Sports Competition for Adults Over 40: A Participants Guide to 27 Sports
Sports Competition for Adults Over 40: A Participants Guide to 27 Sports
Sports Competition for Adults Over 40: A Participants Guide to 27 Sports

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The United States Masters Swimming ("USMS") is the sponsoring organization for competitive adult swimming in the U.S. With more than 48,000 members, it is one of the largest organizations devoted exclusively to sport for adults. For my experience competing in the One Hour Postal National Championship, see The Aging Athlete -- "The 60-minute Crawl."

The USMS requires swimmers who wish to swim in three or more events in the two National Championships (Short course and Long Course)to achieve National Qualifying Times (NQTs). The formula for the NQTs can be found on the USMS website. Any swimmer may compete in these two National Championships without meeting the NQTs, but may not compete in three or more events. In 2018, the US Masters Summer (Long Course) National Championship will not be held in favor of the UANA Pan American Masters Championship (see schedule below)

United States Masters Swimming
1751 Mound St. Suite 201
Sarasota, FL 34236
Tracy Grilli - Member Services Manager
Phone: (800) 550-7946
Fax: (941) 556-7946

The USMS offered 12 national championship events in 2018, the short-course and long-course nationals and seven open-water/long distance events. The first table below presents the 2019 schedule for four of the USMS national championships. The second table summarizes the number of competitors, by gender and selected age groups, for three of the 2018 national swimming championships. The remaining tables present the national champions and the number of competitors in the three national championships.

2019 USMS National Championships
2019 USMS One Hour Postal Swim National ChampionshipJanuary 1USA
2019 USMS Spring (Short Course) National ChampionshipApril 25Mesa, AZ
2019 USMS Summer (Long Course) National ChampionshipAugust 7Mission Viejo, CA
2019 USMS One Mile Open Water National ChampionshipAugust 16Lake Willoughby, VT

2018 USMS National Championships Summary Table
Event Total Number of Competitors Over 40 Women Competitors Over 40 Men Over 60 Men Over 70 Women Over 60
2018 USMS One Hour Postal Swim National Championship 1168 650 245 96 272
    Percent   100%   56%   21%   8%   23%
2018 USMS Spring (Short Course) National Championship 5473 2253 1285 8 23
    Percent   100%   41%   23%   9%   15%
2018 USMS One Mile Open Water National Championship 44 21 9 3 8
    Percent   100%   48%   20%   7%   18%

2018 USMS Spring (Short Course) National Championship (WOMEN) Indianpolis, IN May 10-13
EventGenderAge GroupChampionCompetitors
