Sports Competition for Adults Over 40: A Participants Guide to 27 Sports
Sports Competition for Adults Over 40: A Participants Guide to 27 Sports
Sports Competition for Adults Over 40: A Participants Guide to 27 Sports

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NOTE: Inspired by the legendary Greek runner who, in 490 BC, ran 26 miles to announce the Athenians victory over the Persians and to warn the Athenians of the arrival of the Persians by water, USA Track & Field and National Masters News have created an award which rewards persistence and dedication. The Phidippides Award may be earned by accumulating points for participating in a certain number of running races during a calendar year. Three levels of awards are given based on the age of the competitor, the number of races entered, and the length of the races.

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The national sponsoring organization for Track & Field is USA Track & Field.

USA Track & Field
One RCA Dome Suite 140
Indianapolis, IN 46225
Phone: (317) 261-0500

USA Track & Field sponsors multiple National Championship events. Of these, many national championships are specifically lists as "Masters" championships. The dates and locations of these events, including the indoor and outdoor Masters Championships for 2017, are shown in the calendar below. In addition, many of the other 39 national championships include age-group classes. The tables following the calendar include:
� A summary of the number of competitors at the two major 2016 Masters Track & Field National Championships.
� The national champions and the number of competitors in each class for the 2016 Outdoor Masters Track & Field National Championship. Full results of all track & field championships can be found on the USATF website.

For archived results, use the link at the bottom of the page.

2017 USATF National Championships
2017 Masters Indoor Heptathlon ChampionshipJanuary 29TBD
2017 USATF Masters Indoor Track and Field ChampionshipFebruary 17Albuquerque, NM
2017 USATF Masters 8 km National ChmapionshpMarch 18Virginia Beach, VA
2017 USATF Masters 10 km National ChampionshipApril 30TBD
2017 USATF Masters Combined Events ChampionshipJune 24TBD
2017 USTAF Masters Outdoor Track and Field ChampionshipJuly 13Baton Rouge, LA
2017 USATF Masters 5 km National ChampionshipOctober 1TBD

2016 USATF Masters National Championship Summary Table
Event Total Competitors Over 40 Women Competitors Over 40 Men Over 60 Men Over 70 Women Over 60
2016 USATF Masters Indoor Track and Field Championship 1230 395 432 195 150
    Percent   100%   32%   35%   16%   12%
2016 USATF Masters Outdoor Track and Field Championship 1721 626 586 271 293
    Percent   100%   36%   34%   16%   17%

2016 USATF Masters Outdoor Track and Field Championship (WOMEN) Grand Rapids, MI July 14-17
EventGenderAge GroupChampionCompetitors
100 Meter DashWomen40-44Dena Birade7
100 Meter DashWomen45-49Emannuelle McGowan7
100 Meter DashWomen50-54Renee Shepherd13
100 Meter DashWomen55-59Joy Upshaw7
100 Meter DashWomen60-64Leandra Funk7
100 Meter DashWomen65-69Brenda Matthews5
100 Meter DashWomen70-74Sharada Samaik3
