Sports Competition for Adults Over 40: A Participants Guide to 27 Sports
Sports Competition for Adults Over 40: A Participants Guide to 27 Sports
Sports Competition for Adults Over 40: A Participants Guide to 27 Sports

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Rowing has one of the most active Masters Programs including a handicap chart for age groups. The national sponsoring organization for rowing is USRowing.

2 Wall Street
Princeton, New Jersey 08540
Phone: (800) 314-4769

The first table below presents the 2019 schedule for the National Masters Championship. The second table summarizes the number of competitors, by gender and selected age groups, for the 2018 Masters National Rowing Championship. The remaining tables present the national champions and the number of competitors for each class of men, mixed, and women.

2019 Selected Masters Rowing Championships
2019 World Indoor Rowing ChampionshipFebruary 24Long Beach, CA
2019 CRASH-B SprintsFebruary 24Boston, MA
2019 US Rowing Masters National ChampionshipAugust 15Grand Rapids, MI
2019 Head of the Charles RegettaOctober 20Boston, MA

2018 Masters Rowing Championships Summary Table
Event Total Number of Competitors Over 40 Women Competitors Over 40 Men Over 60 Men Over 70 Women Over 60
2018 US Rowing Masters National Championship 5321 3082 725 171 635
    Percent   100%   58%   14%   3%   12%
2018 Head of the Charles Regatta 3059 1437 452 114 256
    Percent   100%   47%   15%   4%   8%
2018 Crash-B Sprints (Indoor Rowing Championship) 325 129 61 26 34
    Percent   100%   40%   19%   8%   10%

2018 US Rowing Masters National Championship (MEN) Oakland, CA August 23
EventGenderAge GroupChampionCompetitors
Coxed FourMen36-42Sammamish Association36
Coxed Four ClubMen36-42Sammamish Association50
Coxless FourMen36-42Chicago20
Coxless Four ScullMen36-42Everette Association20
Coxless Four Scull ClubMen36-42Sammamish Association20
Coxless PairMen36-42D.C. Strokes12
Coxed FourMen43-49Capital45
Coxed Four ClubMen43-49Sammamish Association45
Coxles FourMen43-49Marin32
Coxless Four Scull ClubMen43-49San Diego16
Coxless Four Scull LtwMen43-49Greater Columbus Composite16
Coxless PairMen43-49Greenwich12
Coxed FourMen50-54Kent Mitchell30
Coxed Four ClubMen50-54Sammamish Association35
Coxed Four LtwMen50-54Riverfront Recapture5
Coxless FourMen50-54Kent Mitchell20
Coxless Four ScullMen50-54Marin20
Coxless Four Scull LtwMen50-54Riverfront Recapture4
Coxless Four Scull ClubMen50-54Texas Center8
Coxless PairMen50-54612 Endurance Composite16
Coxed Four ClubMen55-59Marin80
Coxless Four Men55-59Riverfront Recapture24
Coxed Four Men55-59Conibear30
Coxless Four ScullMen55-59Maine Association28
Coxless Four Scull LtwMen55-59River City8
Coxless Four Scull ClubMen55-59Texas Center15
Coxless PairMen55-59San Diego8
Coxed FourMen60-64River City32
Coxed Four LtwMen60-64River City15
Coxed Four ClubMen60-64Sammamish Association40
Coxless Four ScullMen60-64San Diego20
Coxless Four Scull ClubMen60-64Texas Center15
Coxless Four Scull LtwMen60-64Baltimore Composite12
Coxless PairMen60-64Palm Beach Composite8
Coxed Four ClubMen65-69Texas Center10
Coxed FourMen65-69Sammamish Association30
Coxed Four LtwMen65-69Minneapolis Composite5
Coxless Four Men65-69Detroit Composite4
Coxless Four ScullMen65-69Delta Deas Composite28
Coxless Four Scull ClubMen65- 69Corvallis20
Coxless PairMen65-69Detroit Composite10
Coxless PairMen70-74Dallas10
Coxed Four ClubMen70-74Corvallis10
Coxed Four Men70-74Kent Mitchell10
Coxless Four Men70-74San Diego8
Coxless Four Scull Men70-74Berkeley8
Coxless Four Scull ClubMen70-74Corvallis25
Coxed Four Men80+Colorado Composite5
Coxless Four ScullMen80+Colorado Composite4
Coxless PairMen80+Texas Center2
Double ScullMen36-42Marin24
Double Scull LtwMen36-42Riverfront Recapture6
EightsMen36-42Riverfront Recapture9
Eights ClubMen36-42Sammamish Association27
Single ScullMen36-42Marin (Simon Smith)9
Single Scull LtwMen36-42Greater Columbus (Ryan Briggs)3
Double ScullMen43-49Marin20
EightsMen43-49Sammamish Association45
Eights ClubMen43-49Marin63
Single Scull LtwMen43-49Greater Columbus (Ryan Briggs)3
Double ScullMen50-54River City Composite18
Double Scull LtwMen50-54River City6
Eights ClubMen50-54Marin80
Single ScullMen50-54Dolphin (Tom Loughlin)7
Single Scull LtwMen50-54River City (Thomas D Beamish)3
Double ScullMen55-59Station L22
Double Scull LtwMen55-59River City4
EightsMen55-59Kent Mitchell45
Eights ClubMen55-59Texas Center27
Single ScullMen55-59Swan Creek (Raymond Hill)12
Singles Scull LtwMen55-59River City (Joel Griffiths)7
Double ScullMen60-64Texas Center12
Doubles Scull LtwMen60-64Rio Salado14
Eights ClubMen60-64S.A.C.45
Singles ScullMen60-64New Haven (Peter Becker)11
Single Scull LtwMen60-64Commencement Bay (Jerrold Savage)8
Double ScullMen65-69San Diego16
Double Scull LtwMen65-69Berkeley12
EightsMen65- 69San Diego36
Eights ClubMen65-69Riverfront Recapture18
Single ScullMen65-69Rockford (Richard Anderson)6
Single Scull LtwMen65-79Minneapolis (Kevin Conroy)5
Double ScullMen70-74San Diego14
Double Scull LtwMen70-74Berkeley4
Double Scull LtwMen70-74Berkeley4
Single ScullMen70-74Dallas (Leonard Anderson)9
Single Scull LtwMen70-74Potomac (Neal Young)5
Double ScullMen75-79Berkeley Composite6
Single ScullMen75-70Berkeley (Joseph Novitski)6
Single Scull LtwMen75-79Berkeley (Stephen Schaffran)3
Single Scull Men80+Casitas (Don Tanhauser)3
Double ScullMen80+Colorado Composite6
Double Scull LtwMen80+San Diego2
Single Scull LtwMen80+Casitas (Don Tanhauser)2

