Sports Competition for Adults Over 40: A Participants Guide to 27 Sports
Sports Competition for Adults Over 40: A Participants Guide to 27 Sports
Sports Competition for Adults Over 40: A Participants Guide to 27 Sports

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Rowing has one of the most active Masters Programs including a handicap chart for age groups. The national sponsoring organization for rowing is USRowing.

2 Wall Street
Princeton, New Jersey 08540
Phone: (800) 314-4769

The first table below presents the 2018 schedule for the National Masters Championship. The second table summarizes the number of competitors, by gender and selected age groups, for the 2017 Masters National Rowing Championship. The remaining tables present the national champions and the number of competitors for each class of men, mixed, and women.

2012 USRowing Championships
2012 USRowing Northwest Regional Masters ChampionshipJune 15Klamath Falls, OR
2012 USRowing Southwest Regional Masters ChampionshipJuly 8Oakland, CA
2012 USRowing Masters National ChampionshipAugust 9Worcester, MA
2012 USRowing Masters Head Race NationalsSeptember 16Cleveland, OH
2012 Head of the Charles RegattaOctober 20Boston, MA

2012 Rowing National Championship Summary Table
Event Total Competitors Over 40 Women Competitors Over 40 Men Competitors Over 60 Men Competitors Over 70 Women Competitors Over 60
2012 US Rowing Masters National Championship 5302 2804 551 150 393
    Percent   100%   53%   10%   3%   7%
2012 US Rowing Masters Head Race National Championship 391 188 22 2 3
    Percent   100%   48%   6%   1%   1%
2012 Head of the Charles Regatta 2067 871 92 36 27
    Percent   100%   42%   4%   2%   1%