50- Yard FreestyleWomen40-44Katherine Schwab21
100- Yard FreestyleWomen40-44Katie Glenn30
200- Yard FreestyleWomen40-44Katie Glenn24
500- Yard FreestyleWomen40-44Jane Kelsey20
1000- Yard FreestyleWomen40-44Jane Kelsey20
1650- Yard FreestyleWomen40-44Kysa Crusco4
50-Yard BackstrokeWomen40-44Kerry Lindauer17
100-Yard BackstrokeWomen40-44Kerry Lindauer23
200-Yard BackstrokeWomen40-44Jane Kelsey16
50-Yard BreaststrokeWomen40-44Katie Glenn21
100-Yard BreaststrokeWomen40-44Katie Glenn19
200-Yard BreaststrokeWomen40-44Katie Glenn15
50-Yard ButterflyWomen40-44Kerry Lindauer19
100-Yard ButterflyWomen40-44Erin Tobias15
200-Yard ButterflyWomen40-44Erin Tobias9
100-Yard IMWomen40-44Kerry Lindauer34
200-Yard IMWomen40-44Sarah Butler14
400-Yard IMWomen40-44Stacey Bruce9
50- Yard FreestyleWomen45-49Erika Braun31
100- Yard FreestyleWomen45-49Amy Holland41
200- Yard FreestyleWomen45-49Jennifer Ridge27
500- Yard FreestyleWomen45-49Dana Gianniny26
1000- Yard FreestyleWomen45-49Pam Rogan15
1650- Yard FreestyleWomen45-49Dana Gianniny11
50-Yard BackstrokeWomen45-49Erika Braun27
100-Yard BackstrokeWomen45-49Amy Plotz-Sanibalas26
200-Yard BackstrokeWomen45-49Amy Plotz-Sanibalas11
50-Yard BreaststrokeWomen45-49Trina Schaetz21
100-Yard BreaststrokeWomen45-49Trina Schaetz18
200-Yard BreaststrokeWomen45-49Linda Visser12
50-Yard ButterflyWomen45-49Erika Braun21
100-Yard ButterflyWomen45-49Erika Braun14
200-Yard ButterflyWomen45-49Michelle Davidson10
100-Yard IMWomen45-49Erika Braun34
200-Yard IMWomen45-49Jennifer Ridge14
400-Yard IMWomen45-49Linda Visser14
50- Yard FreestyleWomen50-54Holly Green Blair35
100- Yard FreestyleWomen50-54Fall Willeboordse40
200- Yard FreestyleWomen50-54Liz Dillman28
500- Yard FreestyleWomen50-54Laurie Hug9
1000- Yard FreestyleWomen50-54Susie Shuck14
1650- Yard FreestyleWomen50-54Laurie Hug9
50-Yard BackstrokeWomen50-54Kristin Gary29
100-Yard BackstrokeWomen50-54Kristin Gary21
200-Yard BackstrokeWomen50-54Kristin Gary12
50-Yard BreaststrokeWomen50-54Corin Buck36
100-Yard BreaststrokeWomen50-54Corin Buck24
200-Yard BreaststrokeWomen50-54Corin Buck 22
50-Yard ButterflyWomen50-54Fall Willeboordse23
100-Yard ButterflyWomen50-54Fall Willeboordse16
200-Yard ButterflyWomen50-54Fall Willeboordse14
100-Yard IMWomen50-54Liz Dillman34
200-Yard IMWomen50-54Corin Buck13
400-Yard IMWomen50-54Laurie Hug13
50- Yard FreestyleWomen55-59Martha Joyce24
100- Yard FreestyleWomen55-59Karlyn Pipes28
200- Yard FreestyleWomen55-59Andrea Block20
500- Yard FreestyleWomen55-59Robin Klestinec20
1000- Yard FreestyleWomen55-59Robin Klestinec9
1650- Yard FreestyleWomen55-59Bonnie Spivey8
50-Yard BackstrokeWomen55-59Kim Brightwell27
100-Yard BackstrokeWomen55-59Karlyn Pipes24
200-Yard BackstrokeWomen55-59Karlyln Pipes12
50-Yard BreaststrokeWomen55-59Kim Crouch16
100-Yard BreaststrokeWomen55-59Kim Crouch20
