904 946
    Percent   100%   34%   34%   18%   19%

2011 USTA Clay Court National Championship Multiple Locations and Dates
EventGenderAge GroupChampionCompetitors
Clay Court SinglesMen40-44Eoin Collins30
Clay Court SinglesMen45-49Mario Tabares66
Clay Court SinglesMen50-54Vallis Wilder72
Clay Court SinglesMen55-59Dan Waldman84
Clay Court SinglesMen60-64Larry Turville63
Clay Court SinglesMen65-69Jimmy R Parker50
Clay Court SinglesMen70-74Rudy Hernando59
Clay Court SinglesMen75-79Lester Sack21
Clay Court SinglesMen80-84George McCabe11
Clay Court SinglesMen85-89Anthony Franco10
Clay Court SinglesMen90-94Robert Sherman16
Clay Court SinglesWomen40-44Amy Alcini12
Clay Court SinglesWomen45-49Marianna Hollman27
Clay Court SinglesWomen50-54Diane Fishburne24
Clay Court SinglesWomen55-59Carolyn Nichols31
Clay Court SinglesWomen60-64Kerry Young28
Clay Court SinglesWomen65-69Betty Wachob32
Clay Court SinglesWomen70-74Donna Fales38
Clay Court SinglesWomen75-79Dorothy Mattiessen25
Clay Court SinglesWomen80-84Doris Lutz12
Clay Court SinglesWomen85-89Catherine Hall8
Clay Court SinglesWomen90-94Mary Mentzer4
Clay Court DoublesMen40-44Dann/Miller20
Clay Court DoublesMen45-49Bezeony/Emerson32
Clay Court DoublesMen50-54Fedderly/Wilder44
Clay Court DoublesMen55-59Schnall/Smith46
Clay Court DoublesMen60-64Pearce/Pearson36
Clay Court DoublesMen65-69Kirk/Thompson36
Clay Court DoublesMen70-74Anderman/Bunkow48
Clay Court DoublesMen75-79Doss/Powless16
Clay Court DoublesMen80-84Crewe/McCabe8
Clay Court DoublesMen85-89MacKey/Myerdierks12
Clay Court DoublesMen90-94Avirett/McKenna10
Clay Court DoublesWomen40-44Alcini/McKenna10
Clay Court DoublesWomen45-49Hollman/Joseph42
Clay Court DoublesWomen50-54Worley-Hagen/Vick28
Clay Court DoublesWomen55-59Nichols/Viebrook42
Clay Court DoublesWomen60-64Cooper/Young38
Clay Court DoublesWomen65-69Orth/Steel36
Clay Court DoublesWomen70-74Hillebrand/Steel32
Clay Court DoublesWomen75-79Matthiessen/Van Norstrand26
Clay Court DoublesWomen80-84Lutz/Russ14
Clay Court DoublesWomen85-89Hall/Mason8
Clay Court DoublesWomen90-94Cheney/Mentzer4

2011 USTA Hard Court National Championship Multiple Locations and Dates
EventGenderAge GroupChampionCompetitors
Hard Court SinglesMen40-44Oren Motevassel87
Hard Court SinglesMen45-49Mario Tabares67
Hard Court SinglesMen50-54Mike Fedderly55
Hard Court SinglesMen55-59Sal Castillo100
Hard Court SinglesMen60-64Larry Turville80
Hard Court SinglesMen65-69Kenneth Dahl60
Hard Court SinglesMen70-74Joseph Bachman55
Hard Court SinglesMen75-79Herman Ahlers25
Hard Court SinglesMen80-84Russell Seymour25
Hard Court SinglesMen85-89Graydon Nichols9
Hard Court SinglesMen90-94Robert Sherman8
Hard Court SinglesWomen40-44Jennifer Dawson22
Hard Court SinglesWomen45-49Shelly Works17
Hard Court SinglesWomen50-54Frances Chandler27
Hard Court SinglesWomen55-59Tina Karwasky16
Hard Court SinglesWomen60-64Martha Downing27
Hard Court SinglesWomen65-69Brenda Carter13
Hard Court SinglesWomen70-74Charleen Hillebrand32
Hard Court SinglesWomen75-79Dori Devries11
Hard Court SinglesWomen80-84Doris Lutz14
Hard Court SinglesWomen85-89Rita Price9
Hard Court SinglesWomen90-94Mary Mentzer2
Hard Court DoublesMen40-44Grover/Leach54
Hard Court DoublesMen45-49Cory/Hernandez36
Hard Court DoublesMen50-54Hessler/Tyrell20
Hard Court DoublesMen55-59Berg/Houston62
Hard Court DoublesMen60-64Cheney/Landauer64
Hard Court DoublesMen65-69Bohannon/Muir54
Hard Court DoublesMen70-74Sarantos/Leichtfried44
Hard Court DoublesMen75-79Duesler/Nelson26
Hard Court DoublesMen80-84Chang/Seymour12
Hard Court DoublesMen85-89Flater/Tobey4
Hard Court DoublesMen90-94Sherman/Henderson4
Hard Court DoublesWomen40-44Finerman/Smith26
Hard Court DoublesWomen45-49Hollman/Joseph24
Hard Court DoublesWomen50-54May Fitz/Wright46
Hard Court DoublesWomen55-59Ginnarad/Karwasky32
Hard Court DoublesWomen60-64Stanley/Williams-Horne44
Hard Court DoublesWomen65-69Carter/Russ12
Hard Court DoublesWomen70-74Huss/Palmer36
Hard Court DoublesWomen75-79Devries/Matthiessen14
Hard Court DoublesWomen80-84Jones/Ray28
Hard Court DoublesWomen85-89Price/Vanderpool10
Hard Court DoublesWomen90-94Cheney/Mentzer4

