Sports Competition for Adults Over 40: A Participants Guide to 27 Sports
Sports Competition for Adults Over 40: A Participants Guide to 27 Sports
Sports Competition for Adults Over 40: A Participants Guide to 27 Sports

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Cycling offers mutiple disciplines, but the four disciplines offering the greatest opportunities to adult competitors are Road Racing, Track Racing, Mountain Biking, and Cyclo-Cross. The umbrella organization that oversees all cycling competition in the United States is USA Cycling.

USA Cycling
210 USA Cycling Point Suite 100
Colorado Springs, Colorado 80909
Phone: (719) 434-4200

The first table below presents the schedule for the 2018 national championships for the various cycling disciplines. The second table summarizes the number of competitors, by gender and selected age groups, in the 2017 National Championships. The next tables present the 2017 national champions in the four cycling disciplines: Road Cycling, Mountain Biking, Cyclo-Cross, and Track Cycling.

2012 National Cyclo-Cross ChampionshipJanuary 4Madison, WI

2010 National Championship Cycling Summary Table
Event Total Competitors Over 40 Women Competitors Over 40 Men Over 60 Men Over 70 Women Over 60
2010 National Road Cycling Championship 883 185 302 145 40
    Percent   100%   21%   34%   16%   5%
2010 National Track Cycling Championship 703 124 157 33 19
    Percent   100%   18%   22%   6%   3%
2010 National Mountain Bike Championship 320 41 20 2 1
    Percent   100%   13%   6%   2%   1%
2010 National Cyclo-Cross Championship 947 171 46 5 2
    Percent   100%   18%   5%   1%   1%

2010 USA Masters Road Cycling Championship Louisville, KY August 3-8
EventGenderAge GroupChampionCompetitors
Criterium - Cat 1Men40-44David Henderson28
Criterium - Cat 2Men40-44Dan Martin24
Criterium - Cat 3Men40-44Robert Kidd5
Criterium - Cat 1Men45-49James Paolinetti11
Criterium - Cat 2Men45-49Michael McShane26
Criterium - Cat 3Men45-49Jay Hawkins7
Criterium - Cat 1Men50-54James G Wenzel6
Criterium - Cat 2Men50-54Gerald Finken18
Criterium - Cat 3Men50-54Anthony Taylor7
CriteriumMen55-59Charles Townsend20
CriteriumMen60-64Kenny Fuller12
CriteriumMen65-69Richard Shields11
CriteriumMen70-74John Auer8
CriteriumMen75-79Fred Schmid5
CriteriumMen80-84Link Lindquist1
Road Race - Cat 1Men40-44Roger Aspholm27
Road Race - Cat 2Men40-44Gordon Stiel15
Road Race - Cat 3Men40-44Eric Barnett11
Road Race - Cat 1Men45-49Jonathan Card12
Road Race - Cat 2Men45-49Cale Reeder38
Road Race - Cat 3Men45-49James Gotsick18
Road Race - Cat 1Men50-54Terry Duran9
Road Race - Cat 2Men50-54Gerald Finken15
Road Race - Cat 3Men50-54Kevin Hines18
Road RaceMen55-59Robert Anderson35
Road RaceMen60-64Kenny Fuller31
Road RaceMen65-69Thomas Weil16
Road RaceMen70-74Kenneth Rosskopf11
Road RaceMen75-79Frederick Schmid5
Road RaceMen80-84Carl Grove3
Road Race TandemMen110-99Elgart/Eisbach8
Road Race TandemMen70-99Lerner/Stickler4
Road Race TandemMen90-99Fobes/Gatch8
Time TrialMen55-59Robert Anderson29
Time TrialMen60-64Kenny Fuller21
Time TrialMen65-69Jim Fox19
Time TrialMen70-74William Myers10
Time TrialMen75-79David Ellefson10
Time TrialMen80-84Carl Grove5
Time TrialMen85-89Francis Underwood1
Time TrialMen40-44Richard Feldman22
Time TrialMen45-49Brendan Sullivan31
Time TrialMen50-54Thurlow Rogers36
Time Trial TandemMen110-99Elgart/Eisbach10
Time Trial TandemMen70-99Sullivan/Scott6
Time Trial TandemMen90-99Spanbauer/Kuper6
Mixed Road Race Tandem110-99Townsend/Townsend2
Mixed Road Race Tandem70-99Eppen/Eppen7
Mixed Road Race Tandem90-99Aimone/Phillips3
Mixed Time Trial Tandem110-99Townsend/Townsend8
Mixed Time Trial Tandem70-99Carabin/Summy6
Mixed Time Trial Tandem90-99Pautsch/Schaus20
Criterium Cat 1Women40-44Bonnie Breeze5
Criterium Cat 2Women40-44Jane Evely6
Criterium Cat 3Women40-44Anne Grabowski6
CriteriumWomen45-49Terrie Clouse12
CriteriumWomen50-54Christine Schyver16
CriteriumWomen55-59Ann Marie Miller8
CriteriumWomen60-64Kathleen Corbett3
CriteriumWomen65-69Julie Lockhart2
Road Race - Cat 1Women40-44Debbie Milne2
Road Race - Cat 1Women40-44Samantha Brode10
Road Race - Cat 1Women40-44Antonia Leal7
Road RaceWomen45-49Tracy Tolson13
Road RaceWomen60-64Kay Tsui3
Road RaceWomen65-69Julie Lockhart1
Time TrialWomen40-44Laura Igoe14
Time TrialWomen45-49Terrie Clouse11
Time TrialWomen50-54Christine Schyver13
Time TrialWomen55-59Arrietta Clauss7
Time TrialWomen60-64Marie DeRosa7
Time TrialWomen65-69Julie Lockhart3
Time TrialWomen70-74Patty Puz1
Time Trial TandemWomen110-99Boswell/Boswell-Vilt2

