Sports Competition for Adults Over 40: A Participants Guide to 27 Sports
Sports Competition for Adults Over 40: A Participants Guide to 27 Sports
Sports Competition for Adults Over 40: A Participants Guide to 27 Sports

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NOTE: Inspired by the legendary Greek runner who, in 490 BC, ran 26 miles to announce the Athenians victory over the Persians and to warn the Athenians of the arrival of the Persians by water, USA Track & Field and National Masters News have created an award which rewards persistence and dedication. The Phidippides Award may be earned by accumulating points for participating in a certain number of running races during a calendar year. Three levels of awards are given based on the age of the competitor, the number of races entered, and the length of the races.

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The national sponsoring organization for Track & Field is USA Track & Field.

USA Track & Field
One RCA Dome Suite 140
Indianapolis, IN 46225
Phone: (317) 261-0500

USA Track & Field sponsors multiple National Championship events. Of these, many national championships are specifically lists as "Masters" championships. The dates and locations of these events, including the indoor and outdoor Masters Championships for 2018, are shown in the calendar below. In addition, many of the other 39 national championships include age-group classes. The tables following the calendar include:
� A summary of the number of competitors at the two major 2017 Masters Track & Field National Championships.
� The national champions and the number of competitors in each class for the 2017 Outdoor Masters Track & Field National Championship. Full results of all track & field championships can be found on the USATF website.

For archived results, use the link at the bottom of the page.

2018 USATF Masters National Championships
2018 USATF Masters Indoor Track and Field ChampionshipsMarch 16Landover, MD
2018 USATF Masters 8 km National ChampionshipMarch 17Virginia Beach, VA
2018 USATF Masters 10 km National ChampionshipApril 29Dedham, MA
2018 USATF Masters Half Marathon National ChampionshipJune 3Orange County, CA
2018 USATF Masters Combined Events National ChampionshipJune 30Grass Valley, CA
2018 USATF Masters Outdoor Track and Field ChampionshipsJuly 26Spokane, WA

2017 USATF National Track & Field Championships Summary Table
Event Total Competitors Over 40 Total Women Competitors Over 40 Men Over 60 Men Over 70 Women Over 60
2017 USATF Masters Indoor Track & Field National Championship 1115 393 362 189 134
    Percent   100%   35%   32%   17%   12%
2017 USATF Masters Outdoor Track & Field National Championship 1709 623 589 327 301
    Percent   100%   36%   34%   19%   18%

2017 USATF Masters Outdoor Track & Field National Championship (WOMEN) Baton Rouge, LA July 13-16
EventGenderAge GroupChampionCompetitors
100 Meter DashWomen100-104Julia Hawkins1
100 Meter DashWomen40-44Latricia Dendy7
1500 Meter RunWomen40-44Jennifer St. Jean4
200 Meter DashWomen40-44Latricia Dendy9
400 Meter DashWomen40-44Latricia Dendy7
5000 Meter RunWomen40-44Kathy Wiegand2
