Sports Competition for Adults Over 40: A Participants Guide to 27 Sports
Sports Competition for Adults Over 40: A Participants Guide to 27 Sports
Sports Competition for Adults Over 40: A Participants Guide to 27 Sports

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One of the most popular adult sports in the U.S., there are several organizations which sponsor and promote adult softball. Most of them are listed below. These organizations sponsor or promote hundreds (even thousands) of softball leagues and tournaments.

USA Softball
2801 NE 50th St
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 73111

National Softball Association
Box 7
Nicholasville, Kentucky 40340

Senior Softball - USA
2701 K Street Suite 101A
Sacramento, California 95816

Independent Softball Association
680 E. Main St.
Bartow, Florida 33830

Softball Players Association
925 W State Highway 152
P.O. Box 1307
Mustang, Oklahoma 73604

International Senior Softball Association
9401 East St.
Manassas, Virginia 20110

The Las Vegas Senior Softball Association
PO Box 365226
Las Vegas, Nevada 89030

The Huntsman Games
1070 West 1600 South, A-103
St. George, Utah 84770

North American Senior Circuit Softball
2510 Champions Way
Lansing, Michigan 48910

Women's Senior Softball

The first table below shows the schedule of some of major adult softball tournaments for 2017. For a more complete listing, visit the websites of each of these organizations. The second table summarizes the number of competitors, by gender and selected age groups, for the national championships or world series in 2016. The tables following this present the 2016 national champions and the estimated number of competitors for the organizations' World Series or comparable event. The number of competitors in each table are based on the assumption that there were an average of 15 players for each team.

2017 Major National Softball Championships
2017 ISSA/ISF World Tournament of ChampionsJanuary 27Tampa, FL
2017 SSUSA Tournament of ChampionsFebruary 8Polk County, FL
2017 USA Softball Men's 50+ Fast PItch National ChampionshipJuly 28Ashland, OH
2017 SPA Men's World ChampionshipSeptember 7Dalton, GA
2017 USA Softball Men's 40+ Slow PItch National ChampionshipSeptember 9Brick, NJ
2017 SPA Men's 75+/80+ World ChampionshipSeptember 10Dalton, GA
2017 SPA Women's World ChampionshipSeptember 20Dalton, GA
2017 LVSSA/SSUSA World Masters ChampionshipSeptember 25Las Vegas, NV
2017 USA Softball Men's 60+ Fast PItch National ChampionshipSeptember 29Houston, TX
2017 Huntsman World Senior GamesOctober 9St. George, UT

2016 Softball National Championships Summary Table
Event Total Competitors Over 40 Women Competitors Over 40 Men Over 60 Men Over 70 Women Over 60
2016 ASA (USA Softball) National Championships 1110 0 555 135 0
    Percent   100%   0%   50%   12%   0%
2016 SSUSA Winter National Championship 1905 0 1485 570 0
    Percent   100%   0%   76%   30%   0%
2016 SPA Men's World Championship 1230 0 885 255 0
    Percent   100%   0%   72%   21%   0%
2016 SPA Women's World Championship 555 555 0 0 345
    Percent   100%   100%   0%   0%   62%
2016 SPA Men's 75+/80+ World Series 285 0 285 285 0
    Percent   100%   0%   100%   100%   0%
2016 LVSSA/SSUSA World Masters Championship 7350 555 3495 1050 0
    Percent   100%   8%   48%   14%   0%
2016 Huntsman World Senior Games (Softball) 5205 1515 2790 1050 840
    Percent   100%   29%   54%   20%   16%
2016 ISSA/ISF World Tournament of Champions 1830 165 930 375 105
    Percent   100%   9%   51%   20%   6%

