Sports Competition for Adults Over 40: A Participants Guide to 27 Sports
Sports Competition for Adults Over 40: A Participants Guide to 27 Sports
Sports Competition for Adults Over 40: A Participants Guide to 27 Sports

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Cycling offers mutiple disciplines, but the four disciplines offering the greatest opportunities to adult competitors are Road Racing, Track Racing, Mountain Biking, and Cyclo-Cross. The umbrella organization that oversees all cycling competition in the United States is USA Cycling.

USA Cycling
210 USA Cycling Point Suite 100
Colorado Springs, Colorado 80909
Phone: (719) 434-4200

The first table below presents the schedule for the 2018 national championships for the various cycling disciplines. The second table summarizes the number of competitors, by gender and selected age groups, in the 2017 National Championships. The next tables present the 2017 national champions in the four cycling disciplines: Road Cycling, Mountain Biking, Cyclo-Cross, and Track Cycling.

2012 USA Cycling National Championships
2012 USA Cycling Cyclo-Cross National ChampionshipJanuary 4Madison, WI
2012 USA Cycling Mountain Bike Cross Country National ChampionshipJuly 5Sun Valley, ID
2012 USA Cycling Mountain Bike Gravity National ChampionshipJuly 20Beech Mountain, NC
2012 USA Cycling National Masters Track ChampionshipAugust 2Colorado Springs, CO
2012 USA Cycling Masters Road Racing National ChampionshipSeptember 2Bend, OR
2012 USA Cycling Mountain Bike 24-Hour National ChampionshipSeptember 29Colorado Springs, CO

2012 USA Cycling National Championship Summary Table
Event Total Competitors Over 40 Women Competitors Over 40 Men Competitors Over 60 Men Competitors Over 70 Women Competitors Over 60
2012 USA Cycling Road National Championship 1135 263 217 76 41
    Percent   100%   23%   19%   7%   4%
2012 USA Cycling Track National Championship 1098 267 267 94 43
    Percent   100%   24%   24%   9%   4%
2012 USA Cycling Mountain Bike National Championship 487 60 44 8 0
    Percent   100%   12%   9%   2%   0%
2012 USA Cycling Cyclo-Cross National Championship 367 62 36 4 5
    Percent   100%   17%   10%   1%   1%

Note: The results from three mountain bike national championships(Gravity, Cross-Country, and Marathon) have been combined.

2012 USA Cycling Masters Road National Championship Bend, OR September 5-9
EventGenderAge GroupChampionCompetitors
CriteriumMen40-44Jason Walker35
CriteriumMen45-49James Paolinetti52
CriteriumMen50-54Richard Meeker41
CriteriumMen55-59Aubrey Gordon34
CriteriumMen60-64Wayne Watson14
CriteriumMen65-69John Elgart14
CriteriumMen70-74Michael Patterson9
CriteriumMen75-79Frederic Schmid4
CriteriumMen80-84Albert Piemme2
Road RaceMen40-44Matthew Carino78
Road RaceMen45-49Brendan Sullivan102
Road RaceMen50-54Kevin Metcalfe75
Road RaceMen55-59Charles Holbrook65
Road RaceMen60-64Hank Pfeifle44
Road RaceMen65-69John Elgart25
Road RaceMen70-74Stan Swallow17
Road RaceMen75-79William Meyers9
Road RaceMen80-84Paul Tetick2
Road Race Tandem 110+Men55-59Price/Strum12
Road Race Tandem 90+Men45-49Wall/Prechtl8
Time Trial Tandem 110+Men55-59Price/Strum12
Time Trial Tandem 90+Men45-49Hall/Bickel8
Time TrialMen40-44Richard Feldman27
Time TrialMen45-49Robert Garwood38
Time TrialMen50-54Jeffrey Hartman34
Time TrialMen55-59Gary Painter34
Time TrialMen60-64Thomas Doughty26
Time TrialMen65-69Scott Hennessy18
Time TrialMen70-74Durward Higgins20
Time TrialMen75-79Franz Hammer10
Time TrialMen80-84Albert Piemme2
Time TrialMen85-89James Harrang1
CriteriumWomen40-44Brenda Lopez-Otero12
CriteriumWomen45-49Laurie Furman12
CriteriumWomen50-54Tamara Bessett14
CriteriumWomen55-59Diane Ostenso10
Road RaceWomen70-74Priscilla Wood3
Road Race Tandem 110+Women55-59Boyd/Josselyn2
Time Trial Tamdem 110+Women45-49Reid/Thiele2
Time Trial Tamdem 110+Women55-59Levenson/Gass2
Time TrialWomen40-44Julie Cutts9
Time TrialWomen45-49Lisa Campbell14
Time TrialWomen50-54Lisa Magness21
Time TrialWomen55-59Arietta Clauss16
Time TrialWomen60-64Laura Lindgren10
Time TrialWomen65-69Melinda Berge1
Time TrialWomen70-74Patty Puz5
Road Race Tamdem 90+ - Mixed45-49Cutts/Amelburu12
Time Trial Tamdem 110+ - Mixed45-49Slawta/Slawta18
Time Trial Tamdem 110+ - Mixed55-59Schaus/Pautsch8