800 Meter DashWomen40-44Anna Nayherwrozek4
100 Meter DsahWomen45-49Emannuelle McGowan6
1500 Meter RunWomen45-49Sonja Friend-Uhl3
200 Meter DashWomen45-49Emannuelle McGowan6
400 Meter DashWomen45-49Emannuelle McGown3
5000 Meter RunWomen45-49Kara Parker2
800 Meter RunWomen45-49Sonja Friend-Uhl4
100 Meter DashWomen50-54Andrea Collier11
1500 Meter RunWomen50-54Judy Stobble3
200 Meter DashWomen50-54Charmaine Roberts8
400 Meter DashWomen50-54Charmaine Roberts6
5000 Meter RunWomen50-54Katherine Wolski5
800 Meter RunWomen50-54Dominique Saint-Louis4
100 Meter DashWomen55-59Joy Upshaw5
1500 Meter RunWomen55-59Susan Cooke5
200 Meter DashWomen55-59Joy Upshaw6
400 Meter DashWomen55-59Daphne Scott5
5000 Meter RunWomen55-59Inka Mims2
800 Meter RunWomen55-59Susan Cooke3
100 Meter DsahWomen60-64Loretta Woodward9
1500 Meter RunWomen60-64Debbie Lee5
200 Meter DashWomen60-64Leandra Funk7
400 Meter DashWomen60-64Leandra Funk6
5000 Meter RunWomen60-64Debbie Lee5
800 Meter RunWomen60-64Debbie Lee5
100 Meter DashWomen65-69Jane Barnes2
1500 Meter RunWomen65-69Sabra Harvey3
200 Meter DashWomen65-69Jane Barnes2
400 Meter DashWomen65-69Coreen Steinbach2
5000 Meter RunWomen65-69Sabra Harvey2
800 Meter RunWomen65-69Sabra Harvey3
100 Meter DashWomen70-74Sharada Samaik3
1500 Meter RunWomen70-74Nancy Rollins1
200 Meter DashWomen70-74Sharada Samaik3
400 Meter DashWomen70-74Nancy Rollins5
5000 Meter RunWomen70-74Nancy Rollins1
800 Meter RunWomen70-74Nancy Rollins3
100 Meter DsahWomen75-79Kathy Bergen7
1500 Meter RunWomen75-79Jeanne Daprano2
200 Meter DashWomen75-79Kathy Bergen6
400 Meter DashWomen75-79Mary Smith4
800 Meter RunWomen75-79Jane Sompson1
100 Meter DashWomen80-84Christel Donley1
200 Meter DashWomen80-84Jeanne Daprano1
400 Meter DashWomen80-84Jeanne Daprano1
5000 Meter RunWomen80-84Tami Graf1
800 Meter RunWomen80-84Jeanne Daprano2
800 Meter RunWomen90-94Mary Norckauer1
100 Meter DashWomen90-94Mary Norckauer1
200 Meter DashWomen90-94Mary Norckauer1
400 Meter DashWomen90-94Mary Norckauer1
10,000 Meter RunWomen40-44Marilyn Gregory1
2000 Meter SteeplechaseWomen40-44Kathy Wiegand1
80 Short Hurdles 30"Women40-44Rachael Guest2
400 Long Hurdles 30"Women40-44Latricia Dendy2
High JumpWomen40-44Anne Sluder2
Long JumpWomen40-44Anne Sluder6
Triple JumpWomen40-44Aixa Alvarez4
10,000 Meter RunWomen45-49Kara Parker2
2000 Meter SteeplechaseWomen45-49Kristine Longshore1
80 Short Hurdles 30"Women45-49LaDonna Gooden5
400 Long Hurdles 30"Women45-49LaDonna Gooden3
High JumpWomen45-49Marioky Scott2
Long JumpWomen45-49Jill Cypress4
Triple JumpWomen45-49Jill Cypress2
10,000 Meter RunWomen50-54Katherine Wolski4
80 Short Hurdles 30"Women50-54Jennifer Hedges7
300 Long Hurdles 30"Women50-54Andrea Collier4
High JumpWomen50-54Amy Haddad0
Long JumpWomen50-54Tracey Battle7
Triple JumpWomen50-54Tracey Battle 5
10,000 Meter RunWomen55-59Inka Mims2
2000 Meter SteeplechaseWomen55-59Cheryl Bellaire1
80 Short Hurdles 30"Women55-59Joy Upshaw2
300 Long Hurdles 30"Women55-59Adriene Allen4
High JumpWomen55-59Julia Curran Villarreal4
Long JumpWomen55-59Joy Upshaw5
Triple JumpWomen55-59Joy Upshaw2
10,000 Meter RunWomen60-64Debbie Lee4
2000 Meter SteeplechaseWomen60-64Cynthia Lucking3
