Sports Competition for Adults Over 40: A Participants Guide to 27 Sports
Sports Competition for Adults Over 40: A Participants Guide to 27 Sports
Sports Competition for Adults Over 40: A Participants Guide to 27 Sports

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One of the most popular adult sports in the U.S., there are several organizations which sponsor and promote adult softball. Most of them are listed below. These organizations sponsor or promote hundreds (even thousands) of softball leagues and tournaments.

USA Softball
2801 NE 50th St
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 73111

National Softball Association
Box 7
Nicholasville, Kentucky 40340

Senior Softball - USA (SSUSA)
2701 K Street Suite 101A
Sacramento, California 95816

Independent Softball Association (ISA)
680 E. Main St.
Bartow, Florida 33830

Softball Players Association (SPA)
925 W State Highway 152
P.O. Box 1307
Mustang, Oklahoma 73604

International Senior Softball Association (ISSA)
9401 East St.
Manassas, Virginia 20110

The Las Vegas Senior Softball Association (LVSSA)
PO Box 365226
Las Vegas, Nevada 89030

The Huntsman Games
1070 West 1600 South, A-103
St. George, Utah 84770

North American Senior Circuit Softball
2510 Champions Way
Lansing, Michigan 48910

Women's Senior Softball

The first table below shows the schedule of some of major adult softball tournaments for 2019. For a more complete listing, visit the websites of each of these organizations. The second table summarizes the number of competitors, by gender and selected age groups, for the national championships or world series in 2018. The tables following this present the 2018 national champions and the estimated number of competitors for the organizations' World Series or comparable event. The number of competitors in each table are based on the assumption that there were an average of 15 players for each team.

2019 Adult Softball Championships
2019 ISSA/ISF World Tournament of ChampionsJanuary 22Tampa, FL
2019 SSUSA Tournament of ChampionsFebruary 6Polk County, FL
2019 USA Softball Men's Masters 40+ Fast Pitch National ChampionshipJuly 18Payson, AZ
2019 SPA Men's 75+/80+ World ChampionshipAugust 5Columbus, OH
2019 USA Softball Men's Masters 45+ Slow Pitch National ChampionshipAugust 23Mandan, NJ
2019 SPA Men's World ChampionshipSeptember 5Dalton, GA
2019 USA Softball Men's Masters 40+ Slow Pitch National ChampionshipSeptember 9Brick, NJ
2019 LVSSA/SSUSA World Masters ChampionshipSeptember 19Las Vegas, NV
2019 SPA Women's World ChampionshipSeptember 20Dalton, GA
2019 USA Softball Men's Masters 60+ Fast Pitch National ChampionshipOctober 3Payson, AZ
2019 Huntsman World Senior GamesOctober 7St. George, UT
2019 USA Softball Men's Masters 50+ Fast Pitch National ChampionshipOctober 18Payson, AZ

2018 Adult Softball Championships Summary Table
Event Total Number of Competitors Over 40 Women Competitors Over 40 Men Over 60 Men Over 70 Women Over 60
2018 USA Softball National Championships 840 0 375 90 0
    Percent   100%   0%   45%   11%   0%
2018 SSUSA World Tournament of Champions 1605 90 720 240 0
    Percent   100%   6%   45%   15%   0%
2018 SPA Men's World Championship 1470 0 510 285 0
    Percent   100%   0%   35%   19%   0%
2018 SPA Women's World Championship 540 540 0 0 315
    Percent   100%   100%   0%   0%   58%
2018 LVSSA/SSUSA World Masters Championship 9210 450 3660 1155 0
    Percent   100%   5%   40%   13%   0%
2018 Huntsman World Senior Games 5205 1455 2895 1365 735
    Percent   100%   28%   56%   26%   14%
2018 ISSA/ISF World Tournament of Champions 2385 300 1275 375 120
    Percent   100%   13%   53%   16%   5%

Note: All figures assume an average of 15 players per team.