2012 US Rowing Masters National Championship (MEN) Worcester, MA August 9-12
EventGenderAge GroupChampionCompetitors
Coxed FourMen36-42Potomac Rowing Club50
Coxed FourMen43-49Potomac Rowing Club60
Coxed FourMen50-54OI/PBRA75
Coxed FourMen55-59OI/PBRA30
Coxed FourMen60-64Palm Beach Rowing30
Coxed FourMen65-69Cambridge Boat Club15
Coxed FourMen70-74CPTLRC.OI/PBC15
Coxed Four ClubMen36-42Riverside Boat Club80
Coxed Four ClubMen43-49Potomac Rowing Club60
Coxed Four ClubMen50-64Riverfront Recapture Inc60
Coxed Four ClubMen55-59Minneapolis Rowing Club60
Coxed Four ClubMen60-64Cambridge Boat Club25
Coxed Four ClubMen65-69Corvallis Rowing Club15
Coxed Four LtwMen50-54Saugatuck Rowing Club10
Coxed Four LtwMen55-59DBC/PBC/SYRC15
Coxed Four LtwMen65-69Saugatuck Rowing Club5
Coxed PairMen70-74Cambridge Boat Club14
Coxed Pair LtwMen55-59Cambridge Boat Club15
Coxless FourMen36-42Union Boat Club8
Coxless FourMen43-49Cambridge Boat Club16
Coxless FourMen65-69Cambridge Boat Club12
Coxless FourMen70-74LBRA/OI8
Coxless Four ClubMen70-74Saugatuck Rowing Club8
Coxless Four ClubMen75-79Saugatuck Rowing Club4
Coxless Four ScullMen36-42Narragansett Boat Club32
Coxless Four ScullMen43-49Cambridge Boat Club36
Coxless Four ScullMen50-54FWRC/RGB/RPC/WRRA36
Coxless Four ScullMen55-59GMS/LBV/RPC/WSTRN16
Coxless Four ScullMen60-64DBC/RGBC/ROC/WRRA44
Coxless Four ClubMen36-42Cambridge Boat Club8
Coxless Four ClubMen43-49River Rowing Association16
Coxless Four ClubMen50-54Cambridge Boat Club24
Coxless Four ClubMen55-59Malta Boat Club28
Coxless Four ClubMen60-64Minneapolis Rowing Club24
Coxless Four ClubMen65-69Dallas Rowing Club4
Coxless Four ClubMen70-74Saugatuck Rowing Club4
Coxless Four ClubMen75-79Saugatuck Rowing Club4
Coxless Four LtwMen50-54BRC/NYAC/OKC/PBC12
Coxless Four LtwMen55-59Cambridge Boat Club12
Coxless Four LtwMen60-64Potomac Rowing Club4
Coxless Four LtwMen65-69CBC/RGBC/WSTRN8
Coxless Four LtwMen70-74Saugatuck Rowing Club4
Coxless PairMen36-42Minneapolis Rowing Club10
Coxless PairMen43-49Riverside Boat Club18
Coxless PairMen50-54Palm Beach Rowing Club18
Coxless PairMen65-69Cambridge Boat Club8
Coxless PairMen70-74Dallas Rowing Club2
Coxless PairMen75-79CBC/OI2
Coxless PairMen55-59Narragansett Boat Club16
Double ScullMen43-49PBRA/Undine46
Double ScullMen55-59BBC/UBCP46
Double ScullMen60-64Narragansett Boat Club22
Double ScullMen65-69Cambridge Boat Club20
Double ScullMen75-79Cambridge Boat Club10
Double ScullMen80+CBC/LLAN2
Double ScullMen36-42PBRA/RBC26
Double ScullMen50-54Union Boat Club24
Double Scull LtwMen43-49NYAC/OKC10
Double Scull LtwMen55-59BRC/OKC14
Double Scull LtwMen65-69BPRC/STLRC8
EightsMen36-42DC Strokes Rowing Club36
EightsMen43-49River Rowing Club/BMA63
EightsMen65-69St. Andrews Alumni Rowing18
Eights ClubMen36-42Cambridge Boat Club45
Eights ClubMen43-49Potomac Boat Club108
Eights ClubMen50-54New Haven Rowing Club99
Eights ClubMen55-59Cambridge Boat Club72
Eights ClubMen60-64New Haven Rowing Club36
Eights ClubMen65-69Saugatuck Rowing Club9
Single ScullMen36-42James McGaffigan21
Single ScullMen43-49Trevor De Koekkoek18
Single ScullMen50-54Michael Smith15
Single ScullMen55-59Dennis Ruane18
Single ScullMen60-64Mike Verlin20
Single ScullMen65-69Charles Hamlin21
Single ScullMen70-74Carlo Zezza7
Single ScullMen75-79Cal Sutliff3
Single Scull LtwMen36-42Sean Wolf8
Single Scull LtwMen43-49Eric Therrien10
Single Scull LtwMen50-54Pete Olson10
Single Scull LtwMen55-59John Sanders14
Single Scull LtwMen60-64Michael Van Beuren8
Single Scull LtwMen65-69Daniel Bort7
Single Scull LtwMen70-74Henry Hamilton3
Single Scull LtwMen75-79Cal Sutliff3
Single Scull LtwMen80+Richard Kendall3

2012 US Rowing Masters National Championship (MIXED) Worcester, MA August 9-12
EventGenderAge GroupChampionCompetitors
Mixed Coxed Four36-42Saugatuck Rowing Club30
Mixed Coxed Four43-49Cambridge Boat Club45
Mixed Coxed Four50-54Masters Coaching36
Mixed Coxed Four55-59EA/LBV/MSTS25
Mixed Coxless Four Scull43-49Potomac Boat Club40
Mixed Coxless Four Scull50-54GMS/OBC40
Mixed Coxless Four Scull55-59Narragansett Boat Club28
Mixed Coxless Four Scull60-64Narragansett Boat Club28
Mixed Coxless Four Scull65-69FRA/PBC20
Mixed Coxless Four Scull70-74CAMBRC/PBC4
Mixed Coxless Four Scull75-79ACRM/BRASS/NRRA/VBC4
Mixed Coxless Four Scull36-42ARC/CRC/NRC24
Mixed Double Scull36-42Cincinnati Rowing Club36
Mixed Double Scull43-49Minneapolis Rowing Club60
Mixed Double Scull50-54Cambridge Boat Club40
Mixed Double Scull55-59Narragansett Boat Club30
Mixed Double Scull60-64ARC/RRC32
Mixed Double Scull65-69Cambridge Boat Club24
Mixed Double Scull70-74Fairmont Rowing Association8
Mixed Double Scull75-79Potomac Rowing Club4
Mixed Eights36-42AARC/SYRC81
Mixed Eights43-49Cambridge Boat Club81
Mixed Eights50-54CBC/NARR/NBC/UVRF81
Mixed Eights55-59Virginia Rowing Club54
Mixed Eights60-64Corvallis Rowing Club27
Mixed Eights70-74LBRA/MSTRS/OI18

