Sports Competition for Adults Over 40: A Participants Guide to 27 Sports
Sports Competition for Adults Over 40: A Participants Guide to 27 Sports
Sports Competition for Adults Over 40: A Participants Guide to 27 Sports

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Rowing has one of the most active Masters Programs including a handicap chart for age groups. The national sponsoring organization for rowing is USRowing.

2 Wall Street
Princeton, New Jersey 08540
Phone: (800) 314-4769

The first table below presents the 2018 schedule for the National Masters Championship. The second table summarizes the number of competitors, by gender and selected age groups, for the 2017 Masters National Rowing Championship. The remaining tables present the national champions and the number of competitors for each class of men, mixed, and women.

2016 Rowing National Championships
2016 Crash-B Sprints (World Indoor Rowing Championships)February 28Boston, MA
2016 USRowing Masters National ChampionshpAugust 18Worcester, MA
2016 Head of the Charles RegattaOctober 22Boston, MA

2015 USRowing National Championshps Surrmay Table
Event Total Competitors over 40 Women Competitors Men over 60 Men over 70 Women over 60
2015 USRowing Masters National Championship 5769 3202 918 158 1129
    Percent   100%   56%   16%   3%   20%
2015 Head of the Charles Regatta 2369 1055 100 50 55
    Percent   100%   45%   4%   2%   2%

2015 USRowing Masters National Championship (MEN) Camden, NJ August 13
EventGenderAge GroupChampionCompetitors
Coxed FourMen36-42Palm Beach/Potomac50
Coxed FourMen43-49Potomac50
Coxed FourMen50-54Palm Beach/Winnipeg A55
Coxed FourMen60-64Minneapolis A60
Coxed Four ClubMen36-42Potomac A85
Coxed Four ClubMen43-49Potomac A35
Coxed Four ClubMen50-54East Arm A30
Coxed Four ClubMen55-59Western Reserve A30
Coxed Four ClubMen60-64Minneapolis A50
Coxed Four ClubMen65-69Rocky Mountain A15
Coxed Four ClubMen70-74New Haven A10
Coxed Four LtwMen50-54Riverside A10
Coxed Four LtwMen60-64Chinook Composite20
Coxed PairMen75-79New Haven A6
Coxless FourMen36-42Potomac A8
Coxless FourMen43-49Palm Beach/Undine A16
Coxless FourMen50-54Potomac A28
Coxless FourMen55-59Palm Beach/Undine B16
Coxless FourMen60-64Palm Beach A24
Coxless FourMen65-69Potomac A Composite4
Coxless FourMen70-74San Diego RC H4
Coxless Four ScullMen36-42Texas Rowing Center16
Coxless Four ScullMen43-49Texas Rowing Center32
Coxless Four ScullMen50-54Texas Rowing Center20
Coxless Four ScullMen55-59Potomac A Composite12
Coxless Four ScullMen60-64Rockford A Composite40
Coxless Four ScullMen65-69Potomac A Composite32
Coxless Four ScullMen70-74Fairmount H Composite16
Coxless Four ScullMen75-79Ridley Graduate A12
Coxless Four Scull ClubMen36-42Fairmount A16
Coxless Four Scull ClubMen43-49River Rowing A20
Coxless Four Scull ClubMen50-54Wyandotte A32
Coxless Four Scull ClubMen55-59Malta A24
Coxless Four Scull ClubMen60-64San Diego RC F24
Coxless Four Scull ClubMen65-69Texas Rowing Center12
Coxless Four Scull LtwMen36-42Texas Rowing Center4
Coxless Four Scull LtwMen50-54Malta A4
Coxless Four Scull LtwMen55-59Baltimore A Composite4
Coxless Four Scull LtwMen60-64San Diego RC8
Coxless Four Scull LtwMen70-74Ridley Graduate A8
Coxless PairMen36-42CRI A12
Coxless PairMen43-49CRI A12
Coxless PairMen50-54Palm Beach A16
Coxless PairMen55-59Saugatuck A22
Coxless PairMen60-64Unaffiliated6
Coxless PairMen65-69San Diego A4
Coxless PairMen70-74Dallas A4
Double ScullMen36-42Palm Beach A18
Double ScullMen43-49Texas Rowing Center28
Double ScullMen50-54Narragansett A34
Double ScullMen55-59Upper Valley A30
Double ScullMen60-64Rockford A Compostie24
Double ScullMen65-69Texas Rowing Center14
Double ScullMen70-74Narragansett A Composite16
Double ScullMen75-79Swan Creek RCA12
Double Scull LtwMen36-42Boucherville A16
Double Scull LtwMen43-49Greater Dayton A12
Double Scull LtwMen55-59Malta A20
Double Scull LtwMen60-64Ridley Graduate A10
Double Scull LtwMen65-69Fairmount A4
Double Scull LtwMen70-74St. Louis A Composite4
Double Scull LtwMen75-79Potomac A4
EightsMen36-42Riverside A18
EightsMen43-49Potomac A45
EightsMen55-59Palm Beach/Capital/Indine/Potomac72
EightsMen50-54Potomac A90
EightsMen60-64Palm Beach/Capital36
EightsMen70-74San Diego RC18
EightsMen75-79New Haven A9
Eights ClubMen43-49Potomac A54
Eights ClubMen50-54Capital A99
Eights ClubMen55-59Potomac A63
Eights ClubMen60-64Minneapolis A18
Eights ClubMen65-69Saugatuck27
Single ScullMen36-42Penn AC A (M Belknap)17
Single ScullMen43-49Narragansett A (M Smith)16
Single ScullMen50-54Naragansett A (M Smith)13
Single ScullMen55-59Minneapolis (S Faber)17
Single ScullMen60-64Rockford A (R Anderson)23
Single ScullMen65-69Rockford A (R Anderson)10
Single ScullMen70-74St. Louis (C Cook)8
Single ScullMen75-79Cambridge (C. Zezza)8
Single ScullMen80+Rivanna A (Collins)3
Single Scull LtwMen36-42Cambridge (E. Lev)6
Single Scull LtwMen43-49Whitemarsh Boat Club A8
Single Scull LtwMen50-54Leander A (R. Wilson)8
Single Scull LtwMen55-59Potomac B (S. Schmitt)6
Single Scull LtwMen60-64Ridley Graduate A9
Single Scull LtwMen65-69Riverside A (R. Dale)6
Single Scull LtwMen70-74St. Louis (C Cook)2
Single Scull LtwMen75-79Potomac A (Cal Sutcliff)3