80 Short Hurdles 27"Women60-64Rita Hanscom2
300 Long Hurdles 27"Women60-64Lydia Woods1
High JumpWomen60-64Rita Hanscom5
Long JumpWomen60-64Rita Hanscom5
Triple JumpWomen60-64Linda Cohn5
10,000 Meter RunWomen65-69Nonie Hudnall1
2000 Meter SteeplechaseWomen65-69Nonie Hudnall1
80 Short Hurdles 27"Women65-69Brenda Matthews1
300 Long Hurdles 27"Women65-69Carol Stein3
High JumpWomen65-69Eleanor Gipson3
Long JumpWomen65-69Linda Lowery3
Triple JumpWomen65-69Linda Lowery 1
10,000 Meter RunWomen70-74Nancy Rollins1
80 Short Hurdles 27"Women70-74Barbara Warren1
200 Long Hurdles 27"Women70-74Barbara Warren1
High JumpWomen70-74Barbara Warren2
Long JumpWomen70-74Barbara Warren3
Triple JumpWomen70-74Barbara Warren3
2000 Meter SteeplechaseWomen75-79Jane Simpson1
200 Long Hurdles 27"Women75-79Ann Carter1
High JumpWomen75-79Kathy Bergen3
Long JumpWomen75-79Jane Simpson2
Triple JumpWomen75-79Ann Carter2
80 Short Hurdles 27"Women80-84Florence Meiler1
200 Long Hurdles 27'Women80-84Florence Meiler1
High JumpWomen80-84Christel Donley1
Long JumpWomen80-84Christel Donley1
Triple JumpWomen80-84Christel Donley1
10,000 Meter RunWomen80-84Tami Graf2
Long JumpWomen85-89Gloria Krug1
Triple JumpWomen85-89Gloria Krug1
Long JumpWomen90-94Mary Norckauer1
Triple JumpWomen90-94Mary Norckauer1
5000 Meter Race WalkWomen40-44DaBeth Manns1
Discus ThrowWomen40-44Elizabeth Teague4
Hammer ThrowWomen40-44Elizabeth Teague2
Javelin ThrowWomen40-44Dawn Kent4
Pole VaultWomen40-44Kristy Harris2
Shot PutWomen40-44Carey Auzenne5
Weight ThrowWomen40-44Elizabeth Teague5
5000 Meter Race WalkWomen45-49Kelley Grayson1
Discus ThrowWomen45-49Kimberly Lindner3
Hammer ThrowWomen45-49Kimberly Lindner2
Javelin ThrowWomen45-49Kelly Rebin4
Pole VaultWomen45-49Kristine Longshore1
Shot PutWomen45-49Kimberly Lindner5
Weight ThrowWomen45-49Kimberly Lindner3
Discus ThrowWomen50-54Alissa Noguez4
Hammer ThrowWomen50-54Alissa Noguez3
Javelin ThrowWomen50-54Amy Haddad6
Pole VaultWomen50-54Karen Rieger1
Shot PutWomen50-54Alissa Noguez4
Weight ThrowWomen50-54Jennifer Cooper3
5000 Meter Race WalkWomen55-59Barbara Duplichain3
Discus ThrowWomen55-59Tamara Alegria-Dybvig8
Hammer ThrowWomen55-59Oneithea Lewis5
Javelin ThrowWomen55-59Tamara Alegria-Dybvig8
Pole VaultWomen55-59Brenda Babits3
Shot PutWomen55-59Caryl Senn-Griffiths6
Weight ThrowWomen55-59Mary Wilkins4
5000 Meter Race WalkWomen60-64Trenice Mullis Dubow1
Discus ThrowWomen60-64Carol Finsurd6
Hammer ThrowWomen60-64Carol Finsurd7
Javelin ThrowWomen60-64Linda Cohn5
Pole VaultWomen60-64Rita Hanscom2
Shot PutWomen60-64Carol Finsurd6
Weight ThrowWomen60-64Carol Finsurd7
5000 Meter Race WalkWomen65-69Karen Swisher2
Discus ThrowWomen65-69Myrle Mensey5
Hammer ThrowWomen65-69Myrle Mensey3
Javelin ThrowWomen65-69Mary Hartzler5
Pole VaultWomen65-69Jane Henby2
Shot PutWomen65-69Myrle Mensey5
Weight ThrowWomen65-69Myrle Mensey3
5000 Meter Race WalkWomen70-74Kathleen Frable3
Discus ThrowWomen70-74Barbara Warren3
Hammer ThrowWomen70-74Barbara Warren2
Javelin ThrowWomen70-74Mary Trotto3
Pole VaultWomen70-74Catherine Radle2
Shot PutWomen70-74Barbara Warren3
Weight ThrowWomen70-74Barbara Warren3
