Sports Competition for Adults Over 40: A Participants Guide to 27 Sports
Sports Competition for Adults Over 40: A Participants Guide to 27 Sports
Sports Competition for Adults Over 40: A Participants Guide to 27 Sports

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Cycling offers mutiple disciplines, but the four disciplines offering the greatest opportunities to adult competitors are Road Racing, Track Racing, Mountain Biking, and Cyclo-Cross. The umbrella organization that oversees all cycling competition in the United States is USA Cycling.

USA Cycling
210 USA Cycling Point Suite 100
Colorado Springs, Colorado 80909
Phone: (719) 434-4200

The first table below presents the schedule for the 2018 national championships for the various cycling disciplines. The second table summarizes the number of competitors, by gender and selected age groups, in the 2017 National Championships. The next tables present the 2017 national champions in the four cycling disciplines: Road Cycling, Mountain Biking, Cyclo-Cross, and Track Cycling.

2011 USA Cycling National Championships Schedule
2011 National Track Cycling ChampionshipJuly 28Trexlertown, PA
2011 National Road Cycling ChampionshipAugust 30Bend, OR
2011 National Mountain Bike ChampionshipSeptember 17Bend, OR
2011 USA Cycling Mountain Bike Gravity National ChampionshipSeptember 23Beech Mountain, NC
2011 USA Cycling Mountain Bike 24-Hour National ChampionshipOctober 18Colorado Springs, CO

2011 USA Cycling National Championships Summary Table
Event Total Compeitors Over 40 Women Competitors Over 40 Men Competitors Over 60 Men Competitors Over 70 Women Competitors Over 60
2011 USA Cycling Road Racing National Championship 1287 271 267 78 45
    Percent   100%   21%   21%   6%   3%
2011 USA Cycling Track National Championship 1021 199 204 28 25
    Percent   100%   19%   20%   3%   2%
2011 USA Cycling Mountain Bike National Championship 438 74 34 5 2
    Percent   100%   17%   8%   1%   1%

2011 USA Cycling Road Racing National Championship (MEN) Bend, OR August 31 - September 4
EventGenderAge GroupChampionCompetitors
Road Race TandemMen110-99Elgart/Eisbach14
Time Trial TandemMen110-99Elgart/Eisbach12
Criterium - Cat. 1Men40-44Dean LaBerge33
Criterium - Cat. 2Men40-44Michael Williams51
Criterium - Cat. 3Men40-44Jeffrey Gaeckle11
Road Race - Cat. 1Men40-44Christopher Phipps32
Road Race - Cat. 2Men40-44Jason Walker35
Road Race - Cat. 3Men40-44Jeffrey Gaeckle6
Time TrialMen40-44Christopher Lyman31
Criterium - Cat. 1Men45-49Richard Meeker17
Criterium - Cat. 2Men45-49Eric Martin45
Criterium - Cat. 3Men45-49Marvin Hall29
Road Race - Cat. 1Men43-49Brendan Sullivan15
Road Race - Cat. 2Men45-49Eric Martin42
Road Race - Cat. 3Men45-49Jeff Gordon26
Time TrialMen45-49Brendan Sullivan37
Criterium - Cat. 1Men50-54Kevin Metcalfe10
Criterium - Cat. 2Men50-54Bubba Melcher19
Criterium - Cat. 3Men50-54Eric Pearce25
Road Race - Cat. 1Men50-54Kevin Metcalfe9
Road Race - Cat. 2Men50-54Doug Perrin16
Road Race - Cat. 3Men50-54David Gordon29
Time TrialMen50-54Kevin Metcalfe31
Criterium - Cat. 1Men55-59Mark Caldwell5
Criterium - Cat. 2Men55-59William Watkins21
Criterium - Cat. 3Men55-59Henry Schnepf25
Criterium - Cat. 4Men55-59Bill Pinckard3
Criterium - Cat. 5Men55-59Jim Redgate5
Road Race - Cat. 1Men55-59David Zimbelman6
Road Race - Cat. 2Men55-59Robert Downs15
Road Race - Cat. 3Men55-59Paul Curley26
Road Race - Cat. 4Men55-59James Day5
Road Race - Cat. 5Men55-59Jim Redgate1
Time TrialMen55-59David Zimbelman29
Criterium - Cat. 1Men60-64Kenny Fuller2
Criterium - Cat. 2Men60-64David LeDuc8
Criterium - Cat. 3Men60-64Wayne Watson18
Criterium - Cat. 4Men60-64Phillip Richards5
Criterium - Cat. 5Men60-64Steve Troseth3
Road Race - Cat. 1Men60-64Kenny Fuller2
Road Race - Cat. 2Men60-64David LeDuc9
Road Race - Cat. 3Men60-64Wayne Watson22
Road Race - Cat. 4Men60-64Jeff Golden8
Road Race - Cat. 5Men60-64Dana Paskewich9
Time TrialMen60-64Kenny Fuller28
Criterium - Cat. 1Men65-69Michael Williams1
Criterium - Cat. 2Men65-69John Elgart4
Criterium - Cat. 3Men65-69John McKee15
Criterium - Cat. 4Men65-69Monty Maughan4
Criterium - Cat. 5Men65-69Whitney Fanning6
Road Race - Cat. 2Men65-69John Elgart4
Road Race - Cat. 3Men65-69Richard Shields10
Road Race - Cat. 4Men65-69David Burnett7
Road Race - Cat. 5Men65-69Lance Brigman7
Time TrialMen65-69Scott Hennessy17
Criterium - Cat. 2Men70-74Leonard Pettyjohn3
Criterium - Cat. 3Men70-74Daniel Wulbert3
Criterium - Cat. 4Men70-74William Meyers2
Criterium - Cat. 5Men70-74Thomas Neary4
Road Race - Cat. 2Men70-74Franz Hammer2
Road Race - Cat. 3Men70-74Daniel Wulbert3
Road Race - Cat. 4Men70-74William Meyers1
Road Race - Cat. 5Men70-74Stan Swallow7
Time TrialMen70-74William Meyers13
Road Race TandemMen70-99Jones/Paskewich6
Time Trial TandemMen70-99Jones/Paskewich4
Criterium - Cat. 3Men75-79Robert Paganini1
Criterium - Cat. 4Men75-79Dick Wagner1
Criterium - Cat. 5Men75-79Walter Axthelm3
Road Race - Cat. 3Men75-79Robert Paganini1
Road Race - Cat. 5Men75-79Walter Axthelm3
Time TrialMen75-79Walter Axthelm7
Criterium - Cat. 3Men80-99Albert Piemme2
Criterium - Cat. 5Men80-99Link Lindquist1
Time TrialMen80-99Paul Tetrick3
Road Race TandemMen90-99Spanbauer/Crecellus4
Time Trial TandemMen90-99Spanbauer/Kuiper4

