Sports Competition for Adults Over 40: A Participants Guide to 27 Sports
Sports Competition for Adults Over 40: A Participants Guide to 27 Sports
Sports Competition for Adults Over 40: A Participants Guide to 27 Sports

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Each year, there are probably more distance running races available to adult competitors than any other type of sporting event. The three most prominent organizations which support and sponsor distance running are listed below. The USATF is the governing body of the sport in the U.S. However, there are other organizations that serve adult distance runners.

USA Track & Field (''USATF'')
132 East Washington Street Suite 200
Indianapolis, Indiana 46204
Phone: (317) 261-0500

Road Runners Club of America (''RRCA'')
1501 Lee Highway Suite 140
Alexandria, Virginia 22209
Phone: (703) 525-3890

American Trail Running Association ("ATRA")
PO Box 9454
Colorado Spring, Colorado 80932
Phone: (719) 573-4133

Each of these three organizations sponsor multiple road races for adults. The USATF oversees 12,000 to 15,000races each year, including 26 distance running national championships, four of which are specifically for Masters. The RRCA includes 39 events on its website, three of which are national championships. The ATRA lists more than 1200 races on its website. In addition, high-profile marathons, such as Boston and New York, attract thousands of competitors over 40. The schedule for a selection of these races for 2017 is presented in the first table below.

In addition to these road races there are many marathons, half-marathons, and other races sponsored by local organizations. The marathons have become very popular in recent years, with some races attracting thousands of runners. For this reason the results of the 2016 Boston Marathon and New York Marathon are included in the tables below.

The second table summarizes the number of competitors over 40, by gender and selected age groups, for seven races in 2016. The remaining tables present the national champions and the number of competitors in each age division for selected 2016 long distance national championships.

2017 Long Distance Running Championships
2017 USATF 100 Mile Trail ChampionshipFebruary 4Huntsville, TX
2017 Boston MarathonApril 17Bostom, MA
2017 Xterra Marathon of Trail Races ChampionshipSeptember 17Ogden, UT
2017 USATF Masters 15 km ChampionshipOctober 28TBD
2017 New York MarathonNovember 5New York, NY
2017 ATRA Hell of the NorthwestNovember 14Blodgett, OR
2017 RRCA Marathon National ChampionshipNovember 26Cocoa, FL

2016 Long Distance Running Championships Summary Table
Event Total Competitors Over 40w Women Competitors Over 40 Men Over 60 Men Over 70 Women Over 60
2016 USATF 100 Mile Trail Running National Championship 45 11 6 1 0
    Percent   100%   24%   13%   2%   0%
2016 USATF Masters 8 km National Championship 212 61 66 26 23
    Percent   100%   29%   31%   12%   11%
2016 USATF Masters 15 km National Championship 78 25 20 6 9
    Percent   100%   32%   26%   8%   12%
2016 USATF 50 Miles Trail National Championship 106 25 7 0 0
    Percent   100%   24%   7%   0%   0%
2016 RRCA Marathon National Championship 897 352 74 7 19
    Percent   100%   39%   8%   1%   2%
2016 Xterra Trail Running Championship (Half Marathon) 49 19 9 1 2
    Percent   100%   39%   18%   2%   4%
2016 Boston Marathon 15881 6220 1570 156 477
    Percent   100%   39%   10%   1%   3%
2016 New York Marathon 27233 9804 1790 254 635
    Percent   100%   36%   7%   1%   2%

2016 USATF 100 Miles Trail National Championship Huntsville, TX Jan. 31
EventGenderAge GroupChampionCompetitors
100 Mile ChampionshipWomen40-44Nyleva Corley1
100 Mile ChampionshipWomen45-49Olga Huber4
100 Mile ChampionshipWomen50-54Karen Roberts4
100 Mile ChampionshipWomen55-59Noora Alidina2
100 Mile ChampionshipWomen60-64Marala Hendricks1
100 Mile ChampionshipMen40-44Paul Terranova10
100 Mile ChampionshipMen45-49Joe Marinaccio7
100 Mile ChampionshipMen50-54Dana Munan5
100 Mile ChampionshipMen55-59Dale Humphrey5
100 Mile ChampionshipMen60-64Les Ellsworth3
100 Mile ChampionshipMen65-69Gene Dykes2
100 Mile ChampionshipMen70-74Gunhild Swanson1

2016 USATF Masters 8km National Championship Brea, CA Feb. 28
EventGenderAge GroupChampionCompetitors
8km ChampionshipWomen40-44Julie Ertel10
8km ChampionshipWomen45-49Nathalie Higley9
8km ChampionshipWomen50-54Laura Stuart13
8km ChampionshipWomen55-59Louise Davis6
8km ChampionshipWomen60-64Honor Fetherston9
8km ChampionshipWomen65-69Edie Stevenson6
8km ChampionshipWomen70-74Norma Thomas3
8km ChampionshipWomen75-79Pat Herr5
8km ChampionshipMen40-44Gregory Mitchell19
8km ChampionshipMen45-49Christian Cushing-murray20
8km ChampionshipMen50-54Carl Combs30
8km ChampionshipMen55-59Ray Knerr16
8km ChampionshipMen60-64Rick Becker27
8km ChampionshipMen65-69Doug Bell13
8km ChampionshipMen70-74Len Goldman12
8km ChampionshipMen75-79Hans Schmid6
8km ChampionshipMen80-84Bill Dodson7
8km ChampionshipMen85-89Gunnar Linde1