Discus ThrowWomen75-79Joanne Marriott6
Hammer ThrowWomen75-79Joanne Marriott4
Javelin ThrowWomen75-79Kathy Bergen6
Shot PutWomen75-79Joanne Marriott5
Weight ThrowWomen75-79Joanne Marriott5
Discus ThrowWomen80-84Joan Berman1
Hammer ThrowWomen80-84Christel Donley1
Javelin ThrowWomen80-84Christel Donley2
Shot PutWomen80-84Christel Donley2
Discus ThrowWomen85-89Gloria Krug1
Hammer ThrowWomen85-89Gloria Krug1
Javelin ThrowWomen85-89Gloria Krug1
Shot PutWomen85-89Gloria Krug1
Weight ThrowWomen85-89Gloria Krug1
Discus ThrowWomen90-94Mary Norckauer1
Javelin ThrowWomen90-94Mary Norckauer1
Shot PutWomen90-94Mary Norckauer1
Weight ThrowWomen90-94Mary Norckauer1
10,000 Meter Race WalkWomen40-44Dabeth Manns1
PenthathlonWomen40-44Ann Sluder1
10,000 Meter Race WalkWomen45-49Kelley Grayson1
PenthathlonWomen45-49Christine Dorman2
PenthathlonWomen50-54Maryline Roux1
10,000 Meter Race WalkWomen55-59Leslie Latterman1
PenthathlonWomen55-59Vicki Fox4
PenthathlonWomen60-64Rita Hanscom3
10,000 Meter Race WalkWomen65-69Karen Swisher2
PenthathlonWomen65-69Carol Rhodes1
10,000 Meter Race WalkWomen70-74Kathleen Frable3
PenthathlonWomen70-74Barbara Warren1
PenthathlonWomen75-79Ann Carter2

2017 USATF Masters Outdoor Track & Field National Championship (MEN) Baton Rouge, LA July 13-16
EventGenderAge GroupChampionCompetitors
100 Meter DashMen40-44Rawle Delisle15
1500 Meter RunMen40-44Mark Williams7
200 Meter DashMen40-44Antwon Dussett10
400 Meter DashMen40-44Antwon Dussett8
800 Meter RunMen40-44Mark Williams7
100 Meter DashMen45-49Jeffrey Mack12
1500 Meter RunMen45-49Craig Nieset6
200 Meter DashMen45-49Allen Woodward13
400 Meter DashMen45-49Allen Woodward6
800 Meter RunMen45-49Peter Brady6
100 Meter DashMen50-54Karnell Vickers12
1500 Meter RunMen50-54David Matherne13
200 Meter DashMen50-54Karnell Vickers13
400 Meter DashMen50-54Khalid Mulazim11
800 Meter RunMen50-54Jim Bowles11
100 Meter DashMen55-59Don McGee14
1500 Meter RunMen55-59Chris Chisholm9
200 Meter DashMen55-59Don McGee12
400 Meter DashMen55-59Corey Moody7
800 Meter RunMen55-59Allen McDuffrie6
100 Meter DashMen60-64Damien Leake8
1500 Meter RunMen60-64Don Smithhisler7
200 Meter DashMen60-64Damien Leake8
400 Meter DashMen60-64Ben James13
800 Meter RunMen60-64Horace Grant6
100 Meter DsahMen65-69Bill Collins11
1500 Meter RunMen65-69Peter Mullin9
200 Meter DashMen65-69Bill Collins9
400 Meter DashMen65-69Howard Clark11
800 Meter RunMen65-69Howard Clark7
100 Meter DashMen70-74Ty Brown12
1500 Meter RunMen70-74Noel Haynes8
200 Meter DashMen70-74Ty Brown13
400 Meter DashMen70-74Noel Haynes8
800 Meter RunMen70-74Noel Haynes12
100 Meter DashMen75-79Dominic Rappazzo5
1500 meter RunMen75-79Sherwood Sagedahl8
200 Meter DashMen75-79Dominic Rappazzo5
400 Meter DashMen75-79Dominic Rappazzo5
800 Meter RunMen75-79Sherwood Sagedahl7
100 Meter DashMen80-84Robert Lida3
1500 Meter RunMen80-84Jim Askew1
200 Meter DashMen80-84Robert Lida3
400 Meter DashMen80-84Robert Lida2
800 Meter RunMen80-84Jim Askew1
100 Meter DashMen85-89Joe Summerlin4
1500 Meter RunMen85-89Robert Culling1
200 Meter DashMen85-89Joe Summerlin3
400 Meter DashMen85-89Robert Culling4
800 Meter RunMen85-89Robert Culling3
100 Meter DashMen90-94Richard Soller2