2011 USA Cycling Road Race National Championships (MIXED and WOMEN) Bend, OR August 31-September 4
EventGenderAge GroupChampionCompetitors
Mixed Road Race Tandem110-99Townsend/Townsend4
Mixed Road Race Tandem70-99Allen/Preller8
Mixed Road Race Tandem90-99Slawta/Slawta16
Mixed Time Trial Tandem110-99Worley/Graff12
Mixed Time Trial Tandem70-99Carabin/Summy4
Mixed Time Trial Tandem90-99Slawta/Slawta22
Road Race TandemWomen110-99Kaplan/Benishin2
Time Trial TandemWomen110-99Kaplan/Benishin4
Criterium - Cat. 1Women40-44Brenna Lopez-Otero7
Criterium - Cat. 2Women40-44Susan Butler5
Criterium - Cat. 3Women40-44Jennifer App6
Road Race - Cat. 1Women40-44Debbie Milne7
Road Race - Cat. 2Women40-44Susan Butler5
Road Race - Cat. 3Women40-44Jennifer App9
Time TrialWomen40-44Gianna Roberge10
Criterium - Cat. 1Women45-49Patricia Black3
Criterium - Cat. 2Women45-49Andi Smith7
Criterium - Cat. 3Women45-49Angela Wimberly4
Criterium - Cat. 4Women45-49Shoshanna Foxwell1
Road Race - Cat. 1Women45-49Tamara Bessette3
Road Race - Cat. 2Women45-49Lise Grace7
Road Race - Cat. 3Women45-49Tawnie McDonald7
Road Race - Cat. 4Women45-49Shoshanna Foxwell1
Time TrialWomen45-49Lise Grace12
Criterium - Cat. 1Women50-54Laura Howat4
Criterium - Cat. 2Women50-54Jennie Phillips4
Criterium - Cat. 3Women50-54Margaret Douglass8
Criterium - Cat. 4Women50-54Helen Grogan2
Road Race - Cat. 1Women50-54Ruth Clemence5
Road Race - Cat. 2Women50-54Jennie Phillips3
Road Race - Cat. 3Women50-54Jan Moss7
Road Race - Cat. 4Women50-54Helen Grogan2
Time TrialWomen50-54Ruth Clemence12
Criterium - Cat. 2Women55-59Linda Elgart4
Criterium - Cat. 3Women55-59Lesley Jensen7
Criterium - Cat. 4Women55-59Sue Lloyd4
Time TrialWomen55-59Arrietta Clauss17
Criterium - Cat. 3Women60-64Kay Tsui5
Criterium - Cat. 4Women60-64Joanne Garuccio2
Road Race - Cat. 3Women60-64Kay Tsui5
Road Race - Cat. 4Women60-64Joanne Garuccio2
Time TrialWomen60-64Laura Lindgren9
Time TrialWomen65-69Dagmar Eriksson2
Time TrialWomen70-74Patty Puz2
Criterium - Cat. 4Women70-99Patricia Baker1
Road Race TandemWomen70-99Gregg/Cutler2
Road Race - Cat. 4Women70-99Patricia Baker1
Time Trial TandemWomen70-99Knutson/Cutts4
Road Race TandemWomen90-99Gass/Levensen6
Time Trial TandemWomen90-99Thorstrom/Boyd4
Road Race - Cat. 2Women55-59Linda Schnepf3
Road Race - Cat. 3Women55-59Cindy Morgan5
Road Race - Cat. 4Women55-59Sue Lloyd9