100 Meter DashWomen75-79Kathy Bergen4
100 Meter DashWomen80-84Florence Melier2
100 Meter DashWomen85-89Sumi Onodera-Leonard1
100 Meter DashWomen95-99Jeanette Baas1
1500 Meter RunWomen40-44Julie Mercado4
1500 Meter RunWomen45-49Laurie Wisotsky2
1500 Meter RunWomen50-54Marisa Sutera Strange6
1500 Meter RunWomen55-59Leslie Chaplin5
1500 Meter RunWomen60-64Kathryn Martin4
1500 Meter RunWomen65-69Sabra Harvey3
1500 Meter RunWomen70-74Ruth Thelen2
1500 Meter RunWomen75-79Margie Stoll1
1500 Meter RunWomen80-84Tami Graf1
200 Meter DashWomen40-44Dendy Latrica6
200 Meter DashWomen45-49Emannuelle McGowan8
200 Meter DashWomen50-54Sue McCarthy15
200 Meter DashWomen55-59Joy Upshaw6
200 Meter DashWomen60-64Leandra Funk5
200 Meter DashWomen65-69Brenda Matthews4
200 Meter DashWomen70-74Sharada Samaik4
200 Meter DashWomen75-79Kathy Bergen4
400 Meter DashWomen40-44Dendy Latrica3
400 Meter DashWomen45-49Emannuelle McGowan3
400 Meter DashWomen50-54Roxanne Brockner7
400 Meter DashWomen55-59Daphne Sluys10
400 Meter DashWomen60-64Leandra Funk4
400 Meter DashWomen65-69Coreen Steinbach4
400 Meter DashWomen70-74Kathleen Frable2
400 Meter DashWomen75-79Rose Green3
400 Meter DashWomen85-89Sumi Onodera-Leonard1
5000 Meter RunWomen40-44Julie Mercado4
5000 Meter RunWomen45-49Kara Parker3
5000 Meter RunWomen50-54Marisa Sutera Strange5
5000 Meter RunWomen55-59Liz Kyger2
5000 Meter RunWomen60-64Kathryn Martin3
5000 Meter RunWomen65-69Sabra Harvey2
5000 Meter RunWomen70-74Kathleen Frable1
5000 Meter RunWomen75-79Margie Stoll1
5000 Meter RunWomen80-84Tami Graf1
800 Meter RunWomen40-44Maurelhena Walles1
800 Meter RunWomen45-49Domin Saint Louis3
800 Meter RunWomen50-54Judy Stobbe6
800 Meter RunWomen55-59Leslie Chaplin5
800 Meter RunWomen60-64Kathryn Martin2
800 Meter RunWomen65-69Sabra Harvey5
800 Meter RunWomen70-74Ruth Thelen4
800 Meter RunWomen75-79Jane Simpson1
800 Meter RunWomen80-84Tami Graf1
10,000 Meter RunWomen40-44Jennifer Pfaff1
10,000 Meter RunWomen45-49Kara Parker3
10,000 Meter RunWomen50-54Lisa Lucas4
10,000 Meter RunWomen55-59Debbie Lee2
10,000 Meter RunWomen60-64Kathryn Martin1
10,000 Meter RunWomen65-69Nancy Rollins1
10,000 Meter RunWomen80-84Tami Graf1
2000 Meter SteeplechaseWomen40-44Debra Cane1
2000 Meter SteeplechaseWomen45-49Joyce Welch2
2000 Meter SteeplechaseWomen50-54Tracy Meyers1
2000 Meter SteeplechaseWomen55-59Cheryl Bellaire1
2000 Meter SteeplechaseWomen60-64Kathryn Martin2
2000 Meter SteeplechaseWomen65-69Catherine Gerson2
2000 Meter SteeplechaseWomen75-79Jane Simpson1
2000 Meter SteeplechaseWomen80-84Florence Meiler2
80 Short Hurdles 30"Women40-44Danelle Readinger3
80 Short Hurdles 30"Women45-49Christine Dorman3
80 Short Hurdles 30"Women50-54Dr. Koura Gibson2
80 Short Hurdles 30"Women55-59Joy Upshaw4
80 Short Hurdles 27"Women60-64Rita Hanscom2
80 Short Hurdles 27"Women65-69Brenda Matthews3
80 Short Hurdles 27"Women80-84Florence Meiler1
200 Long Hurdles 27"Women80-84Florence Meiler1
300 Long Hurdles 30"Women50-54Roxanne Brockner3
300 Long Hurdles 30"Women55-59Karen Maxwell4
300 Long Hurdles 27"Women60-64Lydia Woods1
300 Long Hurdles 27"Women65-69Joy Oakey2
400 Long Hurdles 30"Women40-44Anne Sluder3