2018 USA Softball National Championship Multiple locations and dates
EventGenderAge GroupChampionCompetitors
Slow PitchMen40+Team LTP/Blue Martini135
Slow PitchMen45+Bowers Excavating45
Fast PitchMen50+B&L/Frank Rogers105
Slow Pitch AAMen50+Garner Lumber30
Slow Pitch AAAMen50+Grill 58445
Slow Pitch MajorMen50+Lewisville Masters/Partners Group30
Slow Pitch AAAMen55+Carolina Tank Lines30
Slow Pitch MajorMen55+Carolina A's45
Fast PitchMen60+Texas Stars135
Slow Pitch AAMen60+Yoopers and Trolls15
Slow Pitch AAAMen60+Lewisville Masters 6075
Slow Pitch AAAMen65+Steel Creek30
Slow Pitch AAMen65+Rookies Bar 65s30
Slow Pitch AAMen70+Code Electric/Oakes Grading45
Slow Pitch AAAMen70+Flip Dow Bonding Seniors15
Slow Pitch AAAMen75+Carolina Blue Skys15
Slow Pitch AAMen75+Burlington Classics 7515
Note: USA Softball sponsors dozens of adult softball tournaments. However, the figures above include only those adult tournaments specifically designated for age-groups. Note: All figures assume an average of 15 players per team

2018 SSUSA World Tournament of Champions Polk County, FL February 7-13
EventGenderAge GroupChampionCompetitors
PlatinumMen40+Homer Lovers75
AAAMen40+Bud Light Guam30
MajorMen50+Elmwood Sports Center120
AAAMen50+Team 050120
AAMen50+Buddies Sampson45
AAMen55+New Mexico Boomers30
AAAMen55+TMS Michigan195
PlatinumMen55+/60+RBC Wealth Management120
MajorMen60+AMR/Clean Planet/A Special Taste60
AAAMen60+Long Island Jaguars135
AAMen60+Los Valos Viejos135
PlatinumMen65+/70+Ryan's Way60
AAMen65+NJ Master Red45
GoldMen70+Boca 70's90
AAMen70+El Paso 9-1-1s30
MajorMen75+Pompano Beach Bums30
GoldMen75+/80+Las Vegas 75 Coyotes30
GoldMen80+/85+Gray Sox 80s60
SilverWomen40+/50+Stix with Impact45
Note: All figures assume an average of 15 players per team

2018 SPA Men's World Championship Dalton, GA August 6-9
EventGenderAge GroupChampionCompetitors
AAAMen50+Carolina Five-O240
MajorMen50+Escobar Body225
Major PlusMen50+Fence Brokers90
MajorMen55+Scrap Iron Rocky90
Major PlusMen55+S.A. 55 Softball75
AAAMen55+1 Undercraft90
AAAMen60+Elite Softball90
MajorMen60+Windy City60
Major PlusMen60+Texas Crush Sixties45
AAMen65+Ohio Silverados30
AAAMen65+Columbus LXV135
MajorMen65+MN Masterwel/Ancel60
AAMen70+Chicago Hitmen45
MajorMen75+Pro Healthcare75
AAAMen80+Legends of Minnesota90
AAAMen80+Center for Site75
Note: All figures assume an average of 15 players per team

2018 SPA Women's World Championship Dalton, GA September 19-23
EventGenderAge GroupChampionCompetitors
ChampionshipWomen40+/45+Kryptonite 45s45
ChampionshipWomen55+Serious Fun90
ChampionshipWomen60+Hamel Lady 6075
ChampionshipWomen65+Jolico Srs 6575
ChampionshipWomen70+Fun Bunch105
ChampionshipWomen75+Golden Gals60
Note: All figures assume an average of 15 players per team

2018 LVSSA/SSUSA World Masters Championship Las Vegas, NV Sept. 22
EventGenderAge GroupChampionCompetitors
Major PlusMen40+Sun Coast/Adidas285
AAAMen40+Tucson Hammertime240
Major PlusMen50+Team Kitty165
MajorMen50+BPMTL (B Patten/Thomas Law)780
AAAMen50+Arizona Heat1035
AAMen50+Gray Ghost90
Major PlusMen55+Sommerville Softball180
MajorMen55+Ohio Elite/Creative Stucco/Louisville Slugger555
AAMen55+New Mexico Boomers150
Major PlusMen60+MTC/Dudley135
MajorMen60+Agway Steelers465
AAAMen60+Chicago Prime 60s645
AAMen60+Team Texas San Antonio255
Major PlusMen65+Timberworks/Adidas75
MajorMen65+Evniro/Vac Marauders300
AAAMen65+Rezults Realty405
AAMen65+Grey Sox225
Major PlusMen70+Venom60
MajorMen70+Minnesota P5/Ancell240
AAAMen70+Masters Marauders195
AAMen70+Chicago Hitmen75
Major PlusMen75+Scrap Iron Legacy60
MajorMen75+California Connection150
AAAMen75+ProHealth Care105
PlatinumMen80+Florida Investment Properties60
AAAMen80+New York Statesmen135
MajorMen85+Center for Sight75
MajorWomen40+TKP 40s150
AAAWomen40+Hawaiian Connection255
AAWomen40+Dames Got Games45
PlatinumWomen50+Old School45
Note: All figures assume an average of 15 players per tam