• 2011 USA Cycling Marathon Mountain Biking National Championship Sun Valley, ID July 14-17 • 2011 USA Cycling Mountain Biking National Championship Bend, OR September 17 • 2011 USA Cycling Mountain Biking Gravity National Championship Beech Mountain, NC September 23-25 • 2011 USA Cycling Mountain Biking Endurance National Championship Colorado Springs, CO October 1-2
EventGenderAge GroupChampionCompetitors
Cross Country - Cat. 1Men40-44Dario Fredrick33
Cross Country - Cat. 1Men45-49Donald Myrah20
Cross Country - Cat. 1Men50-54Russell Kappius26
Cross Country - Cat. 1Men55-59Gary Thacker9
Cross Country - Cat. 1Men60-64Don Leet5
Cross Country - Cat. 1Men65-69James Wagner8
Cross Country - Cat. 1Men70-99Hans Muehlegger3
Cross Country - Cat. 2Men40-44Jason Sparks19
Cross Country - Cat. 2Men45-49Frank Benzing9
Cross Country - Cat. 2Men50-54Russell Thorstrom14
Cross Country - Cat. 2Men55-59Randy Beckner8
Cross Country - Cat. 2Men60-64Hunter Smith4
Cross Country - Cat. 2Men65-69Joel Quinn3
Cross Country - Cat. 2Men70-99Andy Andrews1
Cross Country - Cat. 3Men40-49Kirk Grynwald14
Cross Country - Cat. 3Men50-54Mike Sanchez5
Cross Country - Cat. 3Men55-59Gary Young4
Cross Country - Cat. 3Men60-64Charles Vanzandt1
Cross Country - Cat. 3Men70-99William Chambers1
Super D - Cat. 1Men40-49John Pitton14
Super D - Cat. 1Men50-99Jordon Swenson10
Super D - Cat. 2Men40-49Scott Robinson4
Super D - Cat. 2Men50-99Whiz McNeal1
Super D - Cat. 3Men40-49Michael Pastore8
Super D - Cat. 3Men50-99Chris Grove4
Downhill - Cat. 1Men40-44Todd Cholevik13
Downhill - Cat. 1Men45-49G. John Leslie6
Downhill - Cat. 1Men50-99Julian Cabreana3
Downhill - Cat. 1Men60-99Mark Poore2
Downhill - Cat. 2Men40-49Kurt Dressler13
Downhill - Cat. 2Men50-99Gill Goodrich3
Downhill - Cat. 3Men40-99Matthew Herdklotz8
MarathonMen40-49Dario Fredrick45
MarathonMen50-59Scott Seaton21
MarathonMen60-99Dwight Hibdon9
Dual Slalom - Cat. 1Men40-99Andy DeVault6
Dual Slalom - Cat. 2/3Men40-99Kurt Dressler3
Cross Country - Cat. 1Women40-44Helene Drumm11
Cross Country - Cat. 1Women45-49Julia Voilich5
Cross Country - Cat. 1Women50-54Anne Gonzales7
Cross Country - Cat. 1Women55-59Leslie Jensen2
Cross Country - Cat. 2Women40-44Kirsten Gustufson4
Cross Country - Cat. 2Women45-49Michelle Richardson3
Cross Country - Cat. 2Women50-54Susan Katsilometes1
Cross Country - Cat. 2Women60-64Martha Iverson1
Cross Country - Cat. 3Women40-44Geneva Ayarra2
Cross Country - Cat. 3Women45-49Dorothy Gibson2
Cross Country - Cat. 3Women50-54Anne Cathrine Roch-Levecq1
Cross Country - Cat. 3Women55-59Victoria Wiseman3
Cross Country - Cat. 3Women60-99Melina Berge1
Downhill - Cat. 1Women40-99Ellen Adams1
Downhill - Cat. 2Women40-99Gretchen Nelson1
MarathonWomen40-99Erika Krumpleman10
MarathonWomen50-99Muffy Ritz5
Super D - Cat. 1Women40-99Helene Drumm8
Super D - Cat. 2Women40-99Gretchen Flint2
Cross-Country Endurance TeamWomen45+Kappios/McGrew/Gpige/Trimble8