2015 USRowing Masters National Championship (MIXED) Camden, NJ August 13
EventGenderAge GroupChampionCompetitors
Mixed Coxed Four36-42Saugatuck45
Mixed Coxed Four43-49Saugatuck A55
Mixed Coxed Four50-54East Arm A40
Mixed Coxed Four55-59MSTRS Coaching A Composite40
Mixed Coxed Four60-64San Diego RC30
Mixed Coxed Four65-69Texas Rowing Center15
Mixed Coxed Four70-74Chester River/Midnight Sun5
Mixed Coxless Four Scull43-49Saugatuck A48
Mixed Coxless Four Scull50-54Cambridge A Composite 68
Mixed Coxless Four Scull36-42Saugatuck A24
Mixed Coxless Four Scull55-59Potomac A40
Mixed Coxless Four Scull60-64Naragansett A Composite68
Mixed Coxless Four Scull65-69Passaic River A Composite24
Mixed Coxless Four Scull70-74Chester River/Midnight Sun16
Mixed Coxless Four Scull75-79San Diego RC8
Mixed Double Scull36-42Vesper A34
Mixed Double Scull43-49Severn River A32
Mixed Double Scull50-54Cambridge A Composite34
Mixed Double Scull55-59Dallas A 48
Mixed Double Scull60-64Narragansett A24
Mixed Double Scull65-69Cambridge A18
Mixed Double Scull70-74Fairmont H12
Mixed Double Scull75-79Potomac A2
Mixed Double Scull80+MSTRS Coaching A Composite2
Mixed Eights36-42Capital A63
Mixed Eights43-49Saugatuck A108
Mixed Eights50-54East Arm A54
Mixed Eights55-54Chinook A Composite99
Mixed Eights60-64Chinook A72