400 Long Hurdles 30"Women45-49Lisa Daley3
High JumpWomen40-44Anne Sluder1
High JumpWomen45-49Amy Haddad3
High JumpWomen50-54Mary Taylor4
High JumpWomen55-59Villarreal Curran3
High JumpWomen60-64Rita Hanscom3
High JumpWomen65-69Barbara Warren3
High JumpWomen70-74Ann Carter2
High JumpWomen75-79Kathy Bergen2
High JumpWomen80-84Christel Donley2
Long JumpWomen40-44Jill Cypress5
Long JumpWomen45-49Tracey Battle4
Long JumpWomen50-54Jeanea Shannon4
Long JumpWomen55-59Joy Upshaw5
Long JumpWomen60-64Linda Cohn4
Long JumpWomen65-69Brenda Matthews4
Long JumpWomen70-74Sharada Sarnaik3
Long JumpWomen75-79Jane Simpson1
Long JumpWomen80-84Florence Meiler1
Long JumpWomen85-89Gloria Krug1
Triple JumpWomen40-44Catressa Travis2
Triple JumpWomen45-49Amy Haddad2
Triple JumpWomen50-54Koura Gibson3
Triple JumpWomen55-59Joy Upshaw3
Triple JumpWomen60-64Linda Cohn3
Triple JumpWomen65-69Brenda Matthews4
Triple JumpWomen70-74Sharada Sarnaik3
Triple JumpWomen75-79Jane Simpson1
Triple JumpWomen80-84Florence Meiler1
Triple JumpWomen85-89Gloria Krug1
5000 Meter Race WalkWomen40-49Stacy Trogner2
5000 Meter Race WalkWomen50-59Nicolle Goldman1
5000 Meter Race WalkWomen60-64Karen Stoyanowski4
5000 Meter Race WalkWomen65-69Marianne Martino4
5000 Meter Race WalkWomen70-74Kathleen Frable4
5000 Meter Race WalkWomen75-79Rita Sinkovec1
Discus ThrowWomen40-44Elizabeth Teague7
Discus ThrowWomen43-49Nancy Medrano3
Discus ThrowWomen50-54Debbie Falzitto4
Discus ThrowWomen55-59Carol Finsrud5
Discus ThrowWomen60-64Monica Kendall9
Discus ThrowWomen65-69Myrtle Mensey8
Discus ThrowWomen70-74Cindy Wyatt6
Discus ThrowWomen75-79Kathy Bergen3
Discus ThrowWomen80-84Florence Meiler1
Discus ThrowWomen85-89Gloria Krug1
Hammer ThrowWomen40-44Elizabeth Teague4
Hammer ThrowWomen45-49Stephanie Timmer2
Hammer ThrowWomen50-54Kimberley Virden4
Hammer ThrowWomen55-59Oneithea Lewis7
Hammer ThrowWomen60-64Ruth Welding8
Hammer ThrowWomen65-69Myrle Mensey4
Hammer ThrowWomen70-74Sharon Raham2
Hammer ThrowWomen75-79Jane Simpson1
Hammer ThrowWomen80-84Mary Roman3
Hammer ThrowWomen85-89Gloria Krug1
Javelin ThrowWomen40-44Michele Dolgos6
Javelin ThrowWomen45-49Amy Haddad3
Javelin ThrowWomen50-54Carol Senn-Griffiths4
Javelin ThrowWomen55-59Linn Dunton6
Javelin ThrowWomen60-64Lisa Cohn7
Javelin ThrowWomen65-69Mary Hartzler6
Javelin ThrowWomen70-74Dia Jenke-McMahn6
Javelin ThrowWomen75-79Kathy Bergen4
Javelin ThrowWomen80-84Christel Donley3
Javelin ThrowWomen85-89Gloria Krug1
Pole VaultWomen40-44Helen Croskell1
Pole VaultWomen45-49Kristine Longshore2
Pole VaultWomen50-54Karen Rieger2
Pole VaultWomen55-59Brenda Babits1
Pole VaultWomen60-64Rita Hanscom2
Pole VaultWomen65-69Linda McGiness3
Pole VaultWomen80-84Florence Meiler1
Shot PutWomen40-44Elizabeth Teague7
Shot PutWomen45-49Nancy Medrano3
Shot PutWomen50-54Carol Senn-Griffiths3
Shot PutWomen55-59Oneithea Lewis5
Shot PutWomen60-64Monica Kendall7
Shot PutWomen65-69Myrle Mensey6
Shot PutWomen70-74Cindy Wyatt6
Shot PutWomen75-79Mary Roman1
Shot PutWomen85-89Gloria Krug1
Weight ThrowWomen40-44Elizabeth Teague5
Weight ThrowWomen45-49Nancy Medrano5
Weight ThrowWomen50-54Kimberly Virden3
Weight ThrowWomen55-59Oneithea Lewis5