1500 Meter RunMen90-94Dixon Hemphill1
200 Meter DashMen90-94Richard Soller2
400 Meter DashMen90-94Dixon Hemphill1
800 Meter RunMen90-94Dixom Hemphill1
10,000 Meter RunMen40-44Andrew Begley6
110 Short Hurdles 39"Men40-44Jefferson Souza2
3000 Meter SteeplechaseMen40-44Kyle Lanier4
400 Long Hurdles 36"Men40-44Ronald Corey2
5000 Meter RunMen40-44Andrew Begley5
Long JumpMen40-44Jefferson Souza8
10,000 Meter RunMen45-49Brent Fields2
110 Short Hurdles 39"Men45-49Don Drummond2
3000 Meter SteeplechaseMen45-49Darren Cox4
400 Long Hurdles 36"Men45-49Winston Chamber2
5000 Meter RunMen45-49Brent Fields3
Long JumpMen45-49Derke Pye7
10,000 Meter RunMen50-54Mike McManus6
100 Short Hurdles 36"Men50-54Karnell Vickers5
3000 Meter SteeplechaseMen50-54Derek Lamer4
400 Long Hurdles 33"Men50-54Karnell Vickers3
5000 Meter RunMen50-54Mike McManus3
Long JumpMen50-54Howard Lindsay6
10,000 Meter RunMen55-59Michael Bailey4
100 Short Hurdles 36"Men55-59Damon Blakemore Sr4
3000 Meter SteeplechaseMen55-59Steven Kollars7
400 Long Hurdles 33"Men55-59James McCrimmon5
5000 Meter RunMen55-59Michael Berryman5
Long JumpMen55-59Brian Hankerson4
10,000 Meter RunMen60-64Pete Gibson2
100 Short Hurdles 33"Men60-64Robert McDaniels7
2000 Meter SteeplechaseMen60-64Dan Smithhisler3
300 Long Hurdles 30"Men60-64George Haywood8
5000 Meter RunMen60-64Thomas Dever5
Long JumpMen60-64Max Siu9
10,000 Meter RunMen65-69Peter Mullin5
100 Short Hurdles 33"Men65-69Thaddeus Wilson Sr4
2000 Meter SteeplechaseMen65-69Mark Weeks4
300 Long Hurdles 30"Men65-69Thaddeus Wilson Sr6
5000 Meter RunMen65-69Gerg Wilson8
10,000 Meter RunMen70-74Stephen Williams6
80 Short Hurdles 30"Men70-74Ty Brown4
2000 Meter SteeplechaseMen70-74Arnold Utterback4
300 Long Hurdles 27"Men70-74Warren Graff3
5000 Meter RunMen70-74Stephen Williams6
Long JumpMen70-74Frank Tilton5
10,000 Meter RunMen75-79Charlie Patterson3
80 Short Hurdles 30"Men75-79Emil Pawlik3
2000 Meter SteeplechaseMen75-79Charlie Patterson3
300 Long Hurdles 27"Men75-79Roger Vergin1
5000 Meter RunMen75-79Charlie Patterson3
Long JumpMen75-79Emil Pawlik4
10,000 Meter RunMen80-84Jm Askew1
80 Short Hurdles 27"Men80-84Buzz Porter1
200 Long Hurdles 27"Men80-84Buzz Porter2
5000 Meter RunMen80-84Jim Askew1
Long JumpMen80-84Buzz Porter3
2000 Meter SteeplechaseMen85-89Robert Culling1
5000 Meter RunMen85-89Robert Culling1
Long JumpMen85-89Lawrence Stotter1
Long JumpMen90-94Richard Soller1
High JumpMen40-44Jefferson Souza4
Pole VaultMen40-44Jefferson Souza4
Shot PutMen40-44Craig Kruse6
Triple JumpMen40-44Michael Maxwell6
10.000 Meter Race WalkMen45-49Craig Chasse1
5000 Meter Race WalkMen45-49Craig Chasse1
High JumpMen45-49George Berg Jr1
Pole VaultMen45-49Joe Banker2
Shot PutMen45-49Eric Cole5
Triple JumpMen45-49Sergi Bykov7
10,000 Meter Race WalkMen50-54David Swarts2
5000 Meter Race WalkMen50-54David Swarts2
High JumpMen50-54Ralph O'Neal Jr4
Pole VaultMen50-54Don Lopez2
Shot PutMen50-54Gregory Deemer5
Triple JumpMen50-54Neal Grob6
10,000 Meter Race WalkMen55-59Zbigniew Sadlej1
5000 Meter Race WalkMen55-59Zbigniew Sadlej1
High JumpMen55-59Bruce McBarnette6
Pole VaultMen55-59Paul Babits4
Shot PutMen55-59Scott Eriksson8