2012 USA Cycling Masters Track National Championship (MEN) Colorado Springs, CO July 24-29
EventGenderAge GroupChampionCompetitors
Madison - Cat 1Men45+Curtis Tolson6
Madison - Cat 2Men45+David Brinton5
Madison - Cat 3Men45+Jerry Shafer3
Omnium - Cat 1Men40-44Larry Stoegbauer9
Omnium - Cat 2Men40-44Andrew Weathers8
Omnium - Cat 3Men40-44Andy Brown6
Omnium - Cat 5Men40-44David Broekema1
Omnium - Cat 1Men45-49Kenneth Williams9
Omnium - Cat 2Men45-49Daniel Casper10
Omnium - Cat 3Men45-49Thomas Donahue4
Omnium - Cat 1Men50-54Donald Langley4
Omnium - Cat 2Men50-54Lawrence Nolan7
Omnium - Cat 3Men50-54Jay Wolkoff6
Omnium - Cat 4Men50-54Stephen Marchioro1
Omnium - Cat 5Men50-54Rick Ankiel2
Omnium - Cat 1Men55-59Clayton Giuffre1
Omnium - Cat 2Men55-59Glan Winkel10
Omnium - Cat 3Men55-59Gerald Greenleaf9
Omnium - Cat 4Men55-59Kevin Wayman3
Omnium - Cat 1Men60-64Butch Stinton2
Omnium - Cat 2Men60-64Steve Worley5
Omnium - Cat 3Men60-64Bill Ziegler6
Omnium - Cat 4Men60-64Don Carlberg1
Omnium - Cat 5Men60-64Keith Macbeth4
Omnium - Cat 2Men65-69Lawrence Bosch4
Omnium - Cat 3Men65-69Jeffrey Shafer6
Omnium - Cat 4Men65-69Sydney Duck3
Omnium - Cat 5Men65-69Jack Kelso3
Omnium - Cat 1Men70-74Victor Copeland1
Omnium - Cat 2Men70-74Mike MacDonald3
Omnium - Cat 3Men70-74Peter Moore5
Omnium - Cat 4Men70-74Leo Menestrina4
Omnium - Cat 3Men75-79J. Speck1
Omnium - Cat 4Men75-79Skip Sparry1
Omnium - Cat 5Men75-79Thomas O'Rouke1
Omnium - Cat 5Men80-84Carl Grove1
Team PursuitMen45+Carlson/,Peterson/Tolson/Williams20
Team PursuitMen55+Westrngren/Host/Schuler/Black12
Team PursuitMen65+Williams/Shafer/Kelso/Bridges8
Team SprintMen45+Bertet/Klipper/Brinton24
Team SprintMen55+Sawe;spmSato/Ziegler12
Team SprintMen65+Woodruff/Copeland/Bosch18
Flying Time TrialMen40-44Andrew Weathers21
Flying Time TrialMen45-49Michael Paulin14
Flying Time TrialMen50-54Donald Langley14
Flying Time TrialMen50-54Donald Langley17
Flying Time TrialMen55-59Richard Voss11
Flying Time TrialMen60-64Keith Macbeth11
Flying Time TrialMen65-69Ronald Hargrave11
Flying Time TrialMen70-74James Martins10
Flying Time TrialMen75-79Thomas O'Rouke2
Individual PursuitMen40-44Michael Miller18
Individual PursuitMen45-49Kenneth Williams19
Individual PursuitMen50-54Lawrence Nolan25
Individual PursuitMen55-59James Host11
Individual PursuitMen60-64Steve Worley11
Individual PursuitMen65-69Lawrence Bosch8
Individual PursuitMen70-74Leo Menestrina8
Individual PursuitMen75-79Thomas O'Rourke2
Individual PursuitMen80-84Carl Grove1
Points Race - Cat 1Men40-44Keith Harper1
Points Race - Cat 2Men40-44Robert Kelly8
Points Race - Cat 3Men40-44Gregory Pent4
Points Race - Cat 1Men45-49David Klipper8
Points Race - Cat 2Men45-49Curtis Tolson6
Points Race - Cat 3Men45-49Steven Carrell2
Points Race - Cat 1Men50-54Robert Bodmer2
Points Race - Cat 2Men50-54Donald Langley6
Points Race - Cat 3Men50-54Bubba Melcher5
Points RaceMen55-59Glan Winkel15
Points RaceMen60-64Larry Wolff7
Points RaceMen65-69Jerry Shafer5
Points RaceMen70-74Victor Copeland7
Points RaceMen75-79Thomas O'Rourke4
Points RaceMen80-84Carl Grove1
SprintMen40-44Andrew LaCorte20
SprintMen45-49Rob Barnes15
SprintMen50-54Todd Hayes17
SprintMen55-59Richard Voss11
SprintMen60-64Bill Ziegler11
SprintMen65-69Jerry Woodruff11
SprintMen70-74Victor Copeland10
SprintMen75-79Thomas O'Rourke2
Scratch Race - Cat 1Men40-44Larry Stoegbauer1
Scratch Race - Cat 2Men40-44David McIntosh8
Scratch Race - Cat 3Men40-44Andy Brown3
Scratch Race - Cat 1Men45-49Darin Marhanka1
Scratch Race - Cat 2Men45-49Aaron Berntson5
Scratch Race - Cat 3Men45-49Jamie Fitzgerald2
Scratch Race - Cat 1Men50-54Robert Bodmer4
Scratch Race - Cat 2Men50-54Joseph Paulson6
Scratch Race - Cat 3Men50-54John Lazard8
Scratch RaceMen55-59Glan Winkel11
Scratch RaceMen60-64Steve Worley7
Scratch RaceMen65-69Michael Williams8
Scratch RaceMen70-74Victor Copeland7
Scratch RaceMen75-79Thomas O'Rourke3
Scratch RaceMen80-84Carl Grove1
Time TrialMen40-44Andrew Weathers18
Scratch RaceMen45-49Bobby Walthour IV18
Scratch RaceMen50-54Donald Langley27
Scratch RaceMen55-59Kurt Sato16
Scratch RaceMen60-64Bill Ziegler17
Scratch RaceMen65-69Jerry Woodruff14
Scratch RaceMen70-74Victor Copeland15
Scratch RaceMen75-79Thomas O'Rourke3
Scratch RaceMen80-84Carl Grove1