2010 USA Marathon Mountain Bike and Mountain Bike Championship Breckenridge, CO July 5; Granby, CO July15-18
EventGenderAge GroupChampionCompetitors
MarathonMen40-49Peter Webber40
MarathonMen50-59Robert Stanley23
MarathonMen60-99Dwight Hibdon9
Cross- Country MastersMen40-44Dario Fredrick17
Cross- Country MastersMen45-49Michael Hogan18
Cross- Country MastersMen50-54Russell Kappius20
Cross- Country MastersMen55-59Mark Soderberg13
Cross- Country MastersMen60-64Steve Becker6
Cross- Country MastersMen65-69Robert Dahigren4
Cross- Country MastersMen70-99Frederick Schmid2
Cross-Country Cat 1Men40-99Doug Cheney7
Cross-Country Cat 2Men40-44Mark Ferry12
Cross-Country Cat 2Men45-49Erik Judson11
Cross-Country Cat 2Men50-54Mark Hogan8
Cross-Country Cat 3Men40-49Ian Barense9
Cross-Country Cat 3Men50-54Dennis Corneau7
Downhill Cat 1Men40-44Neil Pederson4
Downhill Cat 1Men45-49Greg Herbold7
Downhill Cat 1Men50-99Les Price2
Downhill Cat 2Men40-49Dwayne Self15
Downhill Cat 2Men50-99Mike Kelley4
Downhill Cat 3Men40-99Gerhardt Ackerman7
Mountain Cross - Cat 1Men40-99John Lewis2
Short Track Cross CountryMen30-99Jorge Espinoza21
Super D DownhillMen40-49Ward Baker5
Super D DownhillMen50-99Chris Grove7
MarathonWomen40-49Anne Gonzales7
MarathonWomen50-99Amy Harris4
Cross- Country MastersWomen45-49Anne Gonzales4
Cross- Country MastersWomen50-54Sheryl Loan5
Cross- Country MastersWomen55-59Marti Merritt1
Cross- Country MastersWomen60-99Martha Iverson1
Cross- Country Cat 1Women40-44Helene Drumm8
Cross- Country Cat 2Women40-44Christine Irelan2
Cross- Country Cat 3Women40-44Laura Nesbitt4
Downhill Cat 2Women40-99Ann Davis2
Super D DownhlilWomen40-99Helene Drumm3