Weight ThrowWomen60-64Ruth Welding5
Weight ThrowWomen65-69Myrle Mensey4
Weight ThrowWomen70-74Sharon Raham4
Weight ThrowWomen75-79Lana Kane2
Weight ThrowWomen80-84Mary Roman2
10,000 Meter Race WalkWomen40-44Susan Randall3
10,000 Meter Race WalkWomen50-54Helen Storrs1
10,000 Meter Race WalkWomen55-59Nicoll Goldman1
10,000 Meter Race WalkWomen60-64Donna Green3
10,000 Meter Race WalkWomen65-69Marianne Martino6
10,000 Meter Race WalkWomen70-74Kathleen Frable3
PentathlonWomen40-44Anne Sluder1
PentathlonWomen45-49Joyce Welch2
PentathlonWomen50-54Janean Shannon2
PentathlonWomen55-59Vicki Fox4
PentathlonWomen65-69Joy Oakley4
PentathlonWomen70-74Ann Carter1
PentathlonWomen75-79Jane Simpson1
PentathlonWomen80-84Florence Meiler1

2016 USATF Masters Outdoor Track and Field Championships (MEN) Grand Rapids, MI July 14-17
EventGenderAge GroupChampionCompetitors
100 Meter DashMen40-44Etroy Nelson Jr7
100 Meter DashMen45-49Karnell Vickers6
100 Meter DashMen50-54Lonnie Hooker13
100 Meter DashMen55-59Don McGee12
100 Meter DashMen60-64Damien Leake11
100 Meter DashMen65-69Bill Collins12
100 Meter DashMen70-74Kenton Brown8
100 Meter DashMen75-79Robert Lida4
100 Meter DashMen80-84Myron Burr4
100 Meter DashMen85-89Jack Greenwald3
100 Meter DashMen90-94Dixon Hemphill2
100 Meter DashMen95-99Goldy Champion Sr1
1500 Meter RunMen40-44Paul Mannino6
1500 Meter RunMen45-49Craig Nieset6
1500 Meter RunMen50-54Landen Summay16
1500 Meter RunMen55-59Dan Bonthius Sr19
1500 Meter RunMen60-64David Bradley8
1500 Meter RunMen65-69Tom Bernhard7
1500 Meter RunMen70-74Gary Patton3
1500 Meter RunMen75-79Dan McCormack3
1500 Meter RunMen80-84Ken Ogden1
1500 Meter RunMen85-89Gunnar Linde2
1500 Meter RunMen90-94Dixon Hemphill1
200 Meter DashMen40-44Antwon Dussett10
200 Meter DashMen45-49Allen Woodward11
200 Meter DashMen50-54Lawrence Hooker16
200 Meter DashMen55-59Don McGee18
200 Meter DashMen60-64Oscar Peyton12
200 Meter DashMen65-69Bill Collins8
200 Meter DashMen70-74Kenton Brown6
200 Meter DashMen75-79Robert Lida3
200 Meter DashMen80-84Alan Phillips2
200 Meter DashMen85-89Jack Greenwald3
200 Meter DashMen90-94Dixon Hemphill1
400 Meter DashMen40-44Antwon Dussett8
400 Meter DashMen45-49Allen Woodward11
400 Meter DashMen50-54Khalid Mulazim18
400 Meter DashMen55-59William Yelverton9
400 Meter DashMen60-64David Bradley9
400 Meter DashMen65-69David Janson10
400 Meter DashMen70-74Paul Milewski4
400 Meter DashMen75-79Robert Lida3
400 Meter DashMen80-84Alan Phillips2
400 Meter DashMen90-94Dixon Hemphill1
800 Meter RunMen40-44Peter Brady5
800 Meter RunMen45-49Charles Novak5
800 Meter RunMen50-54Landen Summay9
800 Meter RunMen55-59Conor O'Driscoll12
800 Meter RunMen60-64David Bradley8
800 Meter RunMen65-69Robert Jackson10
800 Meter RunMen70-74Gary Patton6
800 Meter RunMen75-79Sherwood Sagedahl4
800 Meter RunMen80-84Bill Spencer5
800 Meter RunMen85-89Dennis Braham2
800 Meter RunMen90-94Dixon Hemphill1
10,000 Meter RunMen40-44Barry Givens3
10,000 Meter RunMen45-49Gerard Semien4
10,000 Meter RunMen50-54Rube Henderson Jr8
10,000 Meter RunMen55-59Kerry Barnett4
10,000 Meter RunMen60-64Rick Becker6
10,000 Meter RunMen65-69Peter Mullin4
10,000 Meter RunMen70-74Bob Kuebler3