2012 USA Cycling Masters Track National Championship (WOMEN) Colorado Springs, CO July 24-29
EventGenderAge GroupChampionCompetitors
Omnium - Cat 1Women40-44Neva Day2
Omnium - Cat 2Women40-44Kimberly Nuffer2
Omnium - Cat 3Women40-44Cheryl Fuller-Muller9
Omnium - Cat 4Women40-44Denise Kolden1
Omnium - Cat 2Women45-49Christine Phillips4
Omnium - Cat 3Women45-49Tara Unverzagt6
Omnium - Cat 4Women45-49Faith Wille2
Omnium - Cat 1Women50-54Lisa Giuffre1
Omnium - Cat 2Women50-54Annette Williams1
Omnium - Cat 3Women50-54Mary Nunnelly7
Omnium - Cat 4Women50-54Tracy Barkley1
Omnium - Cat 3Women55-59Sile Kiernan1
Omnium - Cat 4Women55-59Debra Cavender7
Omnium - Cat 2Women60-64Charlotte Miller2
Omnium - Cat 3Women60-64Catherine Nicoletti2
Omnium - Cat 3Women65-69Marsha Miller1
Omnium - Cat 4Women65-69Jo Johnson4
Omnium - Cat 3Women70-74Julie Lockhart2
Team PursuitMen45+Labiuk/Miller/Trout6
Team SprintMen45+Johnson/Phillips18
Individual PursuitMen40-44Neva Day9
Individual PursuitMen45-49Christine Phillips9
Individual PursuitMen50-54Annette Williams6
Points Race - Cat 1Men40-44Neva Day1
Points Race - Cat 3Men40-44Cheryl Fuller-Muller6
Points Race - Cat 2Men45-49Christine Phillips2
Points Race - Cat 3Men45-49Tara Unverzagt4
Points Race - Cat 1Women50-54Lisa Giuffre1
Points Race - Cat 2Women50-54Annette Williams1
Points Race - Cat 3Women50-54Peg Labiuk4
Points RaceWomen55-59Debra Cavender3
Points RaceWomen60-64Catherine Nicolette2
Points RaceWomen65-69Jo Johnson1
Points RaceWomen70-74Julie Lockhart1
Scratch Race - Cat 1Women40-44Neva Day1
Scratch Race - Cat 2Women40-44Colleen Brown2
Scratch Race - Cat 3Women40-44Heidi Blackie6
Scratch Race - Cat 2Women45-49Renee Schroeder2
Scratch Race - Cat 3Women45-49Tara Unverzagt3
Scratch Race - Cat 2Women50-54Annette Williams1
Scratch Race - Cat 3Women55-59Mary Nunelly4
Time TrialWomen40-44Kimberly Edwards13
Time TrialWomen45-49Gea Johnson7
Time TrialWomen50-54Annette Williams1
Time TrialWomen55-59Rita Kacala6
Time TrialWomen60-64Linda Miller3
Time TrialWomen65-69Bonnie Woodbury5
Time TrialWomen70-74Patricia Baker2
Flying Time TrialWomen40-44Kimberly Edwards7
Flying Time TrialWomen45-49Gea Johnson7
Flying Time TrialWomen50-54Annette Williams6
Flying Time TrialWomen55-59Rita Kacala5
Flying Time TrialWomen60-64Charlotte Miller1
Flying Time TrialWomen65-69Bonnie Woodbury4
Flying Time TrialWomen70-74Julie Lockhart2
SprintWomen40-44Cindi Vargas7
SprintWomen45-49Gea Johnson7
SprintWomen50-54Annette Williams6
SprintWomen55-59Rita Kacala5
SprintWomen60-64Charlotte Miller1
SprintWomen65-69Patricia Riddle3
SprintWomen70-74Julie Lockhart2
Scratch RaceWomen55-59Sandra North5
Scratch RaceWomen60-64Charlotte Miller2
Scratch RaceWomen65-69Jo Johnson1
Scratch RaceWomen70-74Julie Lockhart2