2010 USA Masters Track Cycling Championship Frisco, TX Sept. 1-5
EventGenderAge GroupChampionCompetitors
1 km Time TrialMen40-44Dan Casper16
1 km Time TrialMen45-49Brett Clare13
Flying Time TrialMen40-44Andrew Weathers20
Flying Time TrialMen45-49Kirk Whiteman18
Flying Time TrialMen50-54Richard Voss20
Flying Time TrialMen55-59Keith Macbeth12
Flying Time TrialMen60-64Mark Rodamaker12
Flying Time TrialMen65-69Lee Menestrina5
Flying Time TrialMen70-74James Kloss3
Flying Time TrialMen75-79Thomas O'Rourke3
3 km Time TrialMen40-44Dan Casper18
3 km Time TrialMen45-49Chris Carlson21
3 km Time TrialMen50-54Russell Murphy15
3 km Time TrialMen55-59Patrick Gellineau5
3 km Time TrialMen60-64Larry Wolf15
3 km Time TrialMen65-69John McQuaide7
3 km Time TrialMen70-74James Kloss5
3 km Time TrialMen75-79Richard Simons3
500 Meter Time TrialMen50-54Richard Voss23
500 Meter Time TrialMen55-59Bill Ziegler10
500 Meter Time TrialMen60-64Reid Schwartz15
500 Meter Time TrialMen65-69James Murdock10
500 Meter Time TrialMen70-74James Kloss5
500 Meter Time TrialMen75-79Thomas O'Rourke3
Points Race - Cat 1Men40-44Michael Miller14
Points Race - Cat 2Men40-44Tony Scott14
Points Race - Cat 3Men40-44Robb Bush4
Points Race - Cat 1Men45-49Darin Marhanka12
Points Race - Cat 1Men45-49Daniel Smith8
Points RaceMen45-49Steve Carrell13
Points RaceMen60-64Larry Wolf10
Points RaceMen65-69John Forbes5
Points RaceMen70-74Skip Sparry4
Points RaceMen75-79Thomas O'Rourke1
SprintMen40-44Nelson Li20
SprintMen45-49Kirk Whiteman18
SprintMen50-54Richard Voss20
SprintMen55-59Keith Macbeth10
SprintMen60-64Mark Rodamaker13
SprintMen65-69James Murdock5
SprintMen70-74James Kloss3
SprintMen75-79Thomas O'Rourke3
Team PursuitMen40-99Carlson/Tolson/Carrell/Scott24
Team PursuitMen50-99Regan/Black/Sommers/Butler16
Team PursuitMen60-99Hastings/Mack/Kinsinger/Messner12
Team SprintMen40-99MacQuaide/Galvan/Valentine24
Team SprintMen50-99Chenowith/Whaley/Bickel24
Team SprintMen60-99Schwartz/Rodamaker/Murdock15
2 km Time TrialWomen40-44Suzanne Goodwin7
2 km Time TrialWomen45-49Annette Williams4
2 km Time TrialWomen50-54MaryAnn Levenson4
2 km Time TrialWomen55-59Rita Kacala2
2 km Time TrialWomen60-64Mary Ellen Allen2
2 km Time TrialWomen65-69Marsha Macro3
2 km Time TrialWomen70-74Patricia Baker1
500 Meter Time TrialWomen40-44Suzanne Goodwin9
500 Meter Time TrialWomen45-49Annette Williams6
500 Meter Time TrialWomen50-54Deb Matz5
500 Meter Time TrialWomen55-59Rita Kacala4
500 Meter Time TrialWomen60-64Patricia Riddle2
500 Meter Time TrialWomen65-69Bonnie Woodbury3
500 Meter Time TrialWomen70-74Patricia Baker1
Flying Time TrialWomen40-44Kimberly Edwards6
Flying Time TrialWomen45-49Cy Boyenger5
Flying Time TrialWomen50-54Ann Marie Love4
Flying Time TrialWomen55-59Rita Kacala7
Points Race - Cat 1Women40-44Suzanne Goodwin1
Points Race - Cat 2Women40-44Kimberly Edwards6
Points Race - Cat 3Women40-44Paula Felix2
Points RaceWomen45-49Annette Williams3
Points RaceWomen50-54Shannon Youngquist Lucy1
Points RaceWomen55-59Rita Kacala2
Points RaceWomen60-64Patricia Riddle1
Points RaceWomen65-69Marsha Macro2
SprintWomen40-44Suzanne Goodwin6
SprintWomen45-49Cy Boyenger5
SprintMen50-54Ann Marie Love5
SprintWomen55-59Rita Kacala3
SprintWomen60-64Patricia Riddle1
SprintWomen65-69Bonnie Woodbury2
SprintWomen70-99Patricia Baker1
Team SprintWomen40-99Love/Matz8

2010 USA Cycling Cyclo-Cross National Championship Bend, OR Dec 8-12
EventGenderAge GroupChampionCompetitors
Open Non-ChampionshipMen40-44Michael Robson70
Cyclo-cross Cat 1Men40-44Peter Webber45
Cyclo-cross Cat 2Men40-44Mark Savery52
Cyclo-cross Cat 3Men40-44Michael Coffino45
Time TrialMen40-44Michael Robson142
Cyclo-cross Cat 1Men45-49Donald Myrah26
Cyclo-cross Cat 2Men45-49Mark Nobel25
Cyclo-cross Cat 3Men45-49Lance Voyles42
Time Trial Cat 1Men45-49Tom Phillips43
Time Trial Cat 2Men45-49Donald Myrah21
Time Trial Cat 3Men45-49Tim Butler30
Time TrialMen50-54Stephen Tilford61
Cyclo-cross Cat 1Men50-54Stephen Tilford17
Cyclo-cross Cat 2Men50-54Bobby Langin21
Cyclo-cross Cat 3Men50-54Tim James24
Time Trial OpenMen55-59R. Brooks Watts28
Cyclo-crossMen55-59Ned Overend38
Time Trial OpenMen60-64George Paule10
Cyclo-crossMen60-64Glen Norton21
Cyclo-CrossMen65-69John Elgart10
Cyclo-CrossMen70-74Eric Nordenson3
Cyclo-CrossMen75-99Walter Axthelm2
Time Trial - Open Cat 1Women40-44Helen Drumm9
Time Trial - Open Cat 2Women40-44Becky Bjork11
Time Trial - Open Cat 3Women40-44Katrina Dowdchuk12
CyclocrossWomen40-44Wendy Williams44
Time Trial OpenWomen45-49Rhonda Morin17
CyclocrossWomen45-49Karen Hogan29
Time Trial OpenWomen50-54Kathy Sarvary14
CyclocrossWomen50-54Kris Walker25
CyclocrossWomen55-59Linda Elgart8
CyclocrossWomen60-64Martha Iverson2

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