10,000 Meter RunMen75-79John Becker2
10,000 Meter RunMen80-84Jon Desenberg2
80 Short Hurdles 30Men70-74Jim Sharps6
80 Short Hurdles 30Men75-79Robert Paulen1
80 Short Hurdles 27"Men80-84William Jankovich1
100 Short Hurdles 33"Men60-64Robert Zahn6
100 Short Hurdles 33"Men65-69Rick Lapp6
100 Short Hurdles 36"Men50-54Damon Blakemore Sr5
100 Short Hurdles 36"Men55-59Jeff Brower3
110 Short Hurdles 39"Men40-44Jefferson Souza2
110 Short Hurdles 39"Men45-49Derek Pye3
200 Long Hurdles 27"Men80-84William Jankovich2
2000 Meter SteeplechaseMen60-64Dale Campbell5
2000 Meter SteeplechaseMen65-69Bill Fitzpatrick3
2000 Meter SteeplechaseMen70-74Arnold Utterback2
2000 Meter SteeplechaseMen75-79Roland Cormier3
2000 Meter SteeplechaseMen80-84Ken Ogden1
2000 Meter SteeplechaseMen85-89Gunnar Linde1
2000 Meter SteeplechaseMen90-94George Roudebush1
300 Long Hurdles 27"Men70-74Warren Graff1
300 Long Hurdles 27"Men75-79Terry Rowan2
300 Long Hurdles 30"Men60-64George Haywood6
300 Long Hurdles 30"Men65-69Rick Lapp4
3000 Meter SteeplechaseMen40-44Phillippe Rolly4
3000 Meter SteeplechaseMen45-49Charles Novak3
3000 Meter SteeplechaseMen50-54James Wooldridge3
3000 Meter SteeplechaseMen55-59Steven Kollars5
400 Long Hurdles 36"Men40-44Michael Jackson1
400 Long Hurdles 36"Men45-49Karnell Vickers6
400 Long Hurdles 33"Men50-54Kerry Sloan2
400 Long Hurdles 33"Men55-59Derek McKinley4
5000 Meter RunMen40-44Kennedy Richendollar3
5000 Meter RunMen45-49Matt Chaston4
5000 Meter RunMen50-54Francis Burdett6
5000 Meter RunMen55-59Kerry Barnett7
5000 Meter RunMen60-64Rick Becker10
5000 Meter RunMen65-69Tom Barnhard4
5000 Meter RunMen70-74Gary Patton4
5000 Meter RunMen75-79John Becker2
5000 Meter RunMen80-84Jon Desenberg3
5000 Meter RunMen85-89Gunnar Linde1
Long JumpMen40-44Josh Robbins6
Long JumpMen45-49Derek Pye13
Long JumpMen50-54Antonio Palacios6
Long JumpMen55-59Brian Hankerson6
Long JumpMen60-64Damien Leake5
Long JumpMen65-69Rick Lapp10
Long JumpMen70-74Rufus Morris Jr9
Long JumpMen75-79Emil Pawlik4
Long JumpMen80-84William Jankovich1
Long JumpMen85-89Alan Raynor2
Long JumpMen90-94George Roudebush1
10,000 Meter Race WalkMen40-44Keith Pryor1
10,000 Meter Race WalkMen45-49Craig Chasse1
10,000 Meter Race WalkMen50-54Zbigniew Sadlej3
10,000 Meter Race WalkMen55-59Jim Scott5
10,000 Meter Race WalkMen60-64Mark Green3
10,000 Meter Race WalkMen65-69Michael Wiggins5
10,000 Meter Race WalkMen70-74Norman Frable5
10,000 Meter Race WalkMen75-79Marshall Sander Jr2
10,000 Meter Race WalkMen80-84Max Green1
10,000 Meter Race WalkMen85-89John Starr1
5000 Meter Race WalkMen40-44Keith Pryor1
5000 Meter Race WalkMen45-49Craig Chasse1
5000 Meter Race WalkMen50-54Zbigniew Sadlej4
5000 Meter Race WalkMen55-59Jim Scott2
5000 Meter Race WalkMen60-64Mark Green3
5000 Meter Race WalkMen65-69Michael Wiggins4
5000 Meter Race WalkMen70-74Norman Frable6
5000 Meter Race WalkMen75-79David Gordon4
5000 Meter Race WalkMen85-89John Starr1
High JumpMen40-44James McHugh5
High JumpMen45-49Matthews McCubbins5
High JumpMen50-54Terry Parks5
High JumpMen55-59Bruce McBarnette3
High JumpMen60-64Kenner Drollinger12
High JumpMen60-69James Sauers8
High JumpMen70-74David Montieth8