Note: All figures assume an average of 15 players per team

2016 ASA (USA Softball) National Championships Various locations and dates
EventGenderAge GroupChampionCompetitors
Slow PitchMen40+Team LTP90
Fast PitchMen50+Maccabi USA90
Slow Pitch - AAMen50+ EastGamer Lumber30
Slow Pitch - AAAMen50+ EastCarolina Five-060
Slow Pitch - MajorMen50+ EastTNT Sports Club60
Slow Pitch - AAAMen50+ WestPortland Marathon75
Slow Pitch - MajorMen50+ WestCornerstone45
Slow Pitch - AAMen55+ EastDI Seniors15
Slow Pitch - AAAMen55+ EastLewisville Masters30
Slow Pitch - MajorMen55+ WestNW Hitmen60
Slow Pitch - AAMen60+ EastRookies Sports Bar75
Slow Pitch - AAAMen60+ EastGolden Vipers45
Slow Pitch - MajorMen60+ EastCarolina Cobras30
Slow Pitch - AAAMen60+ WestTrachsel Auto Body60
Slow Pitch - AAMen65+ EastCode Electric/Oakes Grading30
Slow Pitch - AAAMen65+ EastCarolina Cobras45
Slow Pitch - AAMen65+ WestReliant Recovery Water45
Slow Pitch - AAAMen65+ WestAuto Accessory Distributing45
Slow Pitch - MajorMen65+ WestTrachsel Auto Body45
Slow Pitch - AAMen70+ EastRichmond Classics/Estes Express Line15
Slow Pitch - AAAMen70+ WestSims45
Slow Pitch - AAAMen75+ EastCarolina Blud Skys30
Slow Pitch - AAMen75+ EastBurlington Classics 7545
Note:Includes only age-group divisions for which results were available. All figures assume an average of 15 players per team.

2016 SSUSA Winter National Championship Fort Myers, FL Nov.1-6
EventGenderAge GroupChampionCompetitors
PlatinumMen40+/50+Suncoast Adidas45
PlatinumMen50+/55+Florida Automated Shade90
AAAMen50+Central Penn Cavemen105
MajorMen55+Team Impact105
Major PlusMen60+Hollis Appraisals30
MajorMen60+High Street Bucs90
AAAMen60+Long Island Jaguars315
Major PlusMen65+Hamel Builders/Superior Senior Softball45
MajorMen65+High Street Bucs60
AAMen65+Action Auto Parts75
Major PlusMen70+Venom30
MajorMen70+Bostonian 70s30
AAAMen70+Boca 70/Steve Levin Old School240
AAAMen75+Sr. Redbirds120
MajorMen75+Pompano Beach Bums75
GoldMen80+/85+Florida Investment Properties75
Note: All figures assume an average of 15 players per team

2016 SPA Men's and Women's World Championship Dalton, GA Sept. 10
EventGenderAge GroupChampionCompetitors
AAAMen50+Phoenix Tube210
AAAMen55+Mongomery Swarm135
AAMen60+Blue Chips45
AAAMen60+Syracuse Merchants300
AAAMen65+Golden Vipers225
AAMen65+Flip Dow Bonding60
MajorMen70+Rimfire 41360
AAMen70+Indianapolis Classics45
AAAMen70+Indy Pride150
ChampionshipWomen50+Fire & Ice120
ChampionshipWomen55+Jolico SRS 55s90
ChampionshipWomen60+Sunny Beaches45
ChampionshipWomen65+Fun Bunch90
ChampionshipWomen70+California Spirit120
ChampionshipWomen75+Golden Gals90
Note: All figures assume an average of 15 players per team

2016 LVSSA/SSUSA World Masters Championships Las Vegas, NV Sept. 16-18
EventGenderAge GroupChampionCompetitors
Major PlusMen40+JK Inc/Miken315
Major Men40+Layer Cake Wines/Dudley/Elite Sports615
AAAMen40+Patti House180
Major PlusMen50+Sommerville Softball210
Major Men50+Cornerstone705
AAAMen50+Escobar Auto Body885
Major PlusMen55+MTC/Dudley150
Major Men55+High Street Bucs510
AAAMen55+Southern California Braves555
AAMen55+Antiques of Iowa City135
Major PlusMen60+Hollis Appraisals135
Major Men60+JG Drywall375
AAAMen60+Bellvue Merchants585
AAMen60+Base Hawgs285
Major PlusMen65+Hamel Builders/Superior105
Major Men65+Enviro-Vac Marauders270
AAMen65+R&D Leverage180
Major PlusMen70+Omen 7075
MajorMen70+WE Ruth Realty150
AAAMen70+Hooter Casino/Ginco285
AAMen70+Top Gun 7045
Major PlusMen75+San Francisco Seals30
Major Men75+PDR Fastsigns120
AAAMen75+Hill Contracting150
Major Men80+Florida Investment Properties75
AAAMen80+Texas Classics75
MajorMen85+Jimmy's MN Legends45
AAAWomen40+Smack That270
Note: All figures assume an average of 15 Players per team.