2012 US Rowing Masters National Championship (WOMEN) Worcester, MA August 9-12
EventGenderAge GroupChampionCompetitors
Coxed FourWomen36-42Capital Rowing Club65
Coxed FourWomen43-49Capital Rowing Club75
Coxed FourWomen50-54CBC/MSTRS60
Coxed FourWomen55-59EA/MSTRS/WS50
Coxed FourWomen60-64Saugatuck Rowing Club30
Coxed FourWomen65-69MSRA/ARC/VBC10
Coxed Four ClubWomen36-42Capital Rowing Club85
Coxed Four ClubWomen43-49East Arm Rowing Club50
Coxed Four ClubWomen50-54Baltimore Rowing Club85
Coxed Four ClubWomen55-59West Side Rowing Club75
Coxed Four ClubWomen60-64Vesper Boat Club35
Coxed Four LtwWomen43-49Narragansett Boat Club20
Coxed Four LtwWomen50-54Carnegie Lake Rowing Association35
Coxless FourWomen36-42New Haven Rowing Club4
Coxless FourWomen43-49Minneapolis Rowing Club12
Coxless Four ScullWomen36-42ARC/AUG/CRC/MSTRS36
Coxless Four ScullWomen43-49ALT/CBC/LPBS/WRC48
Coxless Four ScullWomen50-54CBC/NARR/Unaff/VBC36
Coxless Four ScullWomen65-69Potomac Rowing Club12
Coxless Four ScullWomen70-74ARC/ACRM/VBC4
Coxless Four Scull ClusWomen36-42Cambridge Boat Club24
Coxless Four Scull ClusWomen43-49Cambridge Boat Club36
Coxless Four Scull ClusWomen50-54Narragansett Boat Club36
Coxless Four Scull ClubWomen55-59Maritime Rowing48
Coxless Four Scull LtwWomen36-42Riverside Boat Club8
Coxless Four Scull LtwWomen43-49ARC/OBC8
Coxless Four Scull LtwWomen50-54Potomac Rowing Club8
Coxless Four Scull LtwWomen55-59St. Catherine's Rowing Club12
Coxless Four Scull LtwWomen60-64RC/CPTLRC/CLRA/CRC8
Coxless Four Scull LtwWomen65-69Saugatuck Boat Club4
Coxless PairWomen36-42Vesper Boat Club8
Coxless PairWomen43-49Minneapolis Rowing Club10
Coxless PairWomen50-54Cambridge Boat Club12
Coxless PairWomen55-59Minneapolis Rowing Club2
Coxless PairWomen75-79Masters Coaching2
Double ScullWomen36-42ACR/AUG34
Double ScullWomen43-49AUG/PBC46
Double ScullWomen50-54Cambridge Boat Club42
Double ScullWomen55-59GLC/PBC26
Double ScullWomen60-64RRC/VBC16
Double ScullWomen65-69Potomac Rowing Club20
Double Scull LtwWomen43-49CPTL/PBC22
Double Scull LtwWomen50-54GLC/ROC20
Double Scull LtwWomen55-59GLC/PBC20
Double Scull LtwWomen60-64Narragansett Boat Club10
Double Scull LtwWomen65-69Chester Rowing Club10
Double Scull LtwWomen70-74Saugatuck Rowing Club2
EightsWomen36-42Community Rowing72
EightsWomen50-54Sarasota Springs High School117
Eights ClubWomen36-42Community Rowing Club63
Eights ClubWomen43-49Minneapolis Rowing Club144
Eights ClubWomen50-54Sarasorta Springs High School135
Eights ClubWomen55-59Minneapolis Rowing Club81
Eights ClubWomen60-64Saugatuck Rowing Club18
Single ScullWomen36-42Erica Stieve-caldwell13
Single ScullWomen43-49Kristin Miller15
Single ScullWomen50-54Margarita Zezza12
Single ScullWomen55-59Laurie Devitt12
Single ScullWomen60-64Jill Gardner6
Single ScullWomen65-69Ellen Braithwaite9
Single Scull LtwWomen36-42Carol Raisky12
Single Scull LtwWomen43-49Rebecca Hollins10
Single Scull LtwWomen60-64Ev Hansen8