2012 USA Cycling Cyclo-Cross National Championship Madison, WI January 6-10
EventGenderAge GroupChampionCompetitors
Cyclo-Cross - Cat 1Men40-44Brandon Dwight28
Cyclo-Cross - Cat 2Men40-44Kenny Wehn19
Cyclo-Cross - Cat 3Men40-44Dwayne Goscinski28
Cyclo-Cross - Cat 1Men45-49Donald Myrah18
Cyclo-Cross - Cat 2Men45-49Samuel Morse15
Cyclo-Cross - Cat 3Men45-49Dave Weber27
Cyclo-Cross - Cat 1Men50-54Stephen Tilford9
Cyclo-Cross - Cat 2Men50-54Phillip Kenealy14
Cyclo-Cross - Cat 3Men50-54Tim Hacker23
Cyclo-Cross - Cat 1Men55-59Norman Kreiss5
Cyclo-Cross - Cat 2Men55-59Robert Downs12
Cyclo-Cross - Cat 3Men55-59Paul Curley24
Cyclo-Cross - Cat 4Men55-59Jim Gentes5
Cyclo-Cross - Cat 1Men60-64Fred Wittwer4
Cyclo-Cross - Cat 2Men60-64Harold Parker5
Cyclo-Cross - Cat 3Men60-64Joseph Brown8
Cyclo-Cross - Cat 4Men60-64Hunter Smith6
Cyclo-Cross - Cat 3Men65-69Richard Bagienski5
Cyclo-Cross - Cat 4Men65-69Lewis Rollins4
Cyclo-Cross - Cat 4Men70-74Robert Llamas3
Cyclo-CrossMen80-99Walter Axthelm1
Cyclo-Cross Open Non-ChampionshipMen40-99Christopher Smith42
Cyclo-Cross - Cat 1Women40-44Kimberly Flynn3
Cyclo-Cross - Cat 2Women40-44Linda Sone7
Cyclo-Cross - Cat 3Women40-44Margell Abel6
Cyclo-Cross - Cat 1Women45-49Gail Hall7
Cyclo-Cross - Cat 2Women45-49Antonia Leal7
Cyclo-Cross - Cat 3Women45-49Katrina Baumsteiger6
Cyclo-Cross - Cat 4Women45-49Darcy Tiglas1
Cyclo-Cross - Cat 1Women50-54Kris Walker2
Cyclo-Cross - Cat 2Women50-54Diedre Garvey4
Cyclo-Cross - Cat 3Women50-54Karen Tripp5
Cyclo-Cross - Cat 4Women50-54Kathryn Schaus2
Cyclo-Cross - Cat 2Women55-59Diane Ostenso1
Cyclo-Cross - Cat 3Women55-59Kathy Sarvary5
Cyclo-Cross - Cat 4Women55-59Anne Keener1
Cyclo-Cross - Cat 3Women60-64Tove Shere2
Cyclo-Cross - Cat 4Women60-64Linda Shelburne1
Cyclo-Cross - Cat 4Women65-69Julie O'Neil1
Cyclo-Cross - Cat 4Women70-74Julie Lockhart1