2011 USTA Grass Court National Championship Multiple Locations and Dates
EventGenderAge GroupChampionCompetitors
Grass Court SinglesMen40-44Mario Tabares46
Grass Court SinglesMen45-49Mario Tabares40
Grass Court SinglesMen50-54Vallis Wilder84
Grass Court SinglesMen55-59Ross Persons70
Grass Court SinglesMen60-64Paul Wulf59
Grass Court SinglesMen65-69David Nash50
Grass Court SinglesMen70-74Rudy Hernando57
Grass Court SinglesMen75-79Herman Ahlers41
Grass Court SinglesMen80-84Joseph Russell31
Grass Court SinglesMen85-89Fred Kovaleski41
Grass Court SinglesMen90-94Robert Sherman8
Grass Court SinglesWomen40-44Julie Kass8
Grass Court SinglesWomen45-49Susan Wright24
Grass Court SinglesWomen50-54Susan Wright26
Grass Court SinglesWomen55-59Tina Karwasky15
Grass Court SinglesWomen60-64Anne Guerrant15
Grass Court SinglesWomen65-69Leslie Pixley24
Grass Court SinglesWomen70-74Lurline fujii18
Grass Court SinglesWomen75-79Dorothy Matthiessen11
Grass Court SinglesWomen80-84Doris Lutz6
Grass Court SinglesWomen85-89R. Elaine Mason4
Grass Court SinglesWomen90-94Mary Mentzer4
Grass Court DoublesMen40-44Brooks/Fulgenzi40
Grass Court DoublesMen45-49Tabares/Permut40
Grass Court DoublesMen50-54Koessler/Tammen52
Grass Court DoublesMen55-59Reynard/Smith44
Grass Court DoublesMen60-64Wolford/Wulf32
Grass Court DoublesMen65-69Parker/Dowdeswell30
Grass Court DoublesMen70-74Anderman/Brunkow42
Grass Court DoublesMen75-79Duesler/Nelson30
Grass Court DoublesMen80-84Crewe/McCabe26
Grass Court DoublesMen85-89Mackey/Meyerdierks18
Grass Court DoublesMen90-94Avirett/Swetka4
Grass Court DoublesWomen40-44King/Ridell12
Grass Court DoublesWomen45-49Dailey/Smith26
Grass Court DoublesWomen50-54Karwasky/Thompson34
Grass Court DoublesWomen55-59Karwasky/Chain16
Grass Court DoublesWomen60-64Hahn/Young26
Grass Court DoublesWomen65-69Delfausse/Louie28
Grass Court DoublesWomen70-74Pang/Weinstock20
Grass Court DoublesWomen75-79Devries/Matthiessen8
Grass Court DoublesWomen80-84Lutz/Russ8
Grass Court DoublesWomen85-89Hall/Mason4
Grass Court DoublesWomen90-94Cheney/Mentzer4

2011 USTA Indoor National Championship Multiple Locations and Dates
EventGenderAge GroupChampionCompetitors
Indoor SinglesMen40-44Warren Fulgenzi31
Indoor SinglesMen45-49Mario Tabares31
Indoor SinglesMen50-54Michael Tammen35
Indoor SinglesMen55-59Geoffrey Martinez48
Indoor SinglesMen60-64Brian Cheney56
Indoor SinglesMen65-69Richard Johnson27
Indoor SinglesMen70-74Joseph Bachman40
Indoor SinglesMen75-79Herman Ahlers34
Indoor SinglesMen80-84Russell Seymour16
Indoor SinglesMen85-89Roald Flater10
Indoor SinglesMen90-94Edwin Tyler8
Indoor SinglesWomen40-44Rhona Kazmarczyk12
Indoor SinglesWomen45-49Shelly Works8
Indoor SinglesWomen50-54Francis Chandler16
Indoor SinglesWomen55-59Tina Karwasky17
Indoor SinglesWomen60-64Kerry Young26
Indoor SinglesWomen65-69Brenda Carter15
Indoor SinglesWomen70-74Charleen Hillebrand23
Indoor SinglesWomen75-79Dorothy Matthiessen11
Indoor SinglesWomen80-84Doris Lutz10
Indoor SinglesWomen85-89Rita Price5
Indoor SinglesWomen90-94Martha Frederick2
Indoor DoublesMen40-44Ferreira/Mills31
Indoor DoublesMen45-49Haber/Weiner26
Indoor DoublesMen50-54Fedderly/Tammen36
Indoor DoublesMen55-59Bennett/Mass48
Indoor DoublesMen60-64Wulf/Wolford50
Indoor DoublesMen65-69Parker/Robinson20
Indoor DoublesMen70-74Anderman/Brunkow38
Indoor DoublesMen75-79Duesler/Nelson34
Indoor DoublesMen80-84McCabe/Olson16
Indoor DoublesMen85-89Flater/Tobey8
Indoor DoublesMen90-94Tyler/Swetka8
Indoor DoublesWomen40-44Finerman/Smith18
Indoor DoublesWomen45-49Dailey/Smith12
Indoor DoublesWomen50-54Thompson/Wright16
Indoor DoublesWomen55-59Murveit/Purcell24
Indoor DoublesWomen60-64Bennett/Downing40
Indoor DoublesWomen65-69Carter/Wachob18
Indoor DoublesWomen70-74Hillebrand/Steel22
Indoor DoublesWomen75-79Herrick/Matthiessen10
Indoor DoublesWomen80-84Jones/Ray20
Indoor DoublesWomen85-89Hall/Mason4

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