2018 US Rowing Masters National Championship (MIXED) Oakland, CA August 16
EventGenderAge GroupChampionCompetitors
Mixed Coxed Four36-42San Diego35
Mixed Coxless Four Scull 36-42Everette Association36
Mixed Double Scull 36-42612 Endurance18
Mixed Eights36-42Everette Association81
Mixed Coxed Four43-49Willamette45
Mixed Coxless Four Scull43-49Greenwich56
Mixed Double Scull43-49Dolphin38
Mixed Eights43-49Greenwich56
Mixed Coxed Four50-64Georgian Bay Composite40
Mixed Coxless Four Scull 50-54Baltimore Composite28
Mixed Double Scull50-54Vancouver28
Mixed Eights50-54Rio Salado Composite72
Mixed Coxed Four55-59Boulder Composite50
Mixed Coxless Four Scull 55-59San Diego50
Mixed Doubles Scull55-59Station L 22
Mixed Eights55-59Willamette36
Mixed Coxed Four60-64Sammamish Association40
Mixed Coxless Four Scull60-64Berkeley Composite44
Mixed Double Scull60-64Long Beach38
Mixed Eights60-64Texas Center45
Mixed Eights65-69Texas Center27
Mixedd Coxed Four65- 69Kent Mitchell Composite15
Mixed Coxless Four Scull65-69Vancouver24
Mixed Doubles Scull65-69Delta Deas28
Mixed Coxed Four70-74Corvallis5
Mixed Coxless Four Scull70-74Lake Washington Composite8
Mixed Double Scull70-74San Diego10
Mixed Coxless Four Scull 75-79Colorado Composite4
Mixed Double Scull75-79San Diego4

