Sports Competition for Adults Over 40: A Participants Guide to 27 Sports
Sports Competition for Adults Over 40: A Participants Guide to 27 Sports
Sports Competition for Adults Over 40: A Participants Guide to 27 Sports

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Cycling offers mutiple disciplines, but the four disciplines offering the greatest opportunities to adult competitors are Road Racing, Track Racing, Mountain Biking, and Cyclo-Cross. The umbrella organization that oversees all cycling competition in the United States is USA Cycling.

USA Cycling
210 USA Cycling Point Suite 100
Colorado Springs, Colorado 80909
Phone: (719) 434-4200

The first table below presents the schedule for the 2018 national championships for the various cycling disciplines. The second table summarizes the number of competitors, by gender and selected age groups, in the 2017 National Championships. The next tables present the 2017 national champions in the four cycling disciplines: Road Cycling, Mountain Biking, Cyclo-Cross, and Track Cycling.

2010 USA Cycling National Championships
2010 USA Cycling Mountain Bike National ChampionshipJuly 15Granby, CO
2010 USA Cycling National Masters Championship Road RacesAugust 1Louisville, KY
2010 USA Cycling National Masters Track Cycling ChampionshipSeptember 1Frisco, TX
2010 USA Cycling Cyclo-Cross National ChampionshipDecember 9Bend, OR

2009 USA Cycling National Championship Summary Table
Event Total Competitors Over 40 Women Competitors Over 40 Men Competitors Over 60 Men Competitors Over 70 Women Competitors Over 60
2009 USA Cycling National Championship Masters Road Race 983 250 178 53 38
    Percent   100%   25%   18%   5%   4%
2009 USA Cycling National Track Cycling Championship 492 109 112 30 15
    Percent   100%   22%   23%   6%   3%
2009 USA Cycling National Mountain Bike Championship 291 0 40 17 0
    Percent   100%   0%   14%   6%   0%

2009 USA Cycling Masters Road Race National Championship Louisville, KY June 30-July 6
EventGenderAge GroupChampionCompetitors
criteriumMen40-44Grant Potter43
criteriumMen45-49John Walsh43
criteriumMen50-54Terry Duran44
criteriumMen55-59William Gilboe15
criteriumMen60-64Kenny Fuller21
criteriumMen65-69Michael Williams15
criteriumMen70-74Kenneth Rosskopf8
criteriumMen75-79Thomas O'Rourke6
criteriumMen80-99Link Lindquist1
road raceMen40-44Craig Roemer62
road raceMen45-49Janne Hamalainen55
road raceMen50-54Keith Ketterer49
road raceMen55-59Wayne Stetina30
road raceMen60-64Kenny Fuller32
road raceMen65-69Thomas Weil15
road raceMen70-74Franz Hammer9
road raceMen75-79Frederick Schmidt6
road raceMen80-84Link Lindquist1
road race - tandemMen110-99Prechtl/Tomasello6
road race - tandemMen70-99Ebrahimehad/Norton10
road race - tandemMen90-99Bice/Roland2
time trialMen40-44Chris Lyman43
time trialMen45-49Matthew Wukasch41
time trialMen50-54John Novitsky40
time trialMen55-59Kent Bostick23
time trialMen60-64Kenny Fuller27
time trialMen65-69S Duward Higgins15
time trialMen70-74William Meyers9
time trialMen75-79David Ellefson10
time trialMen80-84Link Lindquist2
time trialMen85-89Francis Underwood1
time trial - tandemMen110-99Doughty/Host6
time trial - tandemMen70-99Correa/Demarchi6
time trial - tandemMen90-99Ross/Frick8
road race - mixed tandem110-99Berry/Berry2
road race - mixed tandem70-99Shogren/Shogren12
road race - mixed tandem90-99Norton/Norton4
time trial - mixed tandem110-99Kirk/Kirk10
time trial - mixed tandem70-99Carabin/Summy12
time trial - mixed tandem90-99Poulsen/Poulsen16
criteriumWomen40-44Jane Evely23
criteriumWomen45-49Annette Williams14
criteriumWomen50-54Ann Marie Miller14
criteriumWomen55-59Diane Ostenso7
criteriumWomen60-64Kay Tsui5
criteriumWomen65-69Melinda Berge3
criteriumWomen70-99Patricia Baker1
road raceWomen40-44Debbie Milne21
road raceWomen45-49Tracy Tolson13
road raceWomen50-54Ann Marie Miller18
road raceWomen55=59Elizabeth Tyrell8
road raceWomen60-64Kay Tsui6
road raceWomen65-69Melinda Berge3
road raceWomen70-74Patricia Baker1
road race - tandemWomen90-99Gass/Ross4
time trialWomen40-44Sydney Brown22
time trialWomen45-49Kris Walker17
time trialWomen50-54Ruth Clemence18
time trialWomen55-59Julie Kaplan9
time trialWomen60-64Kay Tsui8
time trialWomen65-69Melinda Berge3
time trialWomen70-74Patty Puz2
time trial - tandemWomen90-99Roberts/Roberts2