2012 USA Cycling Mountain Bike National Championships Various locations and dates
EventGenderAge GroupChampionCompetitors
CC - Super DMen40-49Michael Pastore23
CC - Super DMen50-99Cary Smith9
CC - Cross CountryMen40-44Dario Fredrick29
CC - Cross CountryMen45-49Michael Hogan26
CC - Cross CountryMen50-54Johnny O'Mara26
CC - Cross CountryMen55-59Zan Treasure30
CC - Cross CountryMen60-64Randy Beckner17
CC - Cross CountryMen65-69James Wagner9
CC - Cross CountryMen70-99Hans Muehlegger7
CC - Cross Country - Cat 2Men40-44Christopher Jenkins23
CC - Cross Country - Cat 2Men45-49Mark Avery24
CC - Cross Country - Cat 2Men50-54John Higgins27
CC - Cross Country - Cat 3Men40-49Steve Price21
CC - Cross Country - Cat 3Men50-54Timothy Harmon12
Super DWomen40-99Shannon Gibson5
CC - Cross CountryWomen40-44Christine Irelan11
CC - Cross CountryWomen45-49Heidi Volpe8
CC - Cross CountryWomen50-54Kris Walker10
CC - Cross CountryWomen60-99Gabriel Anderson1
CC - Cross Country - Cat 2Women40-49Sarah Halvorson8
CC - Cross Country - Cat 3Women40-49Heather Youngwerth6
G - Downhill - Cat 1Men40-44Kevin Liebig15
G - Downhill - Cat 1Men45-49C. John Leslie6
G - Downhill - Cat 1Men50-99Mark Poore2
G - Dual SlalomMen40 - 99Kevin Liebig7
G - Dual Slalom Cat 2/3Men40 - 99Ian Starr8
G - Downhill - Cat 3Men40 - 99Jason Schmidt14
G - Downhill - Cat 2Men40-49Jamie Jones15
G - Downhill - Cat 2Men50-99Clealan Watts6
G - DownhillWomen40-99Ellen Adams1
M - MarathonMen40-44Dario Fredrick26
M - MarathonMen45-49Brian Taylor10
M - MarathonMen50-59Paul Thomasberg24
M - MarathonMen60-69Randy Beckner10
M - MarathonMen70+Andy Andrews1
M - MarathonWomen40-49Helen Drumm8
M - MarathonWomen50-59Ellen Guthrie2
Note: These results are a combination of the Cross Country Championship (Beech Mt, NC July 22-26), the Gravity Championship (Sun Valley, ID July 5-8), and the Marathon Championship (Bend, OR September 15).

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