Sports Competition for Adults Over 40: A Participants Guide to 27 Sports
Sports Competition for Adults Over 40: A Participants Guide to 27 Sports
Sports Competition for Adults Over 40: A Participants Guide to 27 Sports

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Racquetball calls itself "Fast, Furious, Fitness." The national sponsoring organization for racquetball in the U.S. is United States Racquetball Association ("USRA")which supports a separate Masters Racquetball Association.

USA Racquetball
1685 Uintah
Colorado Spring, Colorado 80904
Phone: (719) 635-5396

National Masters Racquetball Associaion
959 Matadero Ave.
Palo Alto, California 94306
Phone: (650) 856-2292

The first table below presents the 2017 schedule for national racquetball tournaments. The second table summarizes the number of competitors over 40, by gender and selected age groups, for four national racquetball tournaments held in 2016. The next four tables present the 2016 champions from these four national racquetball championships and the number of competitors in each class.

2017 USAR National Racquetball Championships
2017 USAR Women's Senior/Master ChampionshipJanuary 13Lombard, IL
2017 USAR National Doubles ChampionshipFebruary 8Tempe, AZ
2017 NMRA National Masters ChampionshipMarch 22Arlington, TX
2017 USAR National Singles ChampionshipMay 24Colorado Springs, CO

2016 National Racquetball Championships Summary Table
Event Total Competitors Over 40 Women Competitors Over 40 Men Over 60 Men Over 70 Women Over 60
2016 USAR National Singles Championship 181 21 58 12 8
    Percent   100%   12%   32%   7%   4%
2016 USAR National Doubles Championship 254 70 70 16 22
    Percent   100%   28%   28%   6%   9%
2016 NMRA National Masters Championship 171 25 86 35 8
    Percent   100%   15%   50%   20%   5%
2016 USAR Women's Senior/Masters National Championship 96 96 0 0 36
    Percent   100%   100%   0%   0%   36%

2016 Women's Senior/Masters Racquetball National Championship Tucson, AZ Jan. 15-17
EventGenderAge GroupChampionCompetitors
SinglesWomen40+Victoria Pickard1
SinglesWomen45+Maraie Gomar6
SinglesWomen45+ B/CIngrid Crawford6
SinglesWomen50+Jean Halahan7
SinglesWomen55+Lisa Bu8
SinglesWomen55+ B/CAlthea Bailey9
SinglesWomen60+Marsha Berry8
SinglesWomen65+Laurie Kitchen6
SinglesWomen70+Teresa Rock1
SinglesWomen75+Mildred Gwinn4

2016 USAR National Doubles Championship Tempe, AZ Feb. 10-14
EventGenderAge GroupChampionCompetitors
DoublesMen40+ APiper/Deluna6
DoublesMen40+ BLamont/Couch2
DoublesMen45+ AStark/Minor8
DoublesMen45+ BSemanco/Frontczak8
DoublesMen50+ ADevours/Martinez12
DoublesMen50+ BPardum/Marinich2
DoublesMen50+ CAdams/Stephens4
DoublesMen55+ AParadoa/Angelocci4
DoublesMen55+ CFrarnsworth/Gordon4
DoublesMen60+ ADeluca/Cannon12
DoublesMen60+ BCunningham/Milewski6
DoublesMen65+ CBlasquez/Beyah2
DoublesMen65+ BGreene/Vogel4
DoublesWomen40+ BKidd/Markert4
DoublesWomen50+ EliteBryant/Collins2
DoublesWomen50+ ACostanza/Birkman2
DoublesWomen55+ ACalvi/Clements2
DoublesWomen60+ EliteKirk/Hendricks4
Mixed Doubles40+Ruiz/Minor4
Mixed Doubles40+ ABrown/Hicks8
Mixed Doubles40+ BLaw/Law4
Mixed Doubles40+ CBortfeld/Berger2
Mixed Doubles45+Blood/Boulanger6
Mixed Doubles50+Lowe/Bailey6
Mixed Doubles50+ BBennett/Lillich4
Mixed Doubles55+King/Kite6
Mixed Doubles60+Azuma/Pfahler10
Mixed Doubles60+ BZordan/Lovinger2
Mixed Doubles65+Lee/Kronenfeld4
Mixed Doubles70+Funes/Troutt2
Mixed Doubles75+Gwinn/Speber2

2016 USAR National Singles Championship Highland Ranch. CO May 25-29
EventGenderAge GroupChampionCompetitors
SinglesMen40+Jeff Stark12
SinglesMen40+ AEverette Brunelle4
SinglesMen40+ EliteHr Coe5
SinglesMen40+ BDonnel Valdez8
SinglesMen40+ CPhil Zavala4
SinglesMen45+Jeff Stark12
SinglesMen50+Jimmy Lowe16
SinglesMen50+ EliteClinton Imholte13
SinglesMen50+ AAlan Lawson12
SinglesMen50+ BSteve Cox8
SinglesMen50+ CAndy Altencio5
SinglesMen55+Richard Eisemann10
SinglesMen60+Dave Azuma5
SinglesMen60+ ARobert Frazier7
SinglesMen60+ BRoy San Miguel7
SinglesMen60+ CDouglas Harrison7
SinglesMen65+Joe Lee1
SinglesMen70+Jon Wueffel4
SinglesMen70+ EliteJames Troutt1
SinglesMen70+ ADan Davis1
SinglesMen70+ BBruce Hollander1
SinglesMen70+ CPable Reyes3
SinglesMen75+Gordon Kelly2
SinglesWomen40+T J Bambaugh1
SinglesWomen40+ ANancy Davis1
SinglesWomen40+ EliteJenny Cole2
SinglesWomen45+Linda Reeves1
SinglesWomen50+Laura Brandt3
SinglesWomen50+ AKathy Stellema3
SinglesWomen50+ BBetty Mota2
SinglesWomen60+ ACheryl Kirk1
SinglesWomen60+ BLucy Jink1
SinglesWomen65+Shirley Parsons3
SinglesWomen70+ AMarquita Molina1
SinglesWomen75+Mildred Gwinn2

2016 NMRA National Championship St. Louis, MO March 9
EventGenderAge GroupChampionCompetitors
SinglesMen45+Christopher Wright4
SinglesMen50+Ross Weinberg4
SinglesMen55+Stepnen Waltz7
SinglesMen60+Doug Kite10
SinglesMen65+Robert Rivera6
SinglesMen70+Mitch Milewski3
SinglesMen75+Patrick Taylor4
SinglesMen80+William Herron3
SinglesMen85+John O'Donnell Jr2
SinglesMen90+John Prigmore1
Mixed Doubles45+Kleinschmidt/Coplen4
Mixed Doubles50+Gutzmer/Gomar6
Mixed Doubles55+Kite/Tilbury8
Mixed Doubles60+Gibson/Altore-Martin6
Mixed Doubles65+Huczek/Hendricks2
Mixed Doubles70+Sonneberg/Molina2
SinglesWomen50+Marie Gomar1
SinglesWomen55+Ann Fingerhood1
SinglesWomen60+Terry Latham1
SinglesWomen65+Sharon Huczek1
SinglesWomen75+Marquita Molina1

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