2009 USA Cycling Mountain Bike National Championship Granby, CO July 16-19
EventGenderAge GroupChampionCompetitors
cross-country - category 1Men40-44Dario Fredrick26
cross-country - category 1Men45-49Joseph Prinzivalli18
cross-country - category 1Men50-54Keith Sanders20
cross-country - category 1Men55-59Mark Soderberg11
cross-country - category 1Men60-64Steve Becker7
cross-country - category 1Men65-99Bruce Bates9
cross-country - category 2Men40-44Rod Yoder19
cross-country - category 2Men45-49Tim Godby12
cross-country - category 2Men50-54Robert Stanley13
cross-country - category 2Men40-49Douglas Robison9
cross-country - category 1Men50-99Stephen Mobbs9
downhill - category 1Men40-44Michael Darter11
downhill - category 1Men45-49Darrell Jamieson12
downhill - category 1Men50-99Lee Price7
downhill - category 2Men40-49Stewart Mitchell10
downhill - category 2Men50-99Robert Bevard4
downhill - category 3Men40-99Tom McConnell4
mountain cross - category 1Men40-99Chris Cawly5
mountain cross - category 2/3Men40-99Jason Gibb4
short track cross countryMen30-99John Mylne21
super D downhillMen40-49Todd Smith15
super D downhillMen50-99Paul Zarubin5
cross-country - category 1Women40-44SyRae Weikle10
cross-country - category 1Women45-49Anne Gonzales6
cross-country - category 1Women50-54Susan Lynch4
cross-country - category 1Women55-99Deborah Martin-Wille2
cross-country - category 2Women40-99Rose Alford9
cross-country - category 3Women40-99Christine Irelan4
downhill - category 2Women40-99Bonnie Miller1
super D DownhillWomen50-99Sue Rawley4

2009 USA Cycling Masters Track National Championship Indianapolis, IN August 18-23
EventGenderAge GroupChampionCompetitors
1 km time trialMen40-44Kenneth Williams16
1 km time trialMen45-49Christopher Best20
2000 meter time trialMen50-54Larry Nolan21
2000 meter time trialMen55-59Steven Worley11
2000 meter time trialMen60-64John Goodman12
2000 meter time trialMen65-69Charles Watson7
2000 meter time trialMen70-74James Kloss8
2000 meter time trialMen75-99Thomas O'Rourke1
20 km points raceMen45-49Curtis Tolson20
25 km points raceMen40-44Clark Sheehan15
500 meter time trialMen50-54Kurt Sato22
500 meter time trialMen55-59Bill Ziegler10
500 meter time trialMen60-64Reid Schwartz18
500 meter time trialMen65-69Leo Menestrine7
500 meter time trialMen70-74James Kloss8
500 meter time trialMen75-99Thomas O'Rourke1
points raceMen50-54Keith Ketterer13
points raceMen55-59Andrew Buck6
points raceMen60-64Lawrence Bosch7
points raceMen65-69Charles Watson3
points raceMen70-74J. Beck5
points raceMen75-99Thomas O'Rourke1
sprintMen40-44Stephen Hill12
sprintMen45-49Matthew Diefenbach10
sprintMen50-54Richard Voss12
sprintMen60-64Ronald Hargrave12
sprintMen65-69Earl Henry6
sprintMen70-74James Kloss5
sprintMen75-99Thomas O'Rourke1
team pursuitMen40-99Williams/Tolson/Carrell/Spouse20
team pursuitMen50-99Ketterer/Winkel/Host/Nolan16
team pursuitMen60-99Schwartz/Rodamaker/Hargrave/Watson5
team sprintMen40-99Diefenbach/Hill/Li21
team sprintMen50-99Seiken/Butler/Ziegler12
team sprintMen60-99Schwartz/Rodamaker/Hargrave6
2000 meter time trialWomen40-44Christine Phillips3
2000 meter time trialWomen45-49Annabell Holland5
2000 meter time trialWomen50-54Lenita Anthony11
2000 meter time trialWomen55-59Jane Rinard4
2000 meter time trialWomen60-64Patricia Riddle1
2000 meter time trialWomen65-69Marsha Macro3
2000 meter time trialWomen70-99Patricia Baker1
500 meter time trialWomen40-44Kimberly Nutter4
500 meter time trialWomen45-49CJ Boyenger7
500 meter time trialWomen50-54Rita Kacala11
500 meter time trialWomen55-59Jane Rinard4
500 meter time trialWomen60-64Patricia Riddle1
500 meter time trialWomen65-69Marsha Macro3
500 meter time trialWomen70-99Patricia Baker1
points raceWomen40-44Julie Nevitt6
points raceWomen45-49Christi Chenowith1
points raceWomen50-54Linda Elgart5
points raceWomen55-59Charlotte Miller4
points raceWomen65-99Marsha Macro1
sprintWomen40-44Kimberly Nutter5
sprintWomen45-49Annabell Holland7
sprintWomen50-54Ann Marie Love6
sprintWomen55-59Charlotte Miller3
sprintWomen60-64Patricia Riddle1
sprintWomen65-69Bonnie Woodbury2
sprintWomen70-99Patricia Baker1
team sprintWomen40-99Holland/Jarvis8

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