Sports Competition for Adults Over 40: A Participants Guide to 27 Sports
Sports Competition for Adults Over 40: A Participants Guide to 27 Sports
Sports Competition for Adults Over 40: A Participants Guide to 27 Sports

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Links and Resources for Adult Sports Competitors
The following links may be helpful in learning more about sports competition for adults and aging. If you have found useful resources for these topics, please send them along to:

Multi-Sports Events

Squash Rules - An illustrated explanation of the current rules of squash

Alpine Master Skiers - The U.S. Ski and Snowboard Association page for Masters Alpine skiers

Badminton - U.S.A, Badminton Associaion

Baseball (1) - The Men's Senior Baseball League. The largest of the three sponsoring organizations for adult baseball in the U.S. Also called the Men's Adult Baseball League.

Baseball (2) - The National Adult Baseball Association. Claims to be the "fastest growing adult baseball league in the nation.

Baseball (3) - Roy Hobbs Baseball League. Named after the fictional hero of Bernard Malamud's novel, The Natural

Basketball (1) - The Masters Basketball Championship. The website for the annual Masters Basketball Championship.

Basketball (2) - The Masters Basketball Association. Sponsors the National Senior Basketball Championship in Coral Springs, Florida

Basketball (3) - Buffalo Masters Athletics. Sponsor of the North American Basketball Championship in Buffalo, New York.

Basketball (4) - Hoops Over 40. A website provide general information on adult basketball, including lists of regional tournaments.

Canoeing (1) - United State Canoe Association. The sponsor, along with many regional and local associations, of marathon canoe racing in the U.S.

Canoeing (2) - The American Canoe Association (ACA). Although the ACA does not sponsor marathon canoe competitions, it does sponsor competitions in events such as canoe poling, freestyle, canoe sailing, and open canoe slalom. In addition, it provides education related to paddling and stewardship support for paddling environment.

Canoeing (3) - USA Canoe/Kayak. The National Governing body for the Olympic sports of Flatwater Sprint and Whitewater Slalom. It also sanctions other paddle sports,including marathon, freestyle/rodeo, wildwater, polo, canoe sailing, outrigger, and dragon boat racing.

Canoeing (4) - Sportscene is a site for all types of paddle sports, including slalom, ocean racing, and marathon. It brings together interviews, articles, and reports from all over the world.

Cross-Country Skiing - American Cross-Country Skiers. The organization that promotes and supports cross-country skiing for adults. The Master Skier is the publication specifically for adult skiers.

Cycling - U.S.A. Cycling. The organization that sponsors road cycling, mountain biking, track cycling, and cyclo-cross for adults.

Diving - U.S.A. Diving. Sponsors "veteran" diving competitions twice a year.

Fencing - U.S. Fencing. Official website of the United States Fencing Association's Veterans Committee. "We have fun -- But we keep score!"

Handball - Untied States Handball Association. The sponsoring organization for handball competition in the United States.

Ice Hockey (1) - Hockey North America. An organization specifically for promoting adult hockey in the U.S. and Canada

Ice Hockey (2) - United States Hockey Association. The governing body for Olympic hockey and sponsor of several adult hockey tournaments.

Orienteering - U.S. Orienteering Federation. Sponsor of orienteering competitions in the United States.

Platform Tennis - American Platform Tennis Association. The sponsoring organization for platform tennis in the United States.

Powerlifting - USA Powerlifting. The sponsoring organization for powerlifting in the United States.

Racquetball (1) - United States Racquetball Association. The sponsoring organization for racquetball in the United States

Racquetball (2) - National Masters Racquetball Association. An organization that promotes racquetball for men and women over 45.

Racquetball (3) - Women's Senior/Masters Racquetball Association. An organization promoting racquetball for women 35 and older.

Road Racing (1) - USA Track & Field. The governing body of track and field in the U.S. and sponsor of more than 20 road running national championships and hundreds of regional and local competitions.

Road Running (2) - Road Runners Club of America. An association of running clubs, running events, and individual runners promoting running as a competitive sport.

Road Running (3) - American Trail Running Association. An association representing and promoting trail and mountain running.

Rowing (1) - USRowing. The national governing body of rowing and the oldest governing body of a sport in the United States

Rowing (2) - Crash-B Sprints. The website for the World Indoor Rowing Championship in which men and women compete on Concerpt2 rowing machines. The event is held annually in Boston and attracts rowers from all over the world.

Soccer - United States Adult Soccer Association. Oversees adult soccer in the United States and holds an annual Veterans Cup Tournament for players over 40.

Softball (1) - Amateur Softball Association. The national governing body of softball in the U.S. and the largest sponsoring organization of softball.

Softball (2) - National Softball Association. Committed to helping parks and recreation departments and private sports complexes organize softball leagues.

Softball (3) - Senior Softball - USA. devoted to promoting softball for men over 50 and women over 45

Softball (4) - Independent Softball Association. Calling itself the "most progressive" softball organization, the ISA has implemented a number of changes to speed up the game.

Softball (5) - Softball Players Association. Founded in 1992 to "protect the integrity of the game of softball" by classifying teams fairly and providing opportunities for senior softball players.

Softball (6) - International Senior Softball Association. Serving other softball organizations, the ISSA aims to "foster productive working relationships among other senior softball organizations."

Softball (7) - Las Vegas Senior Softball Association. Sponsors local (Las Vegas) recreational play and several tournaments, including a "World Masters Championship."

Softball (8) - Women's Senior Softball. Promotes opportunities for women to play softball.

Speedskating - US Speedskating. The national governing body for the sport of speedskating in the United States.

Squash - US Squash. The national governing body of squash in the United States.

Swimming - United States Masters Swimming. The national organization for adult swimming in the United States.

Table Tennis - USA Table Tennis. The national governing body for table tennis in the United States.

Tennis - United States Tennis Association. The national governing body of tennis in the United States.

Track and Field - United States Track & Field. The national governing body of track and field in the United States.

Triathlon - USA Triathlon. The national governing body for triathlon in the United States.

Volleyball - USA Volleyball. The national governing body for volleyball in the United States.

Weightlifting - USA Weightlifting. The national governing body for weightlifting in the United States.

Huntsman World Senior Games - The Huntsman World Senior Games. Sponsors an annual multi-sport competition in St. George, Utah for adults over 50 years of age.

National Senior Games - National Senior Games Association. The organization that sponsors and promotes senior games in the United States, working through 50 state senior games organizations. The National Senior Summer Games are held every two years.

World Masters Games - The International Masters Games Association. Sponsors a quadrennial multi-sport competition at various venues around the world.

Forever Atheletes - This site profiles athletes over 60 and provides information on fitness and aging. It is also designed to inspire older adults to become more active.

Masters Athlete Magazine - The website for Masters Athlete Magazine which includes several blogs and information on many sports for masters athletes.

Running Research News - A monthly newsletter/website presenting research for runners, cyclists, swimmers, and other sports-active adults focusing on training, nutrition, and sports medicine.

Zip Codes - A website to find U.S. zipcodes

Area Codes - A website to find U.S. area codes

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