2018 US Rowing Masters National Championship (WOMEN) Oakland, CA August 16
EventGenderAge GroupChampionCompetitors
Coxed FourWomen36-42Lake Union30
Coxed Four ClubWomen36-42River City65
Coxed Four LtwWomen36-42Minneapolis Rowing Club15
Coxless Four Women36-42San Diego12
Coxless Four Scull Women36-42Vancouver Composite24
Coxless Four Scull ClubWomen36-42Minneapolis20
Coxless Four Scull LtwWomen36-42Greater Houston Composite4
Coxed FourWomen43-49College Club Seattle Composite80
Coxed Four LtwWomen43-49BIAC20
Coxless Four Women43-49ZLAC20
Coxless Four ScullWomen43-49Willamette40
Coxless Four Scull ClubWomen43-49Station L 60
Coxless Four Scull LtwWomen43-49Minneapolis Rowing Club12
Coxed Four ClubWomen43-49Sammamish Association110
Coxed FourWomen50-54Marin40
Coxed Four ClubWomen50-54Station L85
Coxless Four Ltw Women50-54BIAC20
Coxles FourWomen50-54Minneapolis8
Coxless Four ScullWomen50-54Marin28
Coxless Four Scull ClubWomen50-54Marin56
Coxless Four Scull LtwWomen50-54Greenwich16
Coxed FourWomen55-59Canibear65
Coxed Four ClubWomen55-59Canibear70
Coxed Four LtwWomen55-59Chinook10
Coxless FourWomen55-59S.A.C. Composite16
Coxless Four ScullWomen55-59BIAC36
Coxless Four Scull LtwWomen55-59Composite4
Coxless Four Scull ClubWomen55-59BIAC48
Coxed Four Women60-64Masters Coaching35
Coxed Four ClubWomen60-64Sammamish Association60
Coxed Four LtwWomen60-64San Diego10
Coxless FourWomen60-64Marin Composite4
Coxless Four ScullWomen60-64Martha's Mom Composite28
Coxless Four Scull ClubWomen60-64S.A.C.36
Coxless Four Scull LtwWomen60-64San Diego8
Coxed FourWomen65-69Marin Composite15
Coxed Four ClubWomen65-69Corvallis10
Coxed Four LtwWomen65-69Masters Coaching10
Coxless Four ScullWomen65-69Delta Deas Composite16
Coxless Four Scull ClubWomen65- 69San Diego12
Coxless Four Scull LtwWomen65-69Vero Beach Composite4
Coxless FourWomen70-74Vesper Composite C4
Coxless Four ScullWomen70-74Masters Coaching12
Coxed Four ClubWomen70-74Saugatuck C5
Coxed FourWomen70-74Masters Coaching10
Coxed Four LtwWomen70-74Masters Coaching10
Coxless Four Scull ClubWomen70-74Texas Center4
Coxed FourWomen75-79Masters Coaching10
Coxless Four Scull LtwWomen75-79Masters Coaching4
Coxed FourWomen75-79Acalon Composite5
Coxless PairWomen36-42Minneapolis12
Double ScullWomen36-42Pocock Composite26
Eights ClubWomen36-42BIAC81
Single ScullWomen36-42ZLAC (Whitney Kirk)9
Single Scull LtwWomen36-42Boulder (Kris Koval)6
Coxless PairWomen43-49College Club Seattle18
Double ScullWomen43-49Dolphin 32
Double Scull LtwWomen43-49Marin12
Eights ClubWomen43-49BIAC162
Single ScullWomen43-49Dolphin (Rachael Perry)10
Singles Scull LtwWomen43-49Marin (Tara Walhart)3
Coxless PairWomen50-54Marin15
Double ScullWomen50-54Atlanta Composite26
Double Scull LtwWomen50-54Marin8
Eights ClubWomen50-54Mineapolis144
Single Scull Women50-54Dallas (Kimberley Elting)6
Single Scull LtwWomen50-54University (Dawn Eringis)5
Coxless PairWomen55-59Martha's Moms8
Double ScullWomen55-59Delta Deas26
Double Scull LtwWomen55-59S.A.C.18
Eights ClubWomen55-59Sammamish Association117
Single ScullWomen55-59Minneapolis (Kristin Miller)5
Singles Scull LtwWomen55-59Willamette (L. Michelle Mand)7
Double ScullWomen60-64Minneapolis12
Double Scull LtwWomen60-64Chinook10
EightsWomen60-64Long Beach Composite45
Eights ClubWomen60-64East Bay27
Single ScullWomen60-64Martha's Moms (Elizabeth Runde)4
Single Scull LtwWomen60-64YMCA Rock River (Ann Hyzer)5
Coxless PairWomen65-69S.A.C.4
Double ScullWomen65-69Riverside22
Double Scull LtwWomen65-69Masters Coaching4
EightsWomen65-69Masters Coaching9
Eights ClubWomen65-69San Diego27
Single ScullWomen65-69Riverside (Catjerome Widgery)4
Singles Scull LtwWomen65- 69North Cascade (Katherine Runyon)3
Double ScullWomen70-74San Diego5
Coxless PairWomen70-74Texas Center2
Double Scull LtwWomen70-74Station L2
EightsWomen70-74Masters Coaching Composite9
Singles ScullWomen70-74Minneapolis (Kristine Lund)4
Single Scull LtwWomen70-74Portland (Maryann McCormick)3
Single ScullWomen75-79Upper Valley (P. Sadler)2
Double ScullWomen75-79Everette Association2
Double Scull LtwWomen75-79Marthas Moms2
Single ScullWomen80+Marin (Beverlee Bently)1

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