2016 Huntsman World Senior Games (Softball) St. George, UT October 3-15
EventGenderAge GroupChampionCompetitors
MajorMen50+ Cornerstone69
AAAMen50+Clegg Steel69
AAMen50+Big Al's69
AMen50+Fresno Heat69
BMen50+Big Sky Bandits69
C RedMen50+DaDukes69
C BlueMen50+Vallhalla Lakers69
AAAMen55+Baker Boyz84
AAMen55+Bend Elks84
BMen55+Wenatchee Merchants84
CMen55+Global 5584
MajorMen60+Clean Planet94
AAAMen60+Detroit Lugnuts94
AMen60+Wenatchee Merchants94
BMen60+Hewer Senior Bandits94
CMen60+Reliant Recover94
DMen60+Huff and Puff94
AAAMen65+Direct Employees/INDY 6598
AA RedMen65+Nisqually Pounders98
AA BlueMen65+Coyotes98
A RedMen65+OP Miller Lite98
A BlueMen65+Hanapa's 65s98
B RedMen65+Big County Drifters98
B BlueMen65+Bud LT98
C RedMen65+Apogee Pub/Xonk Design98
C BlueMen65+Magnum Force98
DMen65+Edmonton Vipers98
MajorMen70+Scrap Iron 70 Legacy88
AAAMen70+Game On88
AAMen70+Can Alta Sox88
AMen70+Ho'oikaika Kinipopo88
BMen70+Oregon Roadrunners88
CMen70+Triple Play 7088
DMen70+Sonoma Fog88
AAA RedMen74+PDR Fastsigns60
AAA BlueMen74+Silverhawks60
AAMen74+Hannington's 7560
AMen74+California Oaks 7560
BMen74+Ka Uila 74s60
MajorMen79+Emerald 80s45
AAAMen79+Coast Capitals45
AAMen79+Oregon City Sports45
MajorWomen50+Sudden Impact84
AAAWomen50+50 N Over It!84
AAWomen50+Arizona Dream Team84
A RedWomen50+Crabby Pitches84
A BlueWomen50+Running Out of Tme84
MajorWomen55+Ladies Choice85
AAAWomen55+Jolico Seniors 55s85
AAWomen55+Fire & Ice85
MajorWomen60+Maryland Runners90
AAAWomen60+Vancouver Loose Ends90
AAWomen60+Desert Stars 60+90
AWomen60+Mood Swingers90
MajorWomen65+Fun Bunch75
AAAWomen65+Golden Gals 65s75
AAWomen65+Golden Girls 65s75
MajorWomen70+Golden Gals 70s60
AAAWomen70+California Spirit60
MajorWomen74+BC Swingers60
Note: All figures assume an average of 15 players per team. Only totals by age-group were available and this total was divided by the number of age-groups.

2016 ISSA/ISF World Tournament of Champions Tampa, FL Jan. 29
EventGenderAge GroupChampionCompetitors
AA/AAAMen50+GTO/Pittsburgh Sports Bar120
MajorMen50+AB Contracting/Nobles Printing180
Major PlusMen50+Southside60
AAMen55+Hartford County LV45
AAAMen55+Gap Sports210
MajorMen55+CNM Wealth Management120
AAMen60+Team Flagler120
AAAMen60+Pomano Crush105
AAMen65+Atlantic Stahl Post90
AAAMen65+Red Heat105
MajorMen70+/75+TB Financial180
AAAMen70+Florida Merchants90
Major DivisionMen70+/75+/80Pffeifer Auto/Docs Boys60
DivisionMen75+/80+Freds Market45
DivisionWomen50+55+The Players60
DivisionWomen60+Sunny Beaches60
DivisionWomen75+Golden Gals45
Note: All figures assume an average of 15 players per team

2016 SPA Men's 75/80 World Championship Columbus, OH Aug. 11-14
EventGenderAge GroupChampionCompetitors
AAAMen75+Pittsburgh Gold120
MajorMen75+Cantubury Cruisers30
AAA GoldMen80+Jimmy MN Legends90
AAA SilverMen80+Texas Classics45
Note: All figures assume an average of 15 players per team.

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