Triple JumpMen55-59Anthony Bailey4
10.000 Meter Race WalkMen60-64James Rusch1
5000 Meter Race WalkMen60-64James Rusch2
High JumpMen60-64Rodney Atherton5
Pole VaultMen60-64Gary Hunter4
Shot PutMen60-64John Goldhammer9
Triple JumpMen60-64Max Siu3
10,000 Meter Race WalkMen65-69Michael Wiggins3
5000 Meter Race WalkMen65-69Michael Wiggins3
High JumpMen65-69James Sauers6
Pole VaultMen65-69James Wenk7
Shot PutMen65-69Quenton Torbert5
Triple JumpMen65-69Bob Rockwell5
10,000 Meter Race WalkMen70-74Norman Frable4
5000 Meter Race WalkMen70-74Norman Frable4
High JumpMen70-74David Montieth8
Pole VaultMen70-74Buddy Williamson4
Shot PutMen70-74William Harvey6
Triple JumpMen70-74Frank Tilton5
10.000 Meter Race WalkMen75-79James Veenstra1
5000 Meter Race WalkMen75-79David Gordon3
High JumpMen75-79Don Isett4
Pole VaultMen75-79Don Isett3
Shot PutMen75-79Sheppard Miers Jr5
Triple JumpMen75-79Roger Vergin4
10,000 Meter Race WalkMen80-84Alan Poisner1
5000 Meter Race WalkMen80-84Alan Poisner2
High JumpMen80-84Buzz Porter3
Pole VaultMen80-84Robert Arledge2
Shot PutMen80-84Kenneth Ruebush3
Triple JumpMen80-84Buzz Porter1
High JumpMen85-89David Douglas2
Shot PutMen85-89John Poche2
High JumpMen90-94Richard Soller1
Pole VaultMen90-94William Bell Sr1
Discus ThrowMen40-44Hondo Salgado8
Hammer ThrowMen40-44Gerald Ingalls6
Javelin ThrowMen40-44Erick Friedman10
PentathlonMen40-44Jefferson Souza5
Weight ThrowMen40-44Gerald Ingalls6
Discus ThrowMen45-49Eric Cole6
Hammer ThrowMen45-49Eric Cole5
Javelin ThrowMen45-49James Ferrell7
PentathlonMen45-49Wale Aka-Bashorun5
Weight ThrowMen45-49Eric Cole4
Discus ThrowMen50-54Cameron Bolles4
Hammer ThrowMen50-54Stephen Adelman3
Javelin ThrowMen50-54Thomas Dalke4
PentathlonMen50-54Steven Chilton10
Weight ThrowMen50-54Stephen Adelman3
Discus ThrowMen55-59Scott Eriksson6
Hammer ThrowMen55-59Robert Arello Jr7
Javelin ThrowMen55-59Stuart Spangerberg6
PenthathlonMen55-59Raymond Parker2
Weight ThrowMen55-59Robert Arello Jr8
Discus ThrowMen60-64Ralph Fuguglietti11
Hammer ThrowMen60-64John Goldhammer5
Javelin ThrowMen60-64Allen Hall9
PentathlonMen60-64Noel Ruebel8
Weight ThrowMen60-64John Goldhammer4
Discus ThrowMen65-69Tim Muller4
Hammer ThrowMen65-69Tim Muller2
Javelin ThrowMen65-69Buzz Gagne8
PentathlonMen65-69John Schneider4
Weight ThrowMen65-69Tim Muller4
Discus ThrowMen70-74William Harvey7
Hammer ThrowMen70-74George Matthews5
Javelin ThrowMen70-74Martin Menkin9
PentathlonMen70-74Robert Baker5
Weight ThrowMen70-74George Matthews7
Discus ThrowMen75-79Rober Busch6
Hammer ThrowMen75-79Robert Cahners6
Javelin ThrowMen75-79Peter LaBarge5
PentathlonMen75-79Roger Vergin3
Weight ThrowMen75-79Robert Cahners6
Discus ThrowMen80-84Kenneth Ruebush4
Hammer ThrowMen80-84Edmund Joyce2
Javelin ThrowMen80-84Jerry Lyons2
PentathlonMen80-84William Jankovich2
Weight ThrowMen80-84Edmund Joyce2
Discus ThrowMen85-89John Poche3
Hammer ThrowMen85-89David Douglas2
Javelin ThrowMen85-89John Poche3
Weight ThrowMen85-89David Douglas2
Discus ThrowMen90-94Dixon Hemphill1
Hammer ThrowMen90-94Phillip Brusca1
Javelin ThrowMen90-94Phillip Brusca2
Weight ThrowMen90-94Phillip Brusca1

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