Sports Competition for Adults Over 40: A Participants Guide to 27 Sports
Sports Competition for Adults Over 40: A Participants Guide to 27 Sports
Sports Competition for Adults Over 40: A Participants Guide to 27 Sports

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Cycling offers mutiple disciplines, but the four disciplines offering the greatest opportunities to adult competitors are Road Racing, Track Racing, Mountain Biking, and Cyclo-Cross. The umbrella organization that oversees all cycling competition in the United States is USA Cycling.

USA Cycling
210 USA Cycling Point Suite 100
Colorado Springs, Colorado 80909
Phone: (719) 434-4200

The first table below presents the schedule for the 2019 national championships for various cycling disciplines. The second table summarizes the number of competitors, by gender and selected age groups, in the 2018 National Championships. The next tables present the 2018 national champions in the four cycling disciplines: Road Cycling, Mountain Biking, Cyclo-Cross, and Track Cycling.

2019 USA Cycling National Championships
2019 USA Cycling Cyclo-Cross National ChampionshipJanuary 9Reno, NV
2019 USA Cycling Fat Tire National ChampionshipFebruary 10Grand Rapids, MI
2019 USA Cycling Mountain Bike Marathon National ChampionshipMay 5Arkadelphia, ARK
2019 USA Cycling Masters Road Cycling National ChampionshipJune 14Augusta, GA
USA Cycling Masters Track Cycling National ChampionshipJuly 7Trexletown, PA
2019 USA Cycling Mountain Bike National ChampionshipJuly 17Snowshoe, WV

2018 USA Cylcing National Championship Summary Table
Event Total Number of Competitors Over 40 Women Competitors Over 40 Men Over 60 Men Over 70 Women Over 60
2018 USA Cycling Masters Road Cycling National Championship 932 161 257 81 49
    Percent   100%   17%   28%   9%   5%
2018 USA Cycling Track Cycling National Championship 720 194 214 57 29
    Percent   100%   27%   30%   8%   4%
2018`USA Cycling Mountain Bike National Championship 206 33 48 8 0
    Percent   100%   16%   23%   4%   0%
2018 USA Cycling Fat Bike National Championship 51 12 10 3 2
    Percent   100%   24%   20%   6%   4%
2018 USA Cycling Cyclocross National Championship 698 141 109 13 18
    Percent   100%   20%   16%   2%   3%

2018 USA Cycling Cyclo-Cross National Championship Louisville, KY
EventGenderAge GroupChampionCompetitors
CX Masters Non-ChampionshpMen40-49JW Miller46
CX Masters Non-ChampionshpMen50+Molly Cameron33
CX MastersMen40-44Jake Wells73
CX MastersMen45-49Adam Myerson107
CX MastersMen50-54Donald Myrah110
CX MastersMen55-59Craig Undem75
CX MastersMen60-64Jay Trojan69
CX MastersMen65-69Fred Wittwer27
CX MastersMen70-74John Ruger 12
CX MastersMen75-79Paul McKeithan3
CX MastersMen80+Frederic Schmid1
CX Masters Non-ChampionshipWomen40+Julie Robertson-Zvin27
CX MastersWomen40-44Melissa Barker24
CX MastersWomen45-49Kristin Weber27
CX MastersWomen50-54Stacey Barbossa24
CX MastersWomen55-59Laura Van Gilder21
CX MastersWomen60-64Karen Tripp12
CX MastersWomen65-69Maurine Sweeney5
CX MastersWomen70-74Martha Iverson1
CX MastersWomen75-79Julie Lockart1

2018 USA Cycling Fat Bike National Championship Grand Rapids, MI
EventGenderAge GroupChampionCompetitors
Fat BikeMen40-49Mike Budd18
Fat BikeMen50-59Paul Olson12
Fat BikeMen60-69Paul Curley13
Fat BikeMen70+Dean Ferrandini2
Fat BikeWomen40-49Kimberly Flynn2
Fat BikeWomen50-59Katrina Walker3
Fat BikeWomen60-69Kim Bear3