2016 USATF Masters 15km National Championship Tulsa, OK Oct. 29
EventGenderAge GroupChampionCompetitors
15km ChampionshipMen40-44John Gardiner9
15km ChampionshipMen45-49Michael John Stanley3
15km ChampionshipMen50-54James Jackson12
15km ChampionshipMen55-59Fred Zalokar9
15km ChampionshipMen60-64Brian Pilcher12
15km ChampionshipMen65-69Tom Bernhard2
15km ChampionshipMen70-74Richard Kutzner4
15km ChampionshipMen75-79Phillip Kroll2
15km ChampionshipWomen40-44Melissa Gacek9
15km ChampionshipWomen45-49Fiona Bayly3
15km ChampionshipWomen50-54Mary Alico3
15km ChampionshipWomen55-59Terri Cassel1
15km ChampionshipWomen60-64Andriette Wickstrom3
15km ChampionshipWomen65-69Edie Stevenson3
15km ChampionshipWomen70-74Irene Terronez1
15km ChampionshipWomen80-84Libby James2

2016 USATF 50 Mile Trail National Championship Ithaca, NY June 3
EventGenderAge GroupChampionCompetitors
50 Mile Trail ChampionshipMen40-44Ben Nephew31
50 Mile Trail ChampionshipMen45-49Benjamin Lloyd19
50 Mile Trail ChampionshipMen50-54Chris Duke13
50 Mile Trail ChampionshipMen55-59Edward Housel11
50 Mile Trail ChampionshipMen60-64Charles Leonard3
50 Mile Trail ChampionshipMen65-69Gene Dykes4
50 Mile Trail ChampionshipWomen40-44Melanie Boultbee13
50 Mile Trail ChampionshipWomen45-49Olga Huber10
50 Mile Trail ChampionshipWomen50-54Karen Clark2

2016 Xterra Trail Running Championship Colorado Springs, CO Oct.9
EventGenderAge GroupChampionCompetitors
Half Marathon Trail RunningMen40-44Ben Pryhoda9
Half Marathon Trail RunningMen45-49Jeff Wiggins6
Half Marathon Trail RunningMen50-54Timothy A Middlebrook6
Half Marathon Trail RunningMen60-64David Morton5
Half Marathon Trail RunningMen65-69Scott Hutchison3
Half Marathon Trail RunningMen70-74Darrell Weaver1
Half Marathon Trail RunningWomen40-44Beth McManus10
Half Marathon Trail RunningWomen45-49Adriana Giorgetti5
Half Marathon Trail RunningWomen50-54Missy Ross2
Half Marathon Trail RunningWomen60-64Carol Williams2

2016 RRCA Marathon National Championship Napa Valley, CA March 5
EventGenderAge GroupChampionCompetitors
MarathonMen40-44Curt Casazza140
MarathonMen45-49Matthew Thomas137
MarathonMen50-54Todd Morimoto120
MarathonMen55-59Mark Yost74
MarathonMen60-64Robin Blakley47
MarathonMen65-69Michael Urbanski20
MarathonMen70-74Dirk Hoekstra2
MarathonMen75-79Les Martin4
MarathonMen80+Jim Keck1
MarathonWomen40-44Kristin Soloway116
MarathonWomen45-49Kristi Rossi113
MarathonWomen50-54Loma Thomson72
MarathonWomen55-59Jacki Morgan32
MarathonWomen60-64Bonnie Doeffer15
MarathonWomen65-69Roni Thomton4

2016 Boston Marathon Boston, MA April 16
EventGenderAge GroupChampionCompetitors
MarathonMen40-44Clint Wells1994
MarathonMen45-49Said Boudalia St2502
MarathonMen50-54Martin Fiz2032
MarathonMen55-59Robert Cipriano1562
MarathonMen60-64Dave Walters993
MarathonMen65-69Gene Dykes421
MarathonMen70-74Gilles Lacasse118
MarathonMen75-79Herman Barreneche Rios33
MarathonMen80+Yul Kwon5
MarathonWomen40-44Hilary Como1938
MarathonWomen45-49Corina Canitz1901
MarathonWomen50-54Gill Fullen1254
MarathonWomen55-59Robyn Roybat650
MarathonWomen60-64Louise Voghel346
MarathonWomen65-69Sharlet Gilbert101
MarathonWomen70-74Susan Nicholls27
MarathonWomen75-79Reiko Higashijima1
MarathonWomen80+Yoko Nakano2

2016 New York City Marathon New York, NY Nov. 3
EventGenderAge GroupChampionCompetitors
MarathonMen40-44Jeroen Veldhuis5188
MarathonMen45-49Piergiorgio Conti4615
MarathonMen50-54Eric Lachevre3774
MarathonMen55-59Douglas Fernandez2062
MarathonMen60-64Dave Walters1103
MarathonMen65-69Victor Manuel Fernandrz433
MarathonMen70-74Phillip Krajewski196
MarathonMen75-79Herman Barreneche Rios48
MarathonMen80-89Jack Yoo10
MarathonWomen40-44Dot McMahan3420
MarathonWomen45-49Marilyn Aresenault2795
MarathonWomen50-54Eva Schiefloe1984
MarathonWomen55-59Kari Langerud970
MarathonWomen60-64Sharon Vos427
MarathonWomen65-69Sharlet Gilbert140
MarathonWomen70-74Susan Nicholls54
MarathonWomen75-79Hansi Rigney10
MarathonWomen80-89Katherine Beiers4

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