200-Yard BreaststrokeWomen55-59Kim Crouch19
50-Yard ButterflyWomen55-59Andrea Block20
100-Yard ButterflyWomen55-59Karlyn Pipes17
200-Yard ButterflyWomen55-59Robin Klestinec17
100-Yard IMWomen55-59Karlyn Pipes31
200-Yard IMWomen55-59Val Van Horn Pate16
400-Yard IMWomen55-59Robin Klestinec18
50- Yard FreestyleWomen60-64Penny Noyes21
100- Yard FreestyleWomen60-64Penny Noyes26
200- Yard FreestyleWomen60-64Susan Ritter20
500- Yard FreestyleWomen60-64Susan Ritter19
1000- Yard FreestyleWomen60-64Susan Ritter17
1650- Yard FreestyleWomen60-64Joan Pfinsfraff7
50-Yard BackstrokeWomen60-64Penny Noyes26
100-Yard BackstrokeWomen60-64Karen Andrus-Hughes25
200-Yard BackstrokeWomen60-64Joan Pfinsfraff15
50-Yard BreaststrokeWomen60-64Melinda Mann26
100-Yard BreaststrokeWomen60-64Melinda Mann19
200-Yard BreaststrokeWomen60-64Melinda Mann16
50-Yard ButterflyWomen60-64Traci Granger14
100-Yard ButterflyWomen60-64Traci Granger11
200-Yard ButterflyWomen60-64Traci Granger10
100-Yard IMWomen60-64Penny Noyes24
200-Yard IMWomen60-64Cathy Ganze10
400-Yard IMWomen60-64Laurie Alioto11
50- Yard FreestyleWomen65-69Melinda Wolff15
100- Yard FreestyleWomen65-69Laura Val21
200- Yard FreestyleWomen65-69Laura Val18
500- Yard FreestyleWomen65-69Diane Spence14
1000- Yard FreestyleWomen65-69Celeste Miller12
1650- Yard FreestyleWomen65-69Diane Spence6
50-Yard BackstrokeWomen65-69Laura Val15
100-Yard BackstrokeWomen65-69Laura Val12
200-Yard BackstrokeWomen65-69Laura Val9
50-Yard BreaststrokeWomen65-69Melinda Wolff19
100-Yard BreaststrokeWomen65-69Melinda Wolff13
200-Yard BreaststrokeWomen65-69Karen Biewert13
50-Yard ButterflyWomen65-69Susan Tyler9
100-Yard ButterflyWomen65-69Cecilla McClosky6
200-Yard ButterflyWomen65-69Sally Guthrie5
100-Yard IMWomen65-69Cecilla McClosky18
200-Yard IMWomen65-69Cecilla McClosky4
400-Yard IMWomen65-69Karen Biewert9
50- Yard FreestyleWomen70-74Margaret Toppel11
100- Yard FreestyleWomen70-74Georgia McDaniel8
200- Yard FreestyleWomen70-74Christie Hayes13
500- Yard FreestyleWomen70-74Christie Hayes11
1000- Yard FreestyleWomen70-74Beverly Monterella9
1650- Yard FreestyleWomen70-74Christie Hayes8
50-Yard BackstrokeWomen70-74Margaret Toppel11
100-Yard BackstrokeWomen70-74Margaret Toppel16
200-Yard BackstrokeWomen70-74Andrea Hunt12
50-Yard BreaststrokeWomen70-74Dana Brown13
100-Yard BreaststrokeWomen70-74Dana Brown6
200-Yard BreaststrokeWomen70-74Dana Brown7
50-Yard ButterflyWomen70-74Margaret Toppel6
100-Yard ButterflyWomen70-74Dana Brown6
200-Yard ButterflyWomen70-74Daniela Barnea 3
100-Yard IMWomen70-74Beverly Monterella4
200-Yard IMWomen70-74Betty Murfeind1
400-Yard IMWomen70-74Daniela Barnea4
50- Yard FreestyleWomen75-79Nancy Rideout8
100- Yard FreestyleWomen75-79Beth Schriener10
200- Yard FreestyleWomen75-79Beth Schriener7