2012 Head of the Charles Regatta Boston, MA October 21-22
EventGenderAge GroupChampionCompetitors
EightsMen40+Molesey Boat Club216
EightsMen50+Palm Beach Rowing Association396
FoursMen40+Pocock Rowing Center110
FoursMen50+1980 Rowing Club155
SinglesMen40+Russ Cone37
SinglesMen50+Greg Benning66
SinglesMen60+Al Flanders30
SinglesMen65+Michael Tebay26
SinglesMen70+Henry Hamilton18
SinglesMen75+Carlo Zezza14
SinglesMen80+Christopher Collins4
EightsWomen40+Toronto Sculling Club153
EightsWomen50+Marin Rowing Association315
FoursWomen40+Saugatuck Rowing Club100
FoursWomen50+Oleans Sweeps & Sculls140
SinglesWomen40+Tina Vandersteel26
SinglesWomen50+Lynn Jennings30
SinglesWomen60+Susan Kinne8
SinglesWomen65+Catherine A Kemper8
SinglesWomen70+Brooke Stevens6
SinglesWomen75+Laurette Rindlaub3
SinglesWomen80+Eve Green2

2012 US Rowing Masters National Head Race Championship Cleveland, OH September 16
EventGenderAge GroupChampionCompetitors
SinglesMen36-42Forest Sanders4
SinglesMen43-49David Chmilowskyj3
SinglesMen50-54Macauley Nash3
SinglesMen55-59John Pauls2
SinglesMen60-64Richard Anderson2
SinglesMen65-69Bill Braun3
SinglesMen75-79Cal Sutliff1
Singles LtwMen36-42Ryan Briggs1
Singles LtwMen43-49Eric Hagberg2
Singles LtwMen50-54Steve Kelly2
Singles LtwMen60-64Paul Gross1
Singles LtwMen65-69Chuck Cook2
Singles LtwMen80+Richard Kendall1
Double ScullMen36-42Western Reserve Rowing Association2
Double ScullMen43-49Three Rivers Rowing4
Double ScullMen50-54Greater Columbus Rowing Association2
Double ScullMen55-59ROC/WRRA4
Double ScullMen60-64Lincoln Park Boat Club2
Double Scull LrwMen36-42Greater Columbus Rowing Association2
Double Scull LrwMen43-49Three Rivers Rowing2
EightsMen50-54Western Reserve Rowing Association27
EightsMen55-59Three Rivers Rowing9
Coxed FourMen43-49Western Reserve Rowing Association35
Coxed FourMen50-54Riverside Rowing10
Coxed FourMen55-59Western Reserve Rowing Association40
Coxed FourMen60-64Detroit Boat Club Crew10
Mixed Double Scull43-49CRC/NRC2
Mixed Double Scull50-54Rockford Crew2
Mixed Coxed Four43-49Indianapolis Rowing5
Mixed Eights43-49Ann Arbor Rowing Club18
Mixed Eights50-54Northern Virginia Rowing Club18
Mixed Eights55-59Westside Rowing Club9
Coxed FourWomen36-42Toronto Sculling Club30
Coxed FourWomen43-49Western Reserve Rowing Association10
Coxed FourWomen50-54Western Reserve Rowing Association15
Coxed FourWomen55-59Westside Rowing Club10
Coxed Four LtwWomen55-59St. Catherine's Rowing Club5
SinglesWomen36-42Beatrice Ritchie4
SinglesWomen43-49Julie Dinan3
SinglesWomen50-54Debra Stoner1
Singles LtwWomen43-49Joanne Wallis1
Singles LtwWomen55-59Lynn Graves2
Singles LtwWomen70-74Peggy Sadler1
Double ScullWomen43-49Mile High Rowing Club2
Double ScullWomen50-54Three Rivers Rowing2
Double Scull LrwWomen43-49ROC/WRRA2
Double Scull LrwWomen50-54Three Rivers Rowing2
Double Scull LrwWomen55-59Saratoga Springs High School2
Double Scull LrwWomen65-69St. Catherines Rowing Club2
EightsWomen36-42Three Rivers Rowing27
EightsWomen43-49Western Reserve Rowing Association18
EightsWomen50-54Three Rivers Rowing9
EightsWomen55-59Indianapolis Rowing9

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