Sports Competition for Adults Over 40: A Participants Guide to 27 Sports
Sports Competition for Adults Over 40: A Participants Guide to 27 Sports
Sports Competition for Adults Over 40: A Participants Guide to 27 Sports

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Rowing has one of the most active Masters Programs including a handicap chart for age groups. The national sponsoring organization for rowing is USRowing.

2 Wall Street
Princeton, New Jersey 08540
Phone: (800) 314-4769

The first table below presents the 2018 schedule for the National Masters Championship. The second table summarizes the number of competitors, by gender and selected age groups, for the 2017 Masters National Rowing Championship. The remaining tables present the national champions and the number of competitors for each class of men, mixed, and women.

2013 USRowing National Championship Calendar
2013 Crash-B SprintsFebruary 17Boston, MA
2013 USRowing Northwest Regional Masters ChampionshipJune 21Vancouver, WA
2013 USRowing Southwest Regional Masters ChampionshipJuly 14Oakland, CA
2013 USRowing Masters National ChampionshipAugust 15Sarasota, FL
2013 USRowing Masters Head Race NationalsOctober 5Oklahoma City, OK
2013 Head of the Charles RegattaOctober 19Boston, MA

2013 US Rowing Masters National Championship Summary Table
Event Total Competitors Over 40 Women Competitors Over 40 Men Competitors Over 60 Men Competitors Over 70 Women Competitors Over 60
2013 US Rowing Masters National Championsihp 2787 1403 350 39 211
    Percent   100%   50%   13%   1%   8%

2013 US Rowing Masters National Championships (MEN) Sarasota, FL August 15-18
EventGenderAge GroupChampionCompetitors
Coxed FourMen36-42Potomac A30
Coxed FourMen43-49Jacksonville A35
Coxed FourMen50-54Riverfront Recapture A35
Coxed FourMen55-59Capital A20
Coxed FourMen60-64Detroit A25
Coxed FourMen65-69Detroit A20
Coxed Four ClubMen36-42Potomac A25
Coxed Four ClubMen43-49Capital A25
Coxed Four ClubMen50-54Jacksonville A30
Coxed Four ClubMen55-59Florida Athletic Club/Unaffiliated35
Coxed Four ClubMen60-64Northern Virginia A10
Coxed Four ClubMen65-69Riverfront Recapture A10
Coxed Four LtwMen50-54Saugatuck A10
Coxless FourMen36-42Potomac A12
Coxless FourMen50-54Palm Beach A20
Coxless FourMen55-59Palm Beach B20
Coxless FourMen65-69Denver A8
Coxless Four ScullMen43-49Winnipeg A8
Coxless Four ScullMen50-54ORR/RGBC/TEXRC/WRRA20
Coxless Four ScullMen55-59BBC/BRC/NYAC/OKC24
Coxless Four ScullMen60-64CRC/ROC/WRRA24
Coxless Four ScullMen65-69BPRC/STLRC16
Coxless Four Scull ClubMen43-49Gainsvillle Rowing A20
Coxless Four Scull ClubMen55-59Minneapolis A20
Coxless Four Scull LtwMen50-54BRC/NRR/NYAC/OKC8
Coxless PairMen36-42Texas Rowing A14
Coxless PairMen43-49Palm Beach A10
Coxless PairMen50-54Potomac A6
Coxless PairMen55-59Community Rowing14
Coxless PairMen60-64DRC/Unaffiliated8
Coxless PairMen65-69DRC/Unaffiliated8
Double ScullMen36-42 Rollins College A8
Double ScullMen43-49AARC/Unafilliated10
Double ScullMen50-54Texas Rowing A20
Double ScullMen55-59ROC/WRRA20
Double ScullMen60-64GMS/ROC18
Double ScullMen65-69DRC/Unafilliated18
Double ScullMen70-74Palm Beach A18
Double Scull LtwMen36-42Greater Columbus A8
Double Scull LtwMen55-59BRC/NYAC/OKC/PBC10
Double Scull LtwMen60-64Minneapolis A8
Double Scull LtwMen65-69BPRC/STLRC4
Double Scull LtwMen70-74CBC/NYAC6
EightsMen36-42Capital A18
EightsMen50-54Potomac A63
EightsMen55-59Palm Beach A27
EightsMen60-64Palm Beach A45
Eights ClubMen36-42Edgewater A36
Eights ClubMen43-49Capital A36
Eights ClubMen50-54Saugatuck A36
Eights ClubMen55-59Potomac A27
Single ScullMen36-42Durham A (M. Sevigny)6
Single ScullMen43-49Undine (F. Rowe)14
Single ScullMen50-54Western Reserve A (B. Whitehead)13
Single ScullMen55-59Ridley Graduate (J. Paulis)15
Single ScullMen60-64Rockford A (R. Anderson)15
Single ScullMen65-69Palm Beach A (M. Tebay)8
Single ScullMen70-74Cambridge Boat Club (H. Hamilton)8
Single ScullMen75-79Potomac A (Cal Sutcliffe)3
Single ScullMen80+Minneapolis A (A. Lande)1
Single Scull LtwMen36-42Greater Columbus A (H. Berthold)4
Single Scull LtwMen43-49Greater Columbus A (H. Berthold)5
Single Scull LtwMen50-54Potomac A (P. Pietra)4
Single Scull LtwMen55-59Navasink A (M. Malone)6
Single Scull LtwMen60-64Unaffiliated A (J. Rich)6
Single Scull LtwMen65-69Potomac A (N. Young)6
Single Scull LtwMen70-74New York (L. Klecansky)4
Single Scull LtwMen75-79Potomac A (Cal Sutcliffe)4