500- Yard FreestyleWomen75-79Jane Katz6
1000- Yard FreestyleWomen75-79Ellen Shocko4
1650- Yard FreestyleWomen75-79Louise Wise2
50-Yard BackstrokeWomen75-79Joy Ward6
100-Yard BackstrokeWomen75-79Joy Ward8
200-Yard BackstrokeWomen75-79Joy Ward5
50-Yard BreaststrokeWomen75-79Louise Wise7
100-Yard BreaststrokeWomen75-79Nancy Stretch6
200-Yard BreaststrokeWomen75-79Nancy Stretch 4
50-Yard ButterflyWomen75-79Joy Ward2
100-Yard ButterflyWomen75-79Susan Meyers3
200-Yard ButterflyWomen75-79Susan Meyers3
100-Yard IMWomen75-79Joy Ward5
200-Yard IMWomen75-79Susan Meyers4
400-Yard IMWomen75-79Susan Meyers3
50- Yard FreestyleWomen80-84Kristin Jaffe2
100- Yard FreestyleWomen80-84Joan Griffin2
200- Yard FreestyleWomen80-84Carol Reinke1
500- Yard FreestyleWomen80-84Joan Griffin3
1000- Yard FreestyleWomen80-84Joan Griffin1
50-Yard BreastrokeWomen80-84Kristin Jaffe2
100-Yard BreastrokeWomen80-84Kristin Jaffe2
200-Yard BreastrokeWomen80-84Kristin Jaffe2
100-Yard IMWomen80-84Laura Gogola1
200-Yard IMWomen80-84Laura Gogola1
400-Yard IMWomen80-84Laura Gogola1
50-Yard FreestyleWomen85-89Rita Gelman1
100-Yard FreestyleWomen85-89Mary Schick2
200-Yard FreestyleWomen85-89Mary Schick1
50-Yard BackstrokeWomen85-89Rita Gelman1

2018 USMS Spring (Short Course) National Championship (MEN) Indianapolis, IN May 10-13
EventGenderAge GroupChampionCompetitors
50- Yard FreestyleMen40-44Scott Greenwood46
100- Yard FreestyleMen40-44David Kinsella67
200- Yard FreestyleMen40-44David Kinsella37
500- Yard FreestyleMen40-44Benjamin Culver22
1000- Yard FreestyleMen40-44Juan Martinez16
1650- Yard FreestyleMen40-44Don Secor7
50-Yard BackstrokeMen40-44Mehidi Addadi27
100-Yard BackstrokeMen40-44Mehidi Addadi22
200-Yard BackstrokeMen40-44Don Secor12
50-Yard BreaststrokeMen40-44Chris Bundy27
100-Yard BreaststrokeMen40-44Blake Holden27
200-Yard BreaststrokeMen40-44Blake Holden21
50-Yard ButterflyMen40-44Chris Bundy34
100-Yard ButterflyMen40-44Andrew Babcock26
200-Yard ButterflyMen40-44Andrew Babcock17
100-Yard IMMen40-44Chris Bundy34
200-Yard IMMen40-44David Cole21
400-Yard IMMen40-44Kevin Doherety14
50- Yard FreestyleMen45-49Jeremy Gross48
100- Yard FreestyleMen45-49Siphiwe Baleka58
200- Yard FreestyleMen45-49Dan Wegner26
500- Yard FreestyleMen45-49Dan Wegner21
1000- Yard FreestyleMen45-49Mat Keller9
1650- Yard FreestyleMen45-49Gunner Lehr9
50-Yard BackstrokeMen45-49Christopher Beach23
100-Yard BackstrokeMen45-49Todd Dreitzler24
200-Yard BackstrokeMen45-49Lawrence Lee12
50-Yard BreaststrokeMen45-49Siphiwe Baleka33
100-Yard BreaststrokeMen45-49Steve West27
200-Yard BreaststrokeMen45-49Steve West24
50-Yard ButterflyMen45-49Jeremy Gross43
100-Yard ButterflyMen45-49Jeremy Gross34
200-Yard ButterflyMen45-49Morten Andersen21
100-Yard IMMen45-49Steve West42
200-Yard IMMen45-49Abraham Solano22