2018 Huntsman World Senior Games St. George, UT October 3-15
EventGenderAge GroupChampionCompetitors
Major Men50+Team USA75
AAAMen50+Woodlawn Hitting Club 5075
AAMen50+Team Calico75
A RedMen50+Drifters 5075
A BlackMen50+Montana Madmen75
MajorMen55+Moncrief Construction80
AAA RedMen55+Team Harsh80
AAA BlackMen55+Big A's80
AAMen55+Free Agents80
AMen55+Gold Crushers80
BMen55+Glacier Kings80
Major/AAAMen60+Salsa Bombers95
AAMen60+Alberta Red Sox95
AMen60+Agway Steelers95
BMen60+NW Silver 6095
C RedMen60+Hanapa'a 6095
C BlackMen60+Paso Robles Roll Off95
Major/AAAMen65+Clean Planet87
AA RedMen65+Brandford Nissans87
AA BlackMen65+Oregon Crabs87
A RedMen65+Anaconda Sports87
A BlackMen65+907 Mash87
B RedMen65+Prarie Combines87
B BlackMen65+Senior Bandits87
B WhiteMen65+Apoee Pub/Xonk Design87
C RedMen65+Bob Artz Distributing (BAD)87
C BlackMen65+Legends 6587
C WhiteMen65+Northwest Silver 65s87
Major/AAAMen70+Northern Express85
A RedMen70+Solano Senior Enforcers85
A BlackMen70+Al's Sport Shop85
B RedMen70+Suburban Auto Group85
B BlackMen70+Java Jo's 70s85
C RedMen70+WHO85
C BlackMen70+California Oaks 7085
C WhiteMen70+Metro Detroit Signs85
Major/AAAMen74+Geneal Equipment87
AAMen74+Indianapolis Classics87
AMen74+Florence Judges87
BMen74+Silver City Brewers87
CMen74+Michigan Olde D's87
Major/AAAMen79+Emerald 83
DivisionMen79+Forever Young83
Division 1Women50+All In90
Division 2Women50+Spokane SPARX 5090
Division 3Women50+Alaska Elite90
Division 4Women50+WFC90
Division 1Women55+Ladies Choice 5590
Division 2Women55+Second Wind90
Division 3Women55+San Diego Stars90
Division 4Women55+Old Bats 5590
Division 1Women60+Ladies Choice 6075
Division 2Women60+Serious Fun75
Division 3Women60+Desert Stars 6075
Division 4Women60+BC Rockies75
Division 1Women65+Jolico 65s71
Division 2Women65+Ohio Cardinals71
Division 3Women65+Mood Swingers71
Division 4Women65+Queen Bees71
Division 1Women70+Fun Bunch75
AAAWomen70+LV Neons75
DivisionWomen74+Golden Gals 7545
Note: All figures assume an average of 15 players per team

2018 ISSA/ISF World Tournament of Champions Tampa, FL January 27
EventGenderAge GroupChampionCompetitors
MastersMen40+ Not Available60
AAMen50+Senior Psychosis60
AAAMen50+Southeast Water/The Swarm195
Major Men50+Goodtimes/Clean Planet Foods135
Major PlusMen50+Team USA75
AAAMen55+Phoenix Tube 55s90
MajorMen55+Florida Automatic Shade150
Major PlusMen55+Domino's/Bob Johnson45
AAMen60+Chespeake Senior Softball 60
AAAMen60+Not Available240
MajorMen60+Pompano Crush90
Major PlusMen60+Hollis Appraisals30
AAMen65+Myrtle Beach 180
AAAMen65+Simmons-Day Allstars210
Major/Major PlusMen65+Who's on First90
AAMen70+Sun City 70s150
AAA/MajorMen70+/75+CC Medical Services75
MajorMen70+Southern Florida Force60
Major PlusMen70+Venom30
AAA/MajorMen75+/80+Michiana Merchants60
DivisionWomen40+Arizona Dream Team90
AAA/MajorWomen55+East Coast Gems60
DivisionWomen65+/70+/75Golden Gals30
Note: All Figures assume an average of 15 players per team.

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