2015 USRowing Masters National Championship (WOMEN) Camden, NJ August 13
EventGenderAge GroupChampionCompetitors
Coxed FourWomen36-42Chinook A85
Coxed FourWomen43-49Unaffiliated90
Coxed FourWomen50-54Chinook A30
Coxed FourWomen55-59Vesper A Composite50
Coxed FourWomen60-64Vesper A Composite40
Coxed FourWomen65-69Vesper A Composite15
Coxed FourWomen70-74MSTRS Coaching C5
Coxed Four ClubWomen36-42Alexandria A90
Coxed Four ClubWomen50-54East Arm A60
Coxed Four ClubWomen55-59CRI A75
Coxed Four ClubWomen60-64CRI A20
Coxed Four ClubWomen65-69Saugatuck A15
Coxed Four ClubWomen70-74Vesper A5
Coxed Four LtwWomen36-42Minneapolis A25
Coxed Four LtwWomen43-49Capital A30
Coxed Four LtwWomen50-54Carnegie Lake A30
Coxed Four LtwWomen55-59Saugatuck A30
Coxed Four LtwWomen60-64Chinook A20
Coxed Four LtwWomen65-69San Diego RC5
Coxed Four LtwWomen70-74MSTRS Coaching B5
Coxless FourWomen36-42Texas Rowing Center16
Coxless FourWomen43-49Minneapolis A20
Coxless FourWomen50-54CRI A8
Coxless FourWomen55-59Chinook B8
Coxless FourWomen60-64Vesper A Composite16
Coxless FourWomen65-69Vesper B Composite4
Coxless Four ScullWomen36-42Chinook A28
Coxless Four ScullWomen43-49Chinook A32
Coxless Four ScullWomen50-54Dallas A24
Coxless Four ScullWomen55-59Vesper A Composite36
Coxless Four ScullWomen60-64Vesper A Composite28
Coxless Four ScullWomen65-69Vesper B Composite28
Coxless Four ScullWomen70-74MSTRS Coaching A8
Coxless Four Scull ClubWomen36-42Texas Rowing Center24
Coxless Four Scull ClubWomen50-54Dallas A44
Coxless Four Scull ClubWomen55-59Baltimore A60
Coxless Four Scull ClubWomen60-64Vesper B16
Coxless Four Scull ClubWomen65-69Vesper A24
Coxless Four Scull LtwWomen36-42Atlantic A Composite8
Coxless Four Scull LtwWomen43-49Vesper A12
Coxless Four Scull LtwWomen50-54Minneapolis A8
Coxless Four Scull LtwWomen55-59Saugatuck B20
Coxless Four Scull LtwWomen60-64Chinook A12
Coxless Four Scull LtwWomen65-69Vesper A Composite16
Coxless Four Scull LtwWomen70-74Saugatuck A Composite20
Coxless PairWomen36-42Hudson River A14
Coxless PairWomen43-49Ann Arbor A14
Coxless PairWomen50-54Great River A8
Coxless PairWomen55-59Chinook A4
Coxless PairWomen60-64Chinook A4
Coxless PairWomen65-69Saratoga A2
Double ScullWomen36-42Dallas A34
Double ScullWomen43-49Maritime A28
Double ScullWomen50-54Severn River A34
Double ScullWomen55-59Lincoln Park/CBC34
Double ScullWomen60-64Chinook A17
Double ScullWomen65-69Vesper A Composite10
Double ScullWomen70-74Vesper B Composite8
Double Scull LtwWomen36-42Severn River A12
Double Scull LtwWomen43-49Potomac A10
Double Scull LtwWomen50-54Island Lake A Composite24
Double Scull LtwWomen55-59Chinook A24
Double Scull LtwWomen60-64Carnegie Lake A14
Double Scull LtwWomen65-69Lincoln Park Boat Club10
Double Scull LtwWomen70-74Maritime A6
EightsWomen36-42Capital A99
EightsWomen43-49Chinook A90
EightsWomen50-54Chinook A144
Eights Women55-59Vesper A Composite108
EightsWomen60-64Chinook A63
EightsWomen65-69Vesper A Composite36
EightsWomen70-74Masters Coaching A Composite9
Eights ClubWomen36-42Capital A117
Eights ClubWomen43-49Genesee A108
Eights ClubWomen50-54Genesee A108
Eights ClubWomen55-59CRI A45
Eights ClubWomen60-64Saugatuck A35
Eights ClubWomen65-69Vesper A18
Single ScullWomen36-42Vesper A (S Kaplan)8
Single ScullWomen43-49Potomac A (O Huxley)10
Single ScullWomen50-54Dallas A (K Elting)12
Single ScullWomen55-59DWRA A (R Kirchoff)6
Single ScullWomen60-64Swan Creek RC A14
Single ScullWomen65-69Rivanna (A Cann)6
Single ScullWomen70-74San Diego RC (C Kemper)4
Single Scull LtwWomen36-42OKC Riversport (A Clark)6
Single Scull LtwWomen50-54Capital A (R Holins)6
Single Scull LtwWomen55-59Severn River A8
Single Scull LtwWomen60-64GMS Rowing A (P Meyer)13
Single Scull LtwWomen65-69Colorado Rowing A (M Wurster)4
Single Scull LtwWomen70-74Maritime A (A Faber)2
Single Scull LtwWomen75-79Upper Valley (P Sadler)2

2015 Head of the Charles Regatta Boston, MA October 19-20
EventGenderAge GroupChampionCompetitors
EightsMen40+Mosley Boat Club180
EightsMen50+Mosley Boat Club504
FoursMen40+Mosley Boat Club124
Single ScullMen40+Russ Cone32
Single ScullMen50+Greg Benning58
Single ScullMen60+T Wilsalien31
Single ScullMen65-69R Haberl19
Single ScullMen70-74C. Cook28
Single ScullMen75-79Carlo Zezza14
Single ScullMen80+Christopher Collins8
EightsWomen40+Mosley Boat Club207
FoursWomen50+Upper Valley196
Single ScullWomen40+J Bullock29
Single ScullWomen50+M Harriman33
Single ScullWomen60+L Stirton Aust23
Single ScullWomen65+J Gardner18
Single ScullWomen70+Catherine A Kemper8
Single ScullWomen75+J Stone6

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