400-Yard IMMen45-49Abraham Solano17
50- Yard FreestyleMen50-54Steve Hiltabiddle32
100- Yard FreestyleMen50-54Steve Hiltabiddle63
200- Yard FreestyleMen50-54Mats Nygren29
500- Yard FreestyleMen50-54Kurt Dickson17
1000- Yard FreestyleMen50-54Ricardo Valdivia14
1650- Yard FreestyleMen50-54David Kays5
50-Yard BackstrokeMen50-54Brian Malas21
100-Yard BackstrokeMen50-54Rick Hamilton22
200-Yard BackstrokeMen50-54Kurt Dickson16
50-Yard BreaststrokeMen50-54Scott Heber26
100-Yard BreaststrokeMen50-54Gregory Harris20
200-Yard BreaststrokeMen50-54Jim Tuchler17
50-Yard ButterflyMen50-54Steve Hiltabiddle40
100-Yard ButterflyMen50-54Steve Hiltabiddle29
200-Yard ButterflyMen50-54Mike Shaffer14
100-Yard IMMen50-54Scott Heber45
200-Yard IMMen50-54Scott Heber15
400-Yard IMMen50-54Patrick Brundage16
50- Yard FreestyleMen55-59Richard Hughey62
100- Yard FreestyleMen55-59Richard Hughey66
200- Yard FreestyleMen55-59David Sims38
500- Yard FreestyleMen55-59Daniel Phillips26
1000- Yard FreestyleMen55-59Tito Morales12
1650- Yard FreestyleMen55-59Daniel Phillips7
50-Yard BackstrokeMen55-59Clay Britt28
100-Yard BackstrokeMen55-59Clay Britt19
200-Yard BackstrokeMen55-59Clay Britt16
50-Yard BreaststrokeMen55-59Carlo Travaini44
100-Yard BreaststrokeMen55-59Carlo Travaini24
200-Yard BreaststrokeMen55-59Carlo Travaini17
50-Yard ButterflyMen55-59Brad Hering46
100-Yard ButterflyMen55-59David Sims19
200-Yard ButterflyMen55-59David Sims16
100-Yard IMMen55-59Carlo Travaini47
200-Yard IMMen55-59David Sims18
400-Yard IMMen55-59Daniel Phillips14
50- Yard FreestyleMen60-64Rick Abbott30
100- Yard FreestyleMen60-64James Ritter42
200- Yard FreestyleMen60-64Dan Stephenson28
500- Yard FreestyleMen60-64Dan Stephenson29
1000- Yard FreestyleMen60-64Scott Shake20
1650- Yard FreestyleMen60-64Bill Bracket14
50-Yard BackstrokeMen60-64Douglas Slater33
100-Yard BackstrokeMen60-64Rick Abbott31
200-Yard BackstrokeMen60-64Scott Shake23
50-Yard BreaststrokeMen60-64Richard Neville35
100-Yard BreaststrokeMen60-64Michael Hamm25
200-Yard BreaststrokeMen60-64Michael Hamm23
50-Yard ButterflyMen60-64Paul Carter24
100-Yard ButterflyMen60-64Paul Carter17
200-Yard ButterflyMen60-64Greg Sanchez15
100-Yard IMMen60-64Paul Carter36
200-Yard IMMen60-64Paul Carter18
400-Yard IMMen60-64Andreas Seibt19
50- Yard FreestyleMen65-69Doug Martin33
100- Yard FreestyleMen65-69James Thornton33
200- Yard FreestyleMen65-69James Thornton20
500- Yard FreestyleMen65-69Mark Modjeska17
1000- Yard FreestyleMen65-69Jim Clemmons11
1650- Yard FreestyleMen65-69Mark Modjeska6
50-Yard BackstrokeMen65-69Geoff Mykleby29
100-Yard BackstrokeMen65-69Lawrence Day25
200-Yard BackstrokeMen65-69Lawrence Day18
50-Yard BreaststrokeMen65-69Rick Colella21
100-Yard BreaststrokeMen65-69Rick Colella11
200-Yard BreaststrokeMen65-69Hubie Kerns15
