Sports Competition for Adults Over 40: A Participants Guide to 27 Sports
Sports Competition for Adults Over 40: A Participants Guide to 27 Sports
Sports Competition for Adults Over 40: A Participants Guide to 27 Sports

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Because orienteering demands "map reading on the run" it calls itself the "Thinking Sport." The national sponsoring organization of orienteering in the U.S. is Orienteering USA.

Orienteering USA
c/o Sandy Fillebrown
824 Scotia Rd
Philadelphia, PA 19128
Phone: (410) 802-1125

The first table below presents the 2019 schedule for orienteering championships. The second table summarizes the number of competitors, by gender and selected age groups, at the 2018 National Championships. The next two tables present the 2018 national orienteering champions and the number of competitors in each competitive category.

2019 Orienteering USA National Championships
2019 Orienteering USA Individual National ChampionshipTBD
2019 West Point Orienteering ChampionshipApril 27West Point, NY
2019 Orienteering USA Masters National ChampionshipsOctober 19Concord, NH

2018 Orienteering USA National Championship Summary Table
Event Total Number of Competitors Over 40 Women Competitors Over 40 Men Over 60 Men Over 70 Women Over 60
2018 Orienteering USA Individual National Championship 287 86 141 55 32
    Percent   100%   30%   49%   19%   11%
2018 West Point Orienteering Championship 86 26 30 9 13
    Percent   100%   30%   35%   10%   15%
2018 North American Orienteering Championship 230 93 53 8 32
    Percent   100%   40%   23%   3%   14%

2018 Orienteering USA Individual National Championship Indiana and Mighigan Oct. 19-21
EventGenderAge GroupChampionCompetitors
Sprint DistanceMen40+Martin Schwetter4
Sprint DistanceMen45+Wyatt Riley5
Sprint DistanceMen50+Laszlo Kolyvek7
Sprint DistanceMen55+Serget Velichko9
Sprint DistanceMen60+Rick Bressman6
Sprint DistanceMen65+Charlie Shahbazian8
Sprint DistanceMen70+Chuck Spaulding7
Sprint DistanceMen75+Joe Sehnal6
Sprint DistanceMen80+Geoffrey Connor3
Sprint DistanceWomen40+Victoria Campbell6
Sprint DistanceWomen45+B. Brooke Mann3
Sprint DistanceWomen50+Amy Winston1
Sprint DistanceWomen55+Peggy Dickson4
Sprint DistanceWomen60+Chiori Shimizu2
Sprint DistanceWomen65+Janet Findlay2
Sprint DistanceWomen70+Sharon Crawford2
Sprint DistanceWomen75+Lynette Walker2
Long DistanceMen40+Maricel Olaru4
Long DistanceMen45+Wyatt Riley5
Long DistanceMen50+Laszlo Kolyvek5
Long DistanceMen55+Serget Velichko9
Long DistanceMen60+Kevin Teschendorf6
Long DistanceMen65+Stephen Tarry10
Long DistanceMen70+Francis Hogle6
Long DistanceMen75+Joe Sehnal7
Long DistanceMen80+Geoffrey Connor3
Long DistanceWomen40+Victoria Campbell4
Long DistanceWomen45+Angelica Riley6
Long DistanceWomen50+Brenda Blacklock1
Long DistanceWomen55+Peggy Dickson6
Long DistanceWomen60+Chiori Shimizu2
Long DistanceWomen65+Janet Findlay3
Long DistanceWomen70+Sharon Crawford2
Long DistanceWomen75+Lynette Walker1
Long DistanceWomen80+Suzanne Izzo1
Middle DistanceMen40+Jonathan Campbell5
Middle DistanceMen45+Wyatt Riley7
Middle DistanceMen50+Laszlo Kolyvek7
Middle DistanceMen55+Serget Velichko8
Middle DistanceMen60+Tim Parson5
Middle DistanceMen65+Charlie Shahbazian10
Middle DistanceMen70+Dennis Wildfogel7
Middle DistanceMen75+Joe Sehnal5
Middle DistanceMen80+Geoffrey Connor3
Middle DistanceWomen40+Victoria Campbell6
Middle DistanceWomen45+Dagmar Merkova2
Middle DistanceWomen50+Amy Winston1
Middle DistanceWomen55+Peggy Dickson4
Middle DistanceWomen60+Keg Good1
Middle DistanceWomen65+Janet Findlay3
Middle DistanceWomen70+Sharon Crawford1
Middle DistanceWomen75+Lynette Walker3

2018 West Point "A" Meet Championship West Point, NY
EventGenderAge GroupChampionCompetitors
"A" MeetMen40+Magnus Bjorkman3
"A" MeetMen45+Sergy Gnatouk11
"A" MeetMen50+Alan Young3
"A" MeetMen55+Joe Brautigam13
"A" MeetMen60+Tim Parson13
"A" MeetMen65+David Hunter8
"A" MeetMen70+Charlie DeWeese5
"A" MeetMen75+Bob Bullions2
"A" MeetMen80+Geoffrey Connor2
"A" MeetWomen40+Stina Bridgeman2
"A" MeetWomen45+Corrine Mayland5
"A" MeetWomen50+Kristin Hall4
"A" MeetWomen55+Karen Muffati2
"A" MeetWomen60+Lex Bundschuh4
"A" MeetWomen65+Linda Kohn7
"A" MeetWomen75+Allmuth Perzel2

2018 North American Orienteering Championship White Horse, Yukon Aug. 17
EventGenderAge GroupChampionCompetitors
6.8 km 12 ControlsMen45+Brent Langbakk32
6.3 km 10 ControlsMen55+Gregory Batter52
5.2 km 10 ControlsMen65+Tom A Jarlsen45
2.6 km 7 ControlsMen75+Mogens Hansen5
2.6 km 7 ControlsMen80+Palle Bay2
2.2 km 6 ControlsMen90+John Charlow1
4.8 km 11 ControlsWomen45+Christina Smedberg28
4.4 km 9 ControlsWomen55+Ruth Lynam33
4.0 km 8 ControlsWomen65+Christin Lundgren28
2.60 km 7 ControlsWomen75+Virginia Church1
2.2 km 6 ControlsWomen80+Shirley Donald1
2.2 km 6 ControlsWomen85+Nesta Leduc2

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