2018 USA Cycling Track Cycling National Championship (MEN) Breiningsville, PA
EventGenderAge GroupChampionCompetitors
Individual PursuitMen40-44James Cavner8
Individual PursuitMen45-49Heath Dotson12
Individual PursuitMen50-54David Casper18
Individual PursuitMen55-59Chris Carlson21
Individual PursuitMen60-64Lawrence Nolan11
Individual PursuitMen65-69Steven Worley15
Individual PursuitMen70-74Steven Lehman5
Individual PursuitMen75-79Robert Lea5
Individual PursuitMen80-84David Ellifson1
Individual PursuitMen90-94Carl Grove1
Team PursuitMen45+Casper, Klipper, Nicol, Peterson16
Team PursuitMen55+Carlson, Black, Sommers, Nolan20
Team PursuitMen65+Wolff, Worley, Longo, Lobdell8
MadisonMen45+Sharp, Carlson12
Points Race - Cat 1/2/3Men40-44David Iglewicz8
Points Race - Cat 1/2/3Men45-49Paul Martin13
Points Race - Cat 1/2/3Men50-54David Casper13
Points RaceMen55-59Chris Carlson17
Points RaceMen60-64Lawrence Nolan11
Points RaceMen65-69Gary Hoffman14
Points RaceMen70-74Mark Rodamaker5
Points RaceMen75-79Robert Lea4
Points RaceMen80-84David Ellifson1
SprintMen40-44Ethan Boyes12
SprintMen45-49Lee Povey13
SprintMen50-54Koh Annoura17
SprintMen55-59Thomas Donahue14
SprintMen60-64Kurt Sato12
SprintMen65-69Daniel Kinigham14
SprintMen70-74Mark Rodamaker7
SprintMen75-79James Kloss3
SprintMen80-84Thomas O'Rourke1
SprintMen90-94Carl Grove1
Team SprintMen45+Swaidner, Abers, Lawrence21
Team SprintMen55+Hall, Nighan, Rupp24
Team SprintMen65+Berezny, Marnell, Kinigham18
Scratch Race - Cat 1/2/3Men40-44James Shimada7
Scratch Race - Cat 1/2/3Men45-49Benjamin Sharp18
Scratch Race - Cat 1/2/3Men50-54Davis Bonser18
Scratch Race Men55-59Chris Carlson26
Scratch Race Men60-64Robert Black16
Scratch Race Men65-69Patrick Gellineau12
Scratch Race Men70-74Thomas Lobdell9
Scratch Race Men75-79Michael Williams5
Scratch Race Men80-84David Ellifson1
Time TrialMen40-44Ethan Boyes14
Time TrialMen45-49Karl Baumgart11
Time TrialMen50-54Brian Abers27
Time TrialMen55-59Thomas Donohue25
Time TrialMen60-64Kurt Sato19
Time TrialMen65-69Daniel Kiningham16
Time TrialMen70-74Reid Schwartz10
Time TrialMen75-79James Kloss7
Time TrialMen80-84Thomas O'Rourke2
Time TrialMen90-94Carl Grove1

2018 USA Cycling Track Cycling National Championship (WOMEN) Breinigsville, PA
EventGenderAge GroupChampionCompetitors
Individual PursuitWomen40-44Lani Rowe5
Individual PursuitWomen45-49Catherine Moore12
Individual PursuitWomen50-54Charlene Yarnall8
Individual PursuitWomen55-59Jane Vanni-Noone5
Individual PursuitWomen60-64Sue Meinerz3
Individual PursuitWomen65-69Jan Palchikoff2
Individual PursuitWomen70-74Jo Johnson1
Individual PursuitWomen75+Barbara Gicquel1
Team PursuitWomen45+Has, Murray, Rahn, Yarnall12
Team PursuitWomen55+Harker, Trimpi, Vanni-Noone6
Points Race - 1/2/3Women45-49Christine E'Ercole8
Points Race - 1/2/3Women50-54Kimberley Petit6
Points Race Women55-59Jane Vanni-Noone5
Points Race Women60-64Elizabeth Heller4
Points Race Women65-69Jan Palchikoff1
Points Race Women70-74Jo Johnson1
Points Race Women75+Julie Lockhart1
Scratch Race - 1/2/3Women40-44Sarah Munroz3
Scratch Race - Cat 1/2/3Women45-49Catherine Moore10
Scratch Race - Cat 1/2/3Women50-54Kimberley Petit7
Time TrialWomen40-44Tracy Jones-Martin5
Time TrialWomen45-49Kira Maximovich12
Time TrialWomen50-54Lisa Nutter5
Time TrialWomen55-59Claire Olsen7
Time TrialWomen60-64Elizabeth Heller4
Time TrialWomen65-69Lan Tran3
Time TrialWomen70-74Jo Johnson1
Time TrialWomen75+Barbara Gicquel2
SprintWomen40-44Tracy Jones-Martin3
SprintWomen45-49Kira Maximovich7
SprintWomen50-54Lisa Nutter2
SprintWomen55-59Mary Beth Pierantoni5
SprintWomen60-64Karen Purtill1
SprintWomen65-69Lan Tran2
SprintWomen70-74Jo Johnson1
SprintWomen75+Barbara Gicquel2
Team SprintWomen45+Harker, Trimpi8
Team SprintWomen55+E'Ercole, Karnely12
Scratch RaceWomen55-59Claire Olsen5
Scratch RaceWomen60-64Elizabeth Heller3
Scratch RaceWomen65-69Jan Palchikoff1
Scratch RaceWomen70-74Jo Johnson1
Scratch RaceWomen75-79Julie Lockhart1

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