50-Yard ButterflyMen65-69Doug Martin27
100-Yard ButterflyMen65-69Lawrence Day19
200-Yard ButterflyMen65-69Pihl Dodson10
100-Yard IMMen65-69Rick Colella23
200-Yard IMMen65-69Rick Colella11
400-Yard IMMen65-69Rick Colella12
50- Yard FreestyleMen70-74Richard Abrahams10
100- Yard FreestyleMen70-74Richard Abrahams28
200- Yard FreestyleMen70-74Edward Rudloff Jr22
500- Yard FreestyleMen70-74Edwarad Rudloff Jr15
1000- Yard FreestyleMen70-74Edward Rudloff Jr13
1650- Yard FreestyleMen70-74Tony Ralphs7
50-Yard BackstrokeMen70-74Hugh Wilder19
100-Yard BackstrokeMen70-74Hugh Wilder24
200-Yard BackstrokeMen70-74Richard Burns13
50-Yard BreaststrokeMen70-74Richard Myers15
100-Yard BreaststrokeMen70-74Kurt Olzmann14
200-Yard BreaststrokeMen70-74George Wendt13
50-Yard ButterflyMen70-74Andrew McPherson11
100-Yard ButterflyMen70-74Andrew McPherson9
200-Yard ButterflyMen70-74Edward Rudloff Jr8
100-Yard IMMen70-74Anderw McPherson9
200-Yard IMMen70-74Bob Couch7
400-Yard IMMen70-74George Wendt9
50- Yard FreestyleMen75-79Elder James8
100- Yard FreestyleMen75-79Elder James15
200- Yard FreestyleMen75-79Ken Novell10
500- Yard FreestyleMen75-79Larry Raffaelli9
1000- Yard FreestyleMen75-79Ami Trauber5
1650- Yard FreestyleMen75-79Mervyn Goldbas3
50-Yard BackstrokeMen75-79Chuck Ogilby7
100-Yard BackstrokeMen75-79Chuck Ogilby8
200-Yard BackstrokeMen75-79Chuck Ogilby6
50-Yard BreaststrokeMen75-79Mike Freshley9
100-Yard BreaststrokeMen75-79Thom Burgess4
200-Yard BreaststrokeMen75-79Mike Freshley5
50-Yard ButterflyMen75-79James Elder9
100-Yard ButterflyMen75-79James Elder5
200-Yard ButterflyMen75-79Hugh Roddin3
100-Yard IMMen75-79Mike Freshley8
200-Yard IMMen75-79Bob Colyer3
400-Yard IMMen75-79Mike Freshley4
50- Yard FreestyleMen80-84Jerry Myers7
100- Yard FreestyleMen80-84Ray Martin6
200- Yard FreestyleMen80-84Sid Hall3
500- Yard FreestyleMen80-84Ray Martin4
1000- Yard FreestyleMen80-84Marty Mennen3
1650- Yard FreestyleMen80-84Buz Brenton1
50-Yard BackstrokeMen80-84Marty Mennen6
100-Yard BackstrokeMen80-84David Costill6
200-Yard BackstrokeMen80-84David Costill2
50-Yard BreaststrokeMen80-84Wang Lau6
100-Yard BreaststrokeMen80-84David Costill4
200-Yard BreaststrokeMen80-84David Costill3
50-Yard ButterflyMen80-84Ray Martin1
100-Yard ButterflyMen80-84William Lauer1
200-Yard ButterflyMen80-84William Lauer1
100-Yard IMMen80-84David Costill3
200-Yard IMMen80-84William Lauer1
400-Yard IMMen80-84William Lauer2
50- Yard FreestyleMen85-89Richard McClow3
100- Yard FreestyleMen85-89Stephen Mullins6
200- Yard FreestyleMen85-89Stephen Mullins4
500- Yard FreestyleMen85-89Dave Murray1
1000- Yard FreestyleMen85-89Dave Murray1
1650- Yard FreestyleMen85-89Stephen Mullins1
50-Yard BackstrokeMen85-89Clark Mitchell3
100-Yard BackstrokeMen85-89Clark Mitchell3
200-Yard BackstrokeMen85-89Clark Mitchell1
