Sports Competition for Adults Over 40: A Participants Guide to 27 Sports
Sports Competition for Adults Over 40: A Participants Guide to 27 Sports
Sports Competition for Adults Over 40: A Participants Guide to 27 Sports

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Racquetball calls itself "Fast, Furious, Fitness." The national sponsoring organization for racquetball in the U.S. is United States Racquetball Association ("USRA")which supports a separate Masters Racquetball Association.

USA Racquetball
1685 Uintah
Colorado Spring, Colorado 80904
Phone: (719) 635-5396

Women's Senior/Masters Racquetball Association
Kendra Tutsch

National Masters Racquetball Associaion
Cindy Tilbury

The first table below presents the 2018 schedule for national racquetball tournaments. The second table summarizes the number of competitors over 40, by gender and selected age groups, for four national racquetball tournaments held in 2017. The next four tables present the 2017 champions from these four national racquetball championships and the number of competitors in each class.

2009 - National Racquetball Championships and Other Regional Tournaments
USAR Oregon Regional ChampionshipApril 15Gresham, Oregon
USAR Chicagoland Regional ChampionshipApril 16Lombard, Illinois
USAR California Regional ChampionshipApril 17Canoga Park, California
USAR Missouri Regional ChampionshipApril 17St. Louis, Missouri
USAR Florida Regional ChampionshipApril 17Port Richey, Florida
USAR Maryland Regional ChampionshipApril 17Millersville, Maryland
USAR New England Regional ChampionshipApril 17Nashua, New Hampshire
USAR Georgia Regional ChampionshipApril 17Lilburn, Georgia
USAR Kansas Regional ChampionshipApril 17Overland Park, Kansas
USAR Ohio Regional ChampionshipApril 24Beachwood, Ohio
USAR Texas Regional ChampionshipApril 24Houston, Texas
USAR National Singles ChampionshipMay 20Houston, Texas
USAR National Masters ChampionshipJuly 15Champaign, Illinois
USAR Open National ChampionshipOctober 21Memphis, Tennessee

2008 USAR National Championships Summary Table
Event Total Competitors Over 40 Women Competitors Over 40 Men Competitors Over 60 Men Competitors Over 70 Women Competitors Over 60
2008 National Masters Championship 249 29 126 59 10
    Percent   100%   123%   51%   24%   4%
2008 National Singles Championshp 372 47 80 20 9
    Percent   100%   13%   22%   5%   2%
2008 Women's Senior Championship 84 84 0 0 17
    Percent   100%   100%   0%   0%   20%
2008 National Doubles Championship 269 51 41 3 12
    Percent   100%   19%   15%   1%   4%

The term "competitors" refers to the entries in each event. In some racquetball tournaments, a single individual may entry more than one event (e.g. singles and doubles). For this reason, an individual may represent multiple "competitors" in this table.

2008 Women's Senior Racquetball Championship Overbrook, KS Jan. 25-27
EventGenderAge GroupChampionCompetitors
singlesWomen40+Jean Halahan8
singlesWomen45+Debra Tsinger-Moore14
singlesWomen45+ B/CLynn Weisbart11
singlesWomen50+Susan Pfahier15
singlesWomen55+Debbie Chaney15
singlesWomen55+ B/CKaria Bareia4
singlesWomen60+Merijean Kelley8
singlesWomen65+Mildred Gwinn7
singlesWomen75+Lola Markus2

2008 National Doubles Racquetball National Championship Tempe, AZ Feb. 15-17
EventGenderAge GroupChampionCompetitors
doublesMen45+ AEgea/Cain20
doublesMen45+ BEstrada/Burgoon4
doublesMen55+ AYoung/Fong8
mixed doubles40+Lowe/Bailey14
mixed doubles45+Lowe/Graham14
mixed doubles50+Azuma/Dexter16
mixed doubles55+Chaney/Lee10
mixed doubles60+Kelley/Pawka8
mixed doubles65+Guerrero/Funes8
doublesWomen55+ CKelley/Kronenfeld4

2008 Masters Racquetball Association National Championship Orem, UT March 5-8
EventGenderAge GroupChampionCompetitors
singlesMen45+Oscar Fierro5
singlesMen50+Stephen Wattz16
singlesMen55+Joe Lee13
singlesMen60+Dave Warner11
singlesMen65+Patrick Taylor11
singlesMen70+Charlie Hamon13
singlesMen75+Aaron Vederoff6
singlesMen80+Victor Sacco6
singlesMen85+Sam Harry2
singlesMen90+Den Marshall1
mixed doubles45+Hollingsworth/Ellis3
mixed doubles50+Hanson/Pawka7
mixed doubles55+Weisbart/Cohen4
mixed doubles60+Northwood/Furaus3
mixed doubles65+Lawler/Schaefer4
mixed doubles70+Markus/Dorst1
singlesWomen45+Marianne Walsh4
singlesWomen50+Jill Mitchell6
singlesWomen55+Shirley Parsons2
singlesWomen60+Merijean Kelley4
singlesWomen65+Mildred Gwinn2
(*) The term "competitors" refers to the entries in an event. In racquetball, a participant may enter more than one event (e.g. singles, doubles, and mixed doubles). Therefore, an individual may represent multiple "competitors" in this table.

2008 National Racquetball Singles Championship Houston, TX May 21-26
EventGenderAge GroupChampionCompetitors
singlesMen40+Brad McCunniff17
singlesMen40+ ABduardo Salehroa22
singlesMen40+ BTim Kirk11
singlesMen40+ CJimmy Vequezo14
singlesMen45+Jimmy Lowe13
singlesMen45+ AAndrew Kulback23
singlesMen45+ BMelvin Todd12
singlesMen45+ CRobert Grifith12
singlesMen50+Ivan Sanchez19
singlesMen50+ ARick Betts18
singlesMen50+ BGeorge Brewer16
singlesMen50+ CJoe Gandy14
singlesMen55+Jim Bailey15
singlesMen55+ AGeorge Mandell14
singlesMen55+ BChristopher Young9
singlesMen55+ CSteve Markey6
singlesMen60+Ed Memen17
singlesMen60+ A/65+Bob Smith10
singlesMen60+ B/65+Tony Vargas5
singlesMen60+ CJames Key8
singlesMen65+Patrick Taylor12
singlesMen65+ CRich Gower8
singlesMen70+John Kehrig8
singlesMen75+/85+/90Donald Alt9
military singlesMen40+Tyronne Gilmore10
singlesMen80+/85+/90Robert Mcadam3
singlesWomen40+ A/45+Melody Gomo6
singlesWomen45+Malia Bailey11
singlesWomen50+Chris Evon9
singlesWomen40+ B/45+Barbara Jinks10
singlesWomen55+Marsha Berry6
singlesWomen50+ A/55+Karen Simon6
singlesWomen60+Merijean Kelley4
singlesWomen65+ / 75+Clarita Parra5

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