2013 US Rowing Masters National Championships (MIXED) Sarasota, FL August 15-18
EventGenderAge GroupChampionCompetitors
Mixed Coxed Four36-42Saugatuck A30
Mixed Coxed Four43-49Texas Rowing A25
Mixed Coxed Four50-54Baltimore A15
Mixed Coxed Four55-59Northern Virginia A30
Mixed Coxed Four60-64Masters Coaching A25
Mixed Coxed Four65-69CLRA/MRBC15
Mixed Coxless Four Scull43-49Greater Columbus A20
Mixed Coxless Four Scull50-54ALT/ORRA/RGBC28
Mixed Coxless Four Scull55-59Texas Rowing A12
Mixed Coxless Four Scull60-64Lake Lanier A16
Mixed Coxless Four Scull65-69FRA/PBC24
Mixed Coxless Four Scull36-42Saugatuck A24
Mixed Double Scull36-42CPCRL/SARRC16
Mixed Double Scull43-49Greater Columbus A20
Mixed Double Scull50-54Potomac A14
Mixed Double Scull55-59Unafilliated A14
Mixed Double Scull60-64Miami Beach A10
Mixed Double Scull65-69Saugatuck A12
Mixed Double Scull70-74Fairmont Rowing A6
Mixed Eights36-42Capital A36
Mixed Eights43-49Saugatuck A27
Mixed Eights50-54Saugatuck A18
Mixed Eights55-59Orlando A54
Mixed Eights60-64Texas Rowing A36

2013 US Rowing Masters National Championships (WOMEN) Sarasota, FL August 15-18
EventGenderAge GroupChampionCompetitors
Coxed FourWomen36-42Capital A35
Coxed FourWomen43-49Capital Rowing Club35
Coxed FourWomen50-54Masters Coaching A25
Coxed FourWomen55-59Carnegie Lake A30
Coxed FourWomen60-64Masters Coaching A15
Coxed Four ClubWomen36-42Capital A45
Coxed Four ClubWomen43-49Carnegie Lake A25
Coxed Four ClubWomen50-54Community Rowing A30
Coxed Four ClubWomen55-59Annapolis RC40
Coxed Four ClubWomen60-64Saugatuck A15
Coxed Four LtwWomen50-54Carnegie Lake A10
Coxed Four LtwWomen55-59Carnegie Lake A25
Coxless Four Women43-49Orlando A8
Coxless FourWomen50-54Saugatuck A8
Coxless Four ScullWomen36-42CRC/MSTRS/PBC/SCRC24
Coxless Four ScullWomen43-49PBC/SCRC12
Coxless Four ScullWomen50-54Baltimore A24
Coxless Four ScullWomen55-59Baltimore A12
Coxless Four ScullWomen60-64Masters Coaching A24
Coxless Four Scull ClubWomen36-42Baltimore A16
Coxless Four Scull ClubWomen43-49Saugatuck C16
Coxless Four Scull ClubWomen55-59Baltimore A12
Coxless Four Scull ClubWomen60-64Saugatuck C16
Coxless Four Scull LtwWomen50-54CLRA/GLC/PBC16
Coxless Four Scull LtwWomen55-59Carnegie Lake A20
Coxless PairWomen36-42Saugatuck A4
Coxless PairWomen43-49Miami A8
Coxless PairWomen50-54Minneapolis A4
Double ScullWomen36-42PBC/SCRC18
Double ScullWomen43-49Potomac A14
Double ScullWomen50-54RCRC/Unafilliated22
Double ScullWomen55-59Baltimore A10
Double ScullWomen60-64Lake Lanier A12
Double Scull LtwWomen65-69ALT/FRA8
Double Scull LtwWomen36-42Capital A4
Double Scull LtwWomen43-49CPTLRC/PBC6
Double Scull LtwWomen50-54CPTL/GMS10
Double Scull LtwWomen55-59GLC/PBC12
Double Scull LtwWomen60-64GMS/GLC10
EightsWomen36-42Community Rowing A36
EightsWomen43-49Capital A72
EightsWomen50-54Masters Rowing A63
Eights ClubWomen36-42Community Roeing A45
Eights ClubWomen43-49Baltimore A36
Eights ClubWomen50-54Saugatuck A63
Eights ClubWomen55-59Orlando A45
Single ScullWomen36-42Potomac A (Erica Stieve-Caldwell)4
Single ScullWomen43-49Dallas A (K. Elting)5
Single ScullWomen50-54Baltimore A (E. Erbelding)5
Single ScullWomen55-59Olando Rowing Club (J. Thomas)6
Single Scull Women60-64V-Sculls Team A (M. Hegarty Columbo)3
Single Scull Women65-69Carnegie Lake A (B. Hogan)5
Single Scull LtwWomen36-42Capital A (S. Hedges)5
Single Scull LtwWomen43--49Potomac A (L. Wetten)6
Single Scull LtwWomen50-54Rocket City A (D. Winters)3
Single Scull LtwWomen55-59GMC Rowing (P. Meyer)4
Single Scull LtwWomen60-64GMC Rowing (L. Merk-Gould)4

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