High JumpMen75-79Don Isett5
High JumpMen80-84Tom Langerfeld2
High JumpMen85-89Alan Raynor3
High JumpMen90-94George Roudebush1
Pole VaultMen40-44Jeffrey Chanay2
Pole VaultMen45-49Anthony Heath2
Pole VaultMen50-54Chet Clodfelter2
Pole VaultMen55-59Paul Babits4
Pole VaultMen60-64Gary hunter7
Pole VaultMen65-69John Large3
Pole VaultMen70-74Matthew Kilpelainen4
Pole VaultMen75-79Don Isett2
Pole VaultMen80-84Robert Arledge2
Shot PutMen40-44Craig Kruse5
Shot PutMen45-49Eric Cole5
Shot PutMen50-54Victor DeMarines6
Shot PutMen55-59Paul Kendrick4
Shot PutMen60-64Joseph Myers7
Shot PutMen65-69Tim Muller 11
Shot PutMen70-74William Harvey5
Shot PutMen75-79Edward Fritz3
Shot PutMen80-84Gerald Vaughn3
Shot PutMen85-89John Poche4
Shot PutMen90-94George Roudebush1
Shot PutMen95-99Goldy Champion Sr1
Triple JumpMen40-44Samuel Okantey5
Triple JumpMen45-49Shawn Dolezillek5
Triple JumpMen50-54Henry Ellard6
Triple JumpMen55-59Anthony Bailey5
Triple JumpMen60-64Glenn Irion5
Triple JumpMen65-69Bob Rockwell4
Triple JumpMen70-74Jim Sharps5
Triple JumpMen75-79Roger Vergin4
Triple JumpMen80-84William Jankovich1
Triple JumpMen85-89George Roudebush1
Discus ThrowMen40-44Matthew Connelly2
Discus ThrowMen45-49Eric Cole6
Discus ThrowMen50-54Cameron Bolles6
Discus ThrowMen55-59Scott Eriksson6
Discus ThrowMen60-64Ralph Fuguglietti11
Discus ThrowMen65-69Tim Muller9
Discus ThrowMen70-74William Harvey7
Discus ThrowMen75-79Roger Busch6
Discus ThrowMen80-84William Jankovich1
Discus ThrowMen85-89John Poche2
Discus ThrowMen90-94George Roudebush2
Discus ThrowMen95-99Goldy Champion Sr1
Hammer ThrowMen40-44Gerald Ingalls2
Hammer ThrowMen45-49Eric Cole3
Hammer ThrowMen50-54Edward Noyes III2
Hammer ThrowMen55-59Robert Arello Jr5
Hammer ThrowMen60-64Tim Morse7
Hammer ThrowMen65-69Tim Muller7
Hammer ThrowMen70-74George Matthews5
Hammer ThrowMen75-79Forrest Haines3
Hammer ThrowMen80-84Jose Cesteros Jr1
Hammer ThrowMen85-89John Poche2
Hammer ThrowMen90-94George Roudebush1
Javelin ThrowMen40-44Erick Friedman6
Javelin ThrowMen45-49Thomas Dalke3
Javelin ThrowMen50-54Charles Greene10
Javelin ThrowMen55-59Thomas Nielsen9
Javelin ThrowMen65-69Buzz Gagne7
Javelin ThrowMen70-74Robert Zukas6
Javelin ThrowMen75-79William Burmeister2
Javelin ThrowMen80-84William Jankovich1
Javelin ThrowMen85-89John Poche2
Javelin ThrowMen90-94Dixon Hemphill2
Javelin ThrowMen95-99Goldy Champion Sr1
PentathlonMen40-44Jefferson Souza3
PentathlonMen45-49Wale Ada-Bashorun7
PentathlonMen50-54William Krause6
PentathlonMen55-59Michael Janusey4
PentathlonMen60-64Steve Kemp8
PentathlonMen65-69Rick Lapp9
PentathlonMen70-74Curtis Morgan4
PentathlonMen75-79Roger Vergin1
PentathlonMen80-84William Jankovich2
Weight ThrowMen40-44David Coughlin5
Weight ThrowMen45-49Eric Cole3
Weight ThrowMen50-54Victor DeMarines3
Weight ThrowMen55-59Robert Arello Jr4
Weight ThrowMen60-64Tim Morse6
Weight ThrowMen65-69Hilary George6
Weight ThrowMen70-74George Matthews6
Weight ThrowMen75-79Robert Vergin2
Weight ThrowMen80-84Jose Cesteros Jr1
Weight ThrowMen85-89John Poche2
Weight ThrowMen90-94George Roudebush1
Weight ThrowMen95-99Goldy Champion Sr.1

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