50-Yard BreaststrokeMen85-89Richard McClow3
100-Yard BreaststrokeMen85-89Percy Knowles1
200-Yard BreaststrokeMen85-89Percy Knowles1
50-Yard ButterflyMen85-89Clark Mitchell1
100-Yard ButterflyMen85-89Tom Mitchell1
100-Yard IMMen85-89Clark Mitchell2
400-Yard IMMen85-89Tom Mitchell1
50-Yard FreestyleMen90-94Donald Hubbard2
100-Yard FreestyleMen90-94Donald Hubbard2
200-Yard FreestyleMen85-89Donald Hubbard1
500-Yard FreestyleMen85-89Thomas Maine1
100-Yard BackstrokeMen85-89John Daily1
200-Yard BackstrokeMen85-89John Daily1
50-Yard BreastrokeMen85-89Donald Hubbard1
100-Yard BreastrokeMen85-89Donald Hubbard1
100-Yard ButterflyMen85-89Thomas Maine1
200-Yard IMMen85-89Thomas Maine1
400-Yard IMMen85-89Thomas Maine1
50- Yard FreestyleMen95-99Willard Lamb2
100- Yard FreestyleMen95-99Willard Lamb2
1650-Yard FreestyleMen95-99Willard Lamb1
50-Yard BackstrokeMen95-99Willard Lamb1
100-Yard BackstrokeMen95-99Willard Lamb1
50-Yard ButterflyMen95-99Robert Doud1
100-Yard ButterflyMen95-99Robert Doud1

2018 USMS One Hour Postal Swim National Championship USA Jan 1-31
EventGenderAge GroupChampionCompetitors
Postal SwimWomen40-44Tesla Profumo59
Postal SwimWomen45-49Dana Gianniny81
Postal SwimWomen50-54Tina Nuckiles109
Postal SwimWomen55-59Kimberly Elsbach129
Postal SwimWomen60-64Susan Heim-Bowen118
Postal SwimWomen65-69Katherine Rust73
Postal SwimWomen70-74Christie Hayes45
Postal SwimWomen75-79Betsy Beddow21
Postal SwimWomen80-84Patricia Bond12
Postal SwimWomen90-94Jeannie Meredith1
Postal SwimWomen95-99Maurine Kornfeld2
Postal SwimMen40-44Matt Miller49
Postal SwimMen45-49David Mikels62
Postal SwimMen50-54Jeff Erwin77
Postal SwimMen55-59Kirk Richards85
Postal SwimMen60-64Sandy McDonald85
Postal SwimMen65-69Larry Krauser64
Postal SwimMen70-74Dan Kirkland44
Postal SwimMen75-79Richard Burns27
Postal SwimMen80-84David Radcliff17
Postal SwimMen85-89Glenn Tewksbury6
Postal SwimMen90-94John Collings1
Postal SwimMen95-99Willard Lanb1

2018 USMS 1 Mile Open Water National Championship Little Grassy Lake, IL June 9
EventGenderAge GroupChampionCompetitors
Open Water -- 1 MileWomen40-44Derya Kulavuz-Onal2
Open Water -- 1 MileWomen45-49Gillian MacQuarrie2
Open Water -- 1 MileWomen50-54Julie May4
Open Water -- 1 MileWomen55-59Eileen Walker6
Open Water -- 1 MileWomen60-64Mary Lawler2
Open Water -- 1 MileWomen65-69Catherine Rust4
Open Water -- 1 MileWomen70-74Judy Williams1
Open Water -- 1 MileWomen75-79Susan Myers1
Open Water -- 1 MileMen40-44Matt Miller2
Open Water -- 1 MileMen45-49Karl Stover5
Open Water -- 1 MileMen50-54Mark Barndt3
Open Water -- 1 MileMen55-59James Biles3
Open Water -- 1 MileMen60-64Andreas Seibt3
Open Water -- 1 MileMen65-69Daryl Sroufe3
Open Water -- 1 MileMen70-74Donn Livoni3

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