2011 USA Cycling Track National Championship Trexlertown, PA July 25-31
EventGenderAge GroupChampionCompetitors
1 km Time TrialMen40-44Andrew Weathers28
1 km Time TrialMen45-49David Kipper17
0.5 km Time TrialMen50-54James Joseph34
0.5 km Time TrialMen55-59Richard Voss20
0.5 km Time TrialMen60-64Reid Schwartz16
0.5 km Time TrialMen65-69Lawrence Bosch22
0.5 km Time TrialMen70-74Mike McDonald4
0.5 km Time TrialMen75-99Thomas O'Rourke2
Scratch RaceMen40-44Marty Nothstein27
Scratch RaceMen45-49Darin Marhanka21
Scratch RaceMen50-54Kent Menzel22
Scratch RaceMen55-59Charles Jerebek13
Scratch RaceMen60-64Mark Rodamaker10
Scratch RaceMen65-69John Elgart14
Scratch RaceMen70-99Chuck Watson6
Individual PursuitMen40-44Michael Miller21
Individual PursuitMen45-49Chris Carlson20
Individual PursuitMen50-54Robert Black25
Flying Time TrialMen55-59Richard Voss11
Flying Time TrialMen60-64Chip Berezny11
Flying Time TrialMen65-69Ronald Hargrave11
Flying Time TrialMen70-99Earl Henry6
Points RaceMen40-44Joseph Wentzell26
Points RaceMen45-49Darin Marhanka23
Points RaceMen50-54Christopher Regan23
Points RaceMen55-59James Host11
Points RaceMen60-64Steven Worley12
Points RaceMen65-69John Elgart15
Points RaceMen70-74Mike McDonald1
SprintMen40-44Andrew Lacorete12
SprintMen45-49Kirk Whiteman12
SprintMen50-54Kurt Sato12
SprintMen55-59Richard Voss11
SprintMen60-64Chip Berezny10
SprintMen65-69Ronald Hargrave10
SprintMen70-74Earl Henry4
SprintMen75-99Thomas O'Rourke1
Team PursuitMen40-99Carlson/Tolson/Carrell/Scott28
Team PursuitMen50-99Regan/Black/Sommers/Butler16
Team PursuitMen60-99Bosch/Messmer/Worley/Mack20
Team SprintMen40-99Paulin/Abers/Hayes33
Team SprintMen50-99Host/Pellitier/Voss27
Team SpringMen60-99Schwartz/Rodamaker/Murdock18
0.5 km Time TrialWomen40-44Kimberly Edwards12
0.5 km Time TrialWomen45-49Annabell Holland10
0.5 km Time TrialWomen50-54Lorraine Jarvis7
0.5 km Time TrialWomen55-59Rita Kacala6
0.5 km Time TrialWomen60-64Patricia Riddle5
0.5 km Time TrialWomen65-69Bonnie Woodbury3
0.5 km Time TrialWomen70-99Patricia Baker1
Scratch RaceWomen40-44Kimberly Edwards9
Scratch RaceWomen45-49Beverly Chaney5
Scratch RaceWomen50-54Patty Powers6
Scratch RaceWomen55-59Linda Elgart6
Scratch RaceWomen60-64Donna Woods3
Scratch RaceWomen65-69Dottie Saling1
Scratch RaceWomen70-99Patricia Baker1
Individual PursuitWomen40-44Kimberly Edwards7
Individual PursuitWomen45-49Annabell Holland9
Individual PursuitWomen50-54Lenita Anthony7
Individual PursuitWomen55-59Rita Kacala7
Individual PursuitWomen60-64Mary Ellen Allen4
Individual PursuitWomen65-69Bonnie Woodbury3
Individual PursuitWomen70-99Patricia Baker1
Flying Time TrialWomen40-44Dana Walton9
Flying Time TrialWomen45-49Annabell Holland4
Flying Time TrialWomen50-54Lorraine Jarvis5
Flying Time TrialWomen55-99Rita Kacala6
Points RaceWomen40-44Dana Walton7
Points RaceWomen45-49Kelly Bartholomew5
Points RaceWomen50-54Lorraine Jarvis4
Points RaceWomen55-59Linda Elgart4
Points RaceWomen60-64Jo Johnson1
SprintWomen40-44Dana Walton7
SprintWomen45-49Annabell Holland4
SprintWomen50-54Jane Chateaubriand5
SprintWomen55-59Rita Kacala2
SprintWomen60-64Patricia Riddle2
SprintWomen65-69Bonnie Woodbury2
SprintWomen70-74Patricia Baker1
Team PursuitWomen45-99Bartholomew/Holland/Jarvis6
Team SprintWomen